We hebben 368 actuele waterstanden gevonden voor 'Bay'


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Burgen 2 Baybach 18 cm 0.21 m³/s
Thörlingen Baybach 13 cm 0.03 m³/s
Tiefenbach Bayerische Schwarzach 24 cm 0.73 m³/s
Witzelsmühle Silberseeabfluss Bayerische Schwarzach 41 cm 0.88 m³/s


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Barcelonette Ubaye 101.9 cm 47.6 m³/s
Lauzet-Ubaye [Tunnel] Ubaye 14.8 cm 0.08 m³/s
Le Lauzet-Ubaye [Roche-Rousse] Ubaye 204.9 cm 72.1 m³/s

Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Rossaveel Pier Costello Bay 267 cm


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
At Bala Bala Bay 22542.3 cm
At Baysville Lake Of Bays 1041.3 cm
At Big Falls Bay Du Nord River 167.8 cm 40.9 m³/s
At Latchford Bay Lake 700.2 cm
Diversion Channel At South Bay South Bay 25791.5 cm 343 m³/s
Near Northwest Arm Indian Bay Brook 480.5 cm 11.6 m³/s
Near Southern Bay Southern Bay River 232.5 cm 1.91 m³/s
Near Varna Bayfield River 86 cm 1.25 m³/s


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Bayelva Bayelva 108.7 cm 3.28 m³/s


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Arenas Rio Bayamon 41.76 cm
Bayamon Rio Bayamon At Rio Bayamon 63.4 cm 0.57 m³/s
Cidra Rio Bayamon At Rio Bayamon 185.93 cm 0.2 m³/s
Quebrada Santa Catalina Rio Bayamon 33.22 cm


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Above Alto Bayou Lafourche (Ne La) 43.62892 ft
Above Clinton Bayou De Chien 7.028056 ft 44.478 cfs
Above Drainage Structure Bayou Courtableau 17.735616 ft
Above Napoleonville Bayou Lafourche 5.1086 ft
Adeline Bridge Near Jeanerette Bayou Teche 1.959472 ft 256.984 cfs
Alabonson Rd, Houston Whiteoak Bayou 59.234832 ft 16.591 cfs
Alameda Tide Gage San Francisco Bay 6.338272 ft
Alief Brays Bayou 52.456712 ft 27.181 cfs
Alligator Bayou Near Kleinpeter Amite Basin At Bayou Manchac 2.159552 ft
Alligator Creek Near Garfield Bight Florida Bay -0.569736 ft 59.304 cfs
Amelia Bayou Boeuf 3.139288 ft
Arnaudville Bayou Fusilier Abv Weir 5.598632 ft 174.029 cfs
Arnaudville Bayou Teche 13.32664 ft 1209.378 cfs
Ashland Breakwater Lighthouse Chequamegon Bay 602.225712 ft
At Low Water Bridge Steele Bayou 79.889648 ft
Bar Harbor Frenchman Bay 2.329456 ft
Barker Reservoir Buffalo Bayou 70.841768 ft 858.496 cfs
Barnegat Light Barnegat Bay 1.019752 ft
Basile Bayou Nezpique 4.598888 ft 164.851 cfs
Bayboro Bay 0.759648 ft
Bay Dosgris Near Galliano Barataria Bay And Waterway 5.40872 ft
Bayou Bodcau Lake Bayou Bodcau 175.205136 ft 2039.281 cfs
Bayou Boeuf At Kraemer Barataria Bay And Waterway 1.299536 ft
Bayou Heron Grand Bay 3.7392 ft
Bayou Lacome At Krentel Rd Bayou Lacombe
Bayou Long Middle Fork Bayou Long 6.5682 ft
Bayou Perot At Point Legard Barataria Bay And Waterway 3.11928 ft
Bayou Segnette At Lapalco Blvd. Barataria Bay And Waterway 1.579648 ft
Bayou Segnette Near Westwego Barataria Bay And Waterway 1.44976 ft
Bayou Verret Closure Structure Ama Barataria Bay And Waterway 1.65968 ft
Beekman Bayou Bartholomew 7.18812 ft
Below Donaldsonville Bayou Lafourche 7.218296 ft 391.83 cfs
