We found 34 actual water levels for 'Lay'



Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Akie River Finlay River 67.5 cm 33.5 m³/s
Near The Mouth Red Clay Creek 9829.7 cm 0.21 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Butte La Rose Atchafalaya 10.467464 ft
Atchafalaya Bay Mouth Of Atchafalaya 5.218808 ft
Avondale East Branch White Clay Creek 1.929624 ft 17.297 cfs
Bayou Sorrel Landside Atchafalaya 2.5994 ft
Bayou Sorrel Lock Atchafalaya 6.998208 ft
Boston Street Bogue Falaya 1.469768 ft
Kennett Square Red Clay Creek 3.33904 ft 42.007 cfs
Krotz Springs Atchafalaya 13.206592 ft
Krotz Springs Atchafalaya R 9.737664 ft
Lee Road Bogue Falaya At Covington 3.989136 ft
Marshallton Red Clay Creek Tributary 16.03592 ft 0.353 cfs
Melville Atchafalaya 14.596328 ft
Morgan City Atchafalaya 3.279016 ft 126946.919 cfs
Murphy Lake Near Bayou Sorrel Atchafalaya 11.887048 ft
Near Camp Covington Bogue Falaya 34.931016 ft
Near Chesterville West Branch White Clay Creek 1.059768 ft 11.649 cfs
Near Daleville (Sr 84) Claybank Creek 0.699952 ft
Near London Grove Eb White Clay Creek Trib 3.938952 ft 3.53 cfs
Near Newark White Clay Creek 5.578624 ft 111.901 cfs
Near Ozark (Us 231) Little Claybank Creek 1.25952 ft
Near West Grove,pa Middle Branch White Clay Creek 3.039248 ft 4.942 cfs
Newark White Clay Creek 5.908592 ft 96.722 cfs
Simmesport Atchafalaya 19.314936 ft 242898.594 cfs
Stanton White Clay Creek 3.568968 ft
Stanton Red Clay Creek 8.067816 ft 66.011 cfs
Strickersville White Clay Creek 3.309192 ft 70.247 cfs
Wooddale Red Clay Creek 3.059256 ft 62.128 cfs


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Clay Coton Stage 2649 Clay Coton Brook 108.8 cm