Water level warning app

PegelAlarm contains water level data from about 20,000 water monitoring stations worldwide. It notifies you of potentially dangerous water levels allowing you to react immediately. You can set your warning thresholds individually for rising or falling water levels. The PegelAlarm Alexa Skill informs you about water levels by just asking your voice assistant Alexa.

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  • - Receive a notification when a warning limit is exceeded or underrun
  • - View water level history and forecasts for a number of stations
  • - Get instant water level information from our home screen widgets
  • - Be alerted through custom notification sounds, vibration, and LED flash

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Awesome app

Works great and is clearly arranged ;-) - Stefan V.


In my opinion the best solution for the Upper Austria region. - Joachim M.

Thanks for updating and adding gauges

Yeah 5 stars!!! First of all, thank you for adding the desired level! Now we just hope that we never hear a notification alert or it's going to be tough and wet! - Marcel S.

Finally a useful app!

Many, many thanks for your commitment! I live in a flood area and have been searching for proper data to protect us and our houses! Every time it rains we are afraid and google around on hundreds of pages and have to guess the actual danger. Because of this app I finally feel save! Thank you very much! - Martina B.