Below Keystone L&d Nr St Martinville Bayou Teche 3.878928 ft
Below Reelfoot Spillway Running Reelfoot Bayou 10.92732 ft 764.598 cfs
B.i. Pump Plant Pine Island Bayou 5.018728 ft 258.749 cfs
Bishops Head Chesapeake Bay 2.419328 ft
Boomtown Casino Estelle Barataria Bay And Waterway At Harvey Canal 1.44976 ft
Browns Village Bayou Vincent 14.636344 ft
Brownwood Pecan Bayou 5.708512 ft 349.823 cfs
Brownwood [Primary Sensor] Pecan Bayou 5.468744 ft
Calallen Ricon Bayou Channel 2.119536 ft
Calumet Bayou Teche E Of Calumet Flood Gate 2.769304 ft
Calumet Bayou Teche W Of Calumet Flood Gate 2.679432 ft
Cambridge Chesapeake Bay 2.679432 ft
Caminada Pass Barataria Bay And Waterway 3.009072 ft
Cape May Delaware Bay 1.789568 ft
Capers Ridge Nr Hardin Luce Bayou Itp Canal 101.63408 ft
Carlisle, Ark. Bayou Two Prairie 12.446944 ft 50.479 cfs
Causeway Bridge Gsl Farmington Bay Outflow 5.82856 ft 202.975 cfs
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Chesapeake Bay 1.059768 ft
Claiborne Eastern Bay 2.309448 ft
Coffey Road Indian Bayou 0.609752 ft
Common Street Contraband Bayou 0.189912 ft
Conimicut Light Narragansett Bay 1.699696 ft
Connerly Bayou Dam 3 Ne Of Lake Village Connerly Bayou 110.661624 ft
Cordova West Fork Olsen Bay 10.657376 ft 69.541 cfs
Cr 288 Nr Lake Jackson Bastrop Bayou 1.929624 ft
Craigen Road Taylor Bayou 2.28944 ft
Crisfield Md Chesapeake Bay Above Little Annemessex 2.07952 ft
Cutten Rd Nr Houston Greens Bayou 99.914376 ft 99.899 cfs
Dam Nr Mcgehees Mill Afterbay Reservoir 367.675864 ft
Dave Dugas Road Choupique Bayou 0.909872 ft
Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion Boutte Barataria Bay And Waterway 9.907568 ft 335.703 cfs
Denham Road Nr Baton Rouge Beaver Bayou 62.243904 ft
Des Allemands Barataria Bay And Waterway At Bayou Des Allemands 2.80932 ft
Dewey Beach Rehoboth Bay 1.649512 ft
Discovery Bay Island Bay Blvd Discovery Bay 3.369216 ft
Dixie Inn Bayou Dorcheat 8.257728 ft 1559.201 cfs
Dogwood Tr. Rd. Nr Bossier City Red Chute Bayou 17.735616 ft
Dulac Mississippi Delta Basin At Bayou Grand Caillou 1.4596 ft -193.091 cfs
Eagle Ferry Rd Nr Anahuac W Fk Double Bayou 1.029592 ft -90.721 cfs
East Of Oak Ridge Bayou Bonne Idee 9.487728 ft -15.532 cfs
Eastport Passamamaquoddy Bay 5.168624 ft
Esterwood Bayou Plaquemine Brule 8.63788 ft
Eudora Bayou Macon 3.169136 ft 22.592 cfs
Fall Mount Hope Bay 1.859432 ft
Fenwick Island Little Assawoman Bay 1.429752 ft
F.m. 1406 North Fork Taylor Bayou 22.29416 ft
Fm 1442 Cow Bayou 1.14964 ft
Fm 2643 Nr Mooreville Cow Bayou 398.388144 ft
Fm 2784 Nr Milam Palo Gaucho Bayou 184.902784 ft 53.656 cfs
Fm 4247 Adams Bayou 1.329712 ft
Fm 517 Nr Alvin Dickinson Bayou 12.656864 ft
Fm 521 Nr Cedar Lane Linnville Bayou 1.709536 ft
Fm 646 Nr Santa Fe Highland Bayou 10.607192 ft
Freeport Hudson Bay 1.739712 ft
Garrett Bridge Bayou Bartholomew 8.21804 ft 294.755 cfs
Georgetown - Nerrs Surface Water Quality Winyah Bay 2.259264 ft
Georgetown - Nerrs Water Quality Station Bottom Winyah Bay 15.645928 ft
Gessner Drive Brays Bayou 38.820112 ft 82.602 cfs
Grace Steele Bayou 13.64644 ft
