Trovati 102 livelli idrici aggiornati per 'Spring'


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Oranmore Bridge Spring 20.8 cm


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Near Eden Mills Blue Springs Creek 181.8 cm 0.55 m³/s
Near Watson Ironspring Creek 110.9 cm 0.83 m³/s


Stazione Corpo d'acquaLivello idricoPortataMappa
- Warm Springs Reservoir (Lake Sonoma) 454.613576 ft 254893.534 cfs
87th Street Near Naperville Spring Brook 3.369216 ft 12.002 cfs
Above Colquitt Spring Creek 2.459344 ft 28.24 cfs
Above Tankersley Spring Creek (Concho Basin) 2.869344 ft
Abv Pennington Ck Nr Mill Creek Spring Creek 5.62848 ft
Abv Twin Buttes Res Nr San Angelo Spring Ck 0.909872 ft
Below Diversion Nr Mackay Warm Springs Creek 9.06756 ft 30.358 cfs
Below Lebanon Spring Creek 1.929624 ft 8.472 cfs
Bennett Spring State Park Bennett Spring 2.029336 ft 186.031 cfs
Big Spring Big Spring Creek 1.069608 ft
Big Spring Near Van Buren Big Spring River 1.309704 ft
Big Springs Big Springs delayed
Blue Springs Near Madison (In Navd88) Blue Spring 41.919384 ft
Bybee St, Portland Crystal Springs Creek 1.019752 ft 18.709 cfs
Carrington Regional Park Old Courthouse Spring Branch 325.516712 ft
Carthage Spring 3.21932 ft 157.791 cfs
Centreville (Hampton Forest Sec 4 Regional Pond) Willow Springs Branch 367.245856 ft
Cold Spring Harbor Cold Spring Brook 0.299792 ft 3.883 cfs
Cottonwood Springs Reservoir Cottonwood Springs Creek (Sd) 3857.982248 ft
Ct Highway M Near Waunakee Dorn (Spring) Creek 12.4968 ft 64.599 cfs
Ct Highway Q Nr Waunakee Dorn (Spring) Creek 2.879184 ft 68.835 cfs
Dam Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir 281.717888 ft 51678.494 cfs
Diversion Spring Creek
E Of Whites City Blue Spring 6 Miles 4.028824 ft 12.708 cfs
Ford Collins Spring Creek 1.119792 ft
Gates Rd Nr Ketchum Warm Springs Cr 9.707488 ft 73.071 cfs
Georgetown Royal Springs 1.639672 ft 2.118 cfs
Georgetown Upper, [Gage Height Upper Pool] Royal Springs 3.769048 ft
Hanley Falls 4nw Spring Creek (Mn) 7.857896 ft 314.876 cfs
Hardy Spring 3.3292 ft 791.779 cfs
Head Near Buhl Briggs Spring 3.75888 ft 82.955 cfs
Holke Rd In Independence Spring Branch Ck 7.458064 ft
Hot Springs Hot Springs Cr Ds Of Grand Ave 3.177 cfs
Houserville Spring Creek 2.999232 ft 44.125 cfs
Hwy 112 Nr Springdale Spring Creek 10.41728 ft 49.42 cfs
Hwy 36 Abita At Abita Springs 6.928344 ft
Imboden Spring 3.818904 ft 824.608 cfs
Interstate 30 Sulphur Near Dalby Springs 17.455504 ft 1179.373 cfs
Kuykendahl Rd, The Woodlands Spring Ck 110.331656 ft 42.713 cfs
Lafayette Blue Springs State Park Blue Spring 23.933832 ft
Lodi Spring Creek 5.998464 ft 114.019 cfs
Milesburg Spring Creek 4.3788 ft 220.978 cfs
Near Anaconda Warm Springs Creek 2.859176 ft 166.969 cfs
Near Axemann Spring Creek 2.349464 ft 86.132 cfs
Near Baxter Springs Spring 3.299024 ft 597.629 cfs
Near Bedford Spring Brook delayed
Near Bend Prowell Springs Diversion Pool, 7.837888 ft
