Trovati 33 livelli idrici aggiornati per 'Lay'



Stazione Corpo d'acquaLivello idricoPortataMappa
At Entrance To East Nelson River Playgreen Lake 21734.4 cm
Near The Mouth Red Clay Creek 9750.5 cm 0.2 m³/s


Stazione Corpo d'acquaLivello idricoPortataMappa
Above Butte La Rose Atchafalaya 2.789312 ft
Atchafalaya Bay Mouth Of Atchafalaya 5.268664 ft
Avondale East Branch White Clay Creek 1.949632 ft 4.942 cfs
Bayou Sorrel Landside Atchafalaya 2.29928 ft
Bayou Sorrel Lock Atchafalaya 2.49936 ft
Boston Street Bogue Falaya 1.839424 ft
Kennett Square Red Clay Creek 3.169136 ft 19.768 cfs
Krotz Springs Atchafalaya 2.81916 ft
Krotz Springs Atchafalaya R -0.369984 ft
Lee Road Bogue Falaya At Covington 3.588976 ft
Marshallton Red Clay Creek Tributary 16.025752 ft
Melville Atchafalaya 3.039248 ft
Morgan City Atchafalaya 2.559384 ft 22390.79 cfs
Murphy Lake Near Bayou Sorrel Atchafalaya 8.467976 ft
Near Chesterville West Branch White Clay Creek 1.109624 ft 6.001 cfs
Near Daleville (Sr 84) Claybank Creek 0.51988 ft
Near London Grove Eb White Clay Creek Trib 3.918944 ft 1.412 cfs
Near Newark White Clay Creek 5.058744 ft 54.715 cfs
Near Ozark (Us 231) Little Claybank Creek 1.129632 ft
Near West Grove,pa Middle Branch White Clay Creek 3.099272 ft 2.824 cfs
Newark White Clay Creek 5.61864 ft 38.83 cfs
Simmesport Atchafalaya 4.188888 ft 59275.407 cfs
Stanton White Clay Creek 4.26892 ft
Stanton Red Clay Creek 7.69816 ft 35.653 cfs
Strickersville White Clay Creek 3.009072 ft 32.476 cfs
Wooddale Red Clay Creek 2.869344 ft 27.887 cfs


Stazione Corpo d'acquaLivello idricoPortataMappa
Clay Coton Stage 2649 Clay Coton Brook 23.1 cm