Grosse Tete Bayou Grosse Tete S. Of I10 6.728264 ft 145.789 cfs
H 621 Near Praireville Amite Basin At Black Bayou 1.789568 ft
Hackberry Bay Near Grand Isle Barataria Bay And Waterway 4.139032 ft
Harborton Chesapeake Bay Near Pungoteague Creek 1.719704 ft
Harvey Canal Near Harvey 2sse Barataria Bay And Waterway 1.539632 ft
Havre De Grace Chesapeake Bay 1.079776 ft
Highway 108 Choupique Bayou 0.949888 ft
Highway 124 Hillebrandt Bayou 2.229416 ft
Highway 326 Pine Island Bayou 19.635064 ft
Hillebrandt Road Hillebrandt Bayou 2.519368 ft
Hiram Clarke St, Houston Sims Bayou 26.413184 ft 12.355 cfs
Hoffman St, Houston Hunting Bayou 26.163248 ft 1.765 cfs
Hooper Road Beaver Bayou 0.669776 ft
Houston Greens Bayou 39.179928 ft 49.773 cfs
Houston Halls Bayou 39.57976 ft 8.825 cfs
Houston Brays Bayou 16.8756 ft 145.083 cfs
Houston Sims Bayou 1.0496 ft 875.793 cfs
Houston White Oak Bayou 7.857896 ft 47.655 cfs
Huckaby Rd Sw Of Hosston Black Bayou 5.668496 ft
Hwy 134 East Of Epps Bayou Macon 7.59812 ft
Hwy 151 E Of Dubach Bayou D'arbonne 15.866016 ft
Hwy 404 W Of White Castle Choctaw Bayou 10.017448 ft
Hwy 425 Nr Beekman Bayou Bartholomew 7.128096 ft
Hwy 465 Near Redwood Steele Bayou 78.949928 ft
Hwy 61 Near Gonzales Amite Basin At Bayou Francois 1.66952 ft
Hwy 80 West Of Greenwood Cross Bayou 1.939464 ft
Hwy 847 East Of Cane Hill Bayou Lafourche 13.376496 ft
Hwy 91 North Of Iota Bayou Mallet 3.599144 ft 42.36 cfs
I-10 East Of Grosse Tete Choctaw Bayou 14.116464 ft -237.922 cfs
I-10 Nr Beaumont Bairds Bayou 1.539632 ft
I-10 Nr Beaumont Willow Marsh Bayou 1.189656 ft
I-10 Nr Hankamer Turtle Bayou 3.998976 ft
I-10 Nr Mont Belvieu Cedar Bayou 2.08936 ft
Ih 10 Nr Vidor Cow Bayou 1.439592 ft
Ih 610, Houston Hunting Bayou 17.50536 ft 8.119 cfs
Indian Slough Discovery Bay 3.43908 ft
Inwood Jamaica Bay 1.539632 ft
Keansburg Raritan Bay 1.679688 ft
Keystone L&d Nr St Martinville Bayou Teche 10.127328 ft 279.929 cfs
Kings Point Little Neck Bay 3.109112 ft
Kisatchie Kisatchie Bayou 9.287648 ft
Krotz Springs Bayou Close 17.195728 ft
Labelle Road Taylor Bayou 2.419328 ft
Lacombe Bayou Lacombe 0.639928 ft
Lafitte 1 Barataria Bay And Waterway 1.409744 ft
Lafitte 2 Barataria Bay And Waterway 7.17828 ft
Lake Bistineau Bayou Dorcheat 141.683864 ft 2628.791 cfs
Lake Brownwood Pecan Bayou 1422.535672 ft 21391.094 cfs
Lake Cherokee Cherokee Bayou 280.188096 ft 40483.099 cfs
Lake Claiborne Bayou D'arbonne 185.692608 ft
Lake D'arbonne Bayou D'arbonne 80.479392 ft 2509.124 cfs
Lake Murvaul Murvaul Bayou 265.412024 ft 50978.848 cfs
Lake Village At Lake Chicot Ditch Bayou 105.042984 ft
Lewes Delaware Bay 1.609496 ft
Lindenhurst Great South Bay 1.079776 ft
Lockport Bayou Lafourche 5.598632 ft
Lorrain Park Bayou Lacassine 0.93972 ft
Lotus Kisatchie Bayou 6.9782 ft
Main St, Houston Whiteoak Bayou 1.489776 ft
Manteo Shallowbag Bay 0.3198 ft
Mantoloking Barnegat Bay 0.789824 ft
Melville Bayou Latenache 17.565384 ft
Mlk Jr Blvd, Houston Brays Bayou 1.389736 ft 3148.76 cfs
Monroe Bayou Desiard At Ne Drive 12.276712 ft
Montauk Fort Pond Bay 0.989904 ft
Moreauville Bayou Des Glaises Diversion Ch. 7.877904 ft 930.508 cfs