Near Berkeley Springs Warm Springs Run 1.739712 ft 2.118 cfs
Near Berkeley Springs Tributary To Warm Springs Run 43.808664 ft
Near Blountsville Blue Springs Creek 1.409744 ft 1.412 cfs
Near Bonita Springs Spring Creek Headwater 6.96836 ft 18.709 cfs
Near Carthage 9nw North Fork Spring 2.999232 ft 41.654 cfs
Near Chilly Thousand Springs Creek 6.848312 ft 7.766 cfs
Near Chino Valley Del Rio Springs 2.719448 ft
Near Culver Crooked Below Opal Springs, 1.629504 ft 1219.615 cfs
Near Dayton Outfall 1 Channel Nr Springfield St 3.499104 ft
Near Fort Hall Spring Creek (Eastern Id) 5.048576 ft 241.805 cfs
Near Greer Greer Spring 1.099784 ft
Near Haley Spring Creek 23.074144 ft 1.059 cfs
Near Hill City Spring Creek 4.018984 ft 8.825 cfs
Near Iron City (Cr 16) Spring Creek 3.179304 ft 133.081 cfs
Near Kahneeta Hot Springs Warm Springs 1.25952 ft 289.813 cfs
Near Ketchum Warm Springs Creek 9.817368 ft 91.78 cfs
Near Kimberly Devils Washbowl Spring 1.419584 ft 10.943 cfs
Near Larussell Spring 1.639672 ft 152.849 cfs
Near Leary Spring Creek 1.389736 ft 10.943 cfs
Near Mammoth Springs Spring 5.768536 ft 294.755 cfs
Near Mason City Us 65 Spring Creek (North Central Ia) 82.389008 ft 61.069 cfs
Near Mylin Corners Big Spring Run 3.729032 ft 1.412 cfs
Near Overton Spring Creek 5.988624 ft 96.722 cfs
Near Powder Springs Powder Springs Creek 1.389736 ft 4.236 cfs
Near Quapaw Spring 5.918432 ft 504.79 cfs
Near Reynoldsville St Park (Sr 253) Spring Creek 76.700504 ft 130.963 cfs
Near Rockerville Spring Creek 4.598888 ft 14.473 cfs
Near South West City, Mo Cave Springs Branch 4.438824 ft 4.589 cfs
Near Spring Spring Creek 73.581224 ft 78.719 cfs
Near Tuba City Pasture Canyon Springs 1.729544 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Waco Spring 2.07952 ft 211.8 cfs
Nr Irvine Agua Chinon Wash A Portola Springs Rd 7.977944 ft
Nr Lake Mead Red Rock Springs Outflow 20.594792 ft
Nr Murrieta Warm Springs C 3.838912 ft
Orillia Springbrook Creek 16.795568 ft 2.824 cfs
Outflow Above Denay Creek Near Eureka Tonkin Spring 0.589744 ft 2.471 cfs
Rambadt Road Near Centreville Spring Creek 1.849592 ft 17.65 cfs
Rapid City Cleghorn Springs 2.669264 ft 10.59 cfs
R&b Trading Post Big Spring Creek Near Lewistown 3.878928 ft 180.03 cfs
Saddle South Fork Spring 2.519368 ft 106.959 cfs
Sh 242 Nr Splendora Spring Branch 96.575336 ft
Springfield Spring Creek 2.139544 ft 13.061 cfs
Stahl Spring Creek 1.389736 ft 1.765 cfs
Taft Hill In Ford Collins Spring Creek 0.41984 ft
Tomball Spring Creek 139.144488 ft 21.886 cfs
Toyahvale Giffin Springs 4.7888 ft 3.53 cfs
Trexlertown Spring Creek 2.719448 ft 20.121 cfs
Warm Springs Warm Springs Creek 3.709024 ft 109.077 cfs
Wendell Box Canyon Springs 1.129632 ft 296.873 cfs
Zap Spring Creek 5.048576 ft 25.769 cfs


Stazione Corpo d'acquaLivello idricoPortataMappa
Downham Lane Stage 4327th Spring Brook -2763.9 cm
Weston Turville Stage 1922th Wendover Springs 34.3 cm