We found 59 actual water levels for 'Indian'.


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Hope Mill Dam Indian River 976 cm
Above The Mouth Indian River 185.4 cm 16.8 m³/s
At Indian Brook Indian Brook 65.4 cm 3.37 m³/s
At Missi Falls Southern Indian Lake 25743.9 cm
At Pembroke Indian River 280.6 cm 3.32 m³/s
At South Bay Southern Indian Lake 25747.8 cm
Below Hope Mill Dam Indian River 738.4 cm
Diversion Above Birchy Lake Indian Brook 367.5 cm 8.5 m³/s
Near Blakeney Indian River 870.8 cm 2.73 m³/s
Near Fort Good Hope Hare Indian River delayed
Near Northwest Arm Indian Bay Brook 480.4 cm 12.6 m³/s
Near Opachuanau Lake Southern Indian Lake 25746.1 cm
Near South Indian Lake Southern Indian Lake 25742.1 cm
Near The Mouth Blood Indian Creek 69.1 cm 0.01 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Emerson Indian Creek 1057.85904 ft
Above S-72 Nr Okeechobee Indian Prairie Canal 19.844984 ft 83.308 cfs
Ab Pump Sta Nr Okeechobee Indian Prairie Canal 19.754784 ft 58.245 cfs
Below Indian Lake Indian 2.07952 ft 228.744 cfs
Berwyn Heights Indian Creek 1.959472 ft
Cedar Rapids Cedar Below Indian Creek 1.269688 ft 11295.294 cfs
Coffey Road Indian Bayou 7.18812 ft
Council Bluffs Indian Creek 1031.026016 ft
Culver Northern Indiana Lakes At Lake Maxinkuckee 4.179048 ft
Dellroy Indian Fork 7.738176 ft
East Chicago (Lake Michigan Outlet) Indiana Harbor Canal 10.347416 ft 2039.281 cfs
Fm 2281, Carrollton Indian Ck 4.928856 ft 6.001 cfs
Greenfield Brandywine Creek In Indiana 4.88884 ft 63.893 cfs
Hamilton Northern Indiana Lakes At Hamilton Lake 8.63788 ft
Hanover Indian Head 1.76956 ft 77.307 cfs
Indian Lake Indian 1649.867552 ft
Macedonia Indian Creek 1.169648 ft 3.883 cfs
Madison Indian Creek 3.579136 ft 294.755 cfs
Marion Indian Creek 2.70928 ft 35.3 cfs
Near Canaan Indian-Kentuck Creek 2.879184 ft 9.884 cfs
Near Clinchfield Big Indian Creek 16.285856 ft 193.091 cfs
Near Clinton Indian 1.749552 ft 20.474 cfs
Near Douglas City Indian Creek 0.819672 ft 54.715 cfs
Near Fairbury Indian Creek 8.107832 ft 139.082 cfs
Near Garfield Park In Indianapolis Retention Pond In Marion County Indiana 8.94784 ft
Near Happy Camp Indian Creek 5.09876 ft 484.669 cfs
Near Homecroft Retention Pond In Marion County Indiana 3.798896 ft
Near Indian Inlet Indian 2.589232 ft
Near Lanagan Indian Creek 2.789312 ft 599.747 cfs
Near Mingo Indian Creek (Central Ia) 4.79864 ft 267.927 cfs
Near New Cumberland Indian Fork Bl Atwood Dam 5.858408 ft 93.898 cfs
Near Pound Pound Above Indian Creek 5.088592 ft
Near Sunol Indian Creek 10.677384 ft 1.412 cfs
Near Wyoming Indian Creek 9.567432 ft 77.307 cfs
Overland Park Indian Creek 5.688504 ft 14.12 cfs
Red Sulphur Springs Indian Creek 1.129632 ft 670.7 cfs
Rosedale Beach Indian 2.409488 ft
Sh 78 Nr Farmersville Indian Ck 7.547936 ft 66.364 cfs
Sitka Indian 21.024472 ft 87.544 cfs
State Line Rd. Indian Creek 10.387432 ft 40.948 cfs
Sweetwater Rd Indian Bend Wash
Upstream Of Teague Rd, Nr Bowdon Indian Creek 0.849848 ft
Wabasso (In Mhhw) Indian 0.879696 ft
Wanda Indian Creek 0.450016 ft 10.237 cfs
Warsaw Northern Indiana Lakes At Pike Lake 6.068328 ft