Moriches Bay Moriches Bay 0.989904 ft
Moss Point Grand Bay
Mrgo East Gulf Intracoastal Waterway At Bayou Dupre 0.160064 ft
Muddy Bayou C S Eagle Lake Side Muddy Bayou 78.359856 ft
Nacogdoches Bayou Lanana 4.088848 ft 1.765 cfs
Near Batson Pine Island Bayou 53.906144 ft 63.893 cfs
Near Bayshore Barnegat Bay 0.869856 ft
Near Beekman (Coe) Bayou Bartholomew 7.208128 ft
Near Beekman Chemin-A-Haut Bayou 6.938184 ft
Near Benson Bayou San Patricio 7.128096 ft 8.825 cfs
Near Benton Cypress Bayou Lake 9.637624 ft
Near Bevil Oaks Pine Island Bayou 5.72852 ft
Near Blanchard Shettleworth Bayou 3.938952 ft
Near Bolton Thunder Bay 11.316984 ft 320.877 cfs
Near Brinkley Bayou Deview 13.106552 ft
Near Carencro Bayou Vermilion 6.268408 ft 67.423 cfs
Near Chireno Attoyac Bayou 8.787776 ft 419.717 cfs
Near Clarence Black Lake Bayou 11.697136 ft
Near Clearwater Bayou Cocodrie 14.88628 ft 898.738 cfs
Near Crew Lake Bayou Lafourche (Ne La) 6.818136 ft 395.713 cfs
Near Crosby Cedar Bayou 36.740592 ft 3.883 cfs
Near Cross Cutt Pecan Bayou 3.159296 ft 1.765 cfs
Near Delhi Bayou Macon 6.388456 ft
Near Dixie Twelvemile Bayou 23.813784 ft 9046.331 cfs
Near East Point,la. Loggy Bayou 33.7512 ft
Near Elm Grove Red Chute Bayou 22.244304 ft
Near Eunice Bayou Des Cannes 2.199568 ft 38.124 cfs
Near Grand Terre Island Barataria Bay 2.879184 ft
Near Greenwood Paw Paw Bayou 2.39932 ft 7.413 cfs
Near Greenwood Greenwood Afterbay 80.69948 ft
Near Homestead Manatee Bay Creek
Near Houston Gblt2 Greens Bayou 1.35956 ft 1159.605 cfs
Near Houston Hgbt2 Greens Bayou 65.803032 ft 25.063 cfs
Near Hovey Bayou Drain 11.417024 ft
Near Huffman Luce Bayou 54.285968 ft 21.533 cfs
Near Humphrey Bear Bayou 179.204112 ft
Near Humphrey Headwater Bear Bayou 179.213952 ft
Near Jefferson Black Cypress Bayou 9.007536 ft 262.985 cfs
Near Jones Bayou Bartholomew 9.447712 ft 868.733 cfs
Near Keithville Cypress Bayou 1.35956 ft 6.001 cfs
Near Key Largo Joe Bay 2e, 0.10988 ft 62.834 cfs
Near Kilbourne Bayou Macon 5.148616 ft 61.422 cfs
Near Kiptopeke Chesapeake Bay 1.079776 ft
Near Lake Arthur Bayou Lacassine 11.307144 ft -214.977 cfs
Near Lake End Bayou Pierre 18.73536 ft 3888.295 cfs
Near Lake Fausse Point Cut Bayou Darby 16.605656 ft
Near Lillie Little Corney Bayou 3.359048 ft 40.595 cfs
Near Lonoke Bayou Meto 8.907824 ft 135.905 cfs
Near Lucky Saline Bayou 4.079008 ft 23.298 cfs
Near Mauriceville Cow Bayou 4.758624 ft 10.943 cfs
Near Mcgehee Bayou Bartholomew 8.22788 ft 481.845 cfs
Near Monroe Chauvin Bayou 31.821904 ft
Near Morton Bayou Deview 12.48696 ft 7.766 cfs
Near Mullin Pecan Bayou 5.958448 ft 20.827 cfs
Near Oak Grove Big Colewa Bayou 83.7384 ft
Near Port Barre Bayou Teche 17.245584 ft
Near Port Vincent [Upstream Of Structure] Henderson Bayou Pump Station 1.23984 ft
Near Powhatan Bayou Pierre 22.044224 ft
Near Rosepine Bayou Anacoco 4.658912 ft 240.04 cfs
Near San Augustine Ayish Bayou 1.909616 ft
Near Sarepta Bodcau Bayou 10.217528 ft
Near Scottsville Illinois Bayou 4.948864 ft 26.475 cfs
Near Shaw Porter Bayou 8.007792 ft 1.412 cfs
Near Shreveport Gilmer Bayou 2.659424 ft
Near Sibley Bayou Dorcheat 19.215224 ft
Near Slidell Bayou Liberty 1.589488 ft
Near Sorrento [Upstream Of Structure] Bayou Conway -2.169392 ft
Near Sour Lake Pine Island Bayou 13.236768 ft 47.655 cfs
Near Springhill Bodcau Bayou 6.548192 ft 444.78 cfs
Near Springhill Bayou Dorcheat 5.71868 ft 65.305 cfs
Near Stanley Bayou Grand Cane 3.969128 ft 27.181 cfs
Near Star City Deep Bayou 13.33648 ft
Near Stephensville Bayou Millhome 1.839424 ft
Near Thicket Little Pine Island Bayou 83.148656 ft
Near Toro Bayou Toro 3.85892 ft 60.716 cfs
Near Vineland Bay Lake 93.485904 ft
Near Violet Protected Side Bayou Dupre Sector Gate 0.7298 ft
Near West Pensacola Bayou Marcus Creek 1.159808 ft 42.007 cfs
Near Whiteville Bayou Cocodrie 22.464392 ft
Near Willows Bayou Pierre 3.079264 ft 202.975 cfs
Near Yorktown Chesapeake Bay 1.03976 ft
Near Zachary White Bayou 75.51052 ft
Ne New Gascony Lwr Vallier (Fivefrksbayou) Hw Tw 176.72476 ft
Ne New Gascony Headwater Lwr Vallier (Fivefrksbayou) Hw Tw 176.904832 ft
Ne Of Libuse Flagon Bayou 7.118256 ft
Nevada St, Houston Berry Bayou 15.556056 ft 6.354 cfs
New Bedford Harbor (Inside Barrier) Buzzards Bay 1.299536 ft
New Bedford Hurricane Barrier Buzzards Bay 1.219832 ft
Newport Harbor Narragansett Bay 1.339552 ft
N Of Spring Ridge Boggy Bayou 5.168624 ft
Northeast Of Gilbert Bayou Macon 40.92948 ft 752.596 cfs
North Of Castor Black Lake Bayou 9.807528 ft
North Of Duck Lake Little Bayou Long 6.388456 ft
North Of Sieper Cypress Bayou 1.87944 ft
Nr Addicks Buffalo Bayou 46.318192 ft 102.017 cfs
Nr Alvin Chocolate Bayou 10.807272 ft 34.947 cfs
Nr Bayou Meto Canon Brake(Nr Bayou Meto)Tw 172.935704 ft
Nr Fontana Fontana Water Co Spill Ch From Afterbay 0.869856 ft
Nr Fontana Fontana Ph Forebay Spillway 0.759648 ft
Nr Fulshear Buffalo Bayou 88.667256 ft
Nr Glen Allan Steele Bayou 25.023448 ft
Nr Harrisonburg Bushley Bayou 26.623104 ft
Nr Humble Garners Bayou 33.871248 ft 23.298 cfs
Nr Humphrey Salt Bayou Ditch 178.634376 ft 471.961 cfs
Nr Katy Buffalo Bayou 97.085048 ft 8.472 cfs
Nr Lake Jackson Buffalo Camp Bayou 12.356744 ft
Nr Lodge Corner Lower Vallier (Litbaymeto) Hw Tw 176.964528 ft
Nr Lodge Corner Headwater Lower Vallier (Litbaymeto) Hw Tw 177.074736 ft
Nr Monroe Youngs Bayou 1.24968 ft
Nr Mooringsport Twelvemile Bayou 160.89876 ft
Nr Moreauville Bayou Des Glaises Div Ch 7.877904 ft
Nr Stuttgart Bayou Meto 17.91536 ft 1629.448 cfs
Nw Of Jones Bayou Bartholomew 7.708 ft
Ocean City Great Egg Harbor Bay 1.189656 ft
Palmer Rd East Of Alligator Harris Bayou 9.287648 ft 49.067 cfs
Pasadena Vince Bayou 4.89868 ft 2.118 cfs
Pinellas Park Cross Bayou Cn At Ulmerton Rd 1.34972 ft
Pinellas Pk Cross Bayou Cnl At Cedar Brk Dr 1.579648 ft
Pine Wood Estates Little Pine Island Bayou 0.819672 ft
Piney Point Village Buffalo Bayou 28.192912 ft 130.963 cfs
Pittsfield Bay Creek 1.839424 ft 3.53 cfs
Ponquogue Shinnecock Bay 1.299536 ft
Port Barre Bayou Teche 17.275432 ft
Port Chicago Tide Gage San Francisco Bay 4.318776 ft
Port Isobel Tangier Island Chesapeake Bay 2.219576 ft
Portland Bayou Bartholomew 18.485424 ft 738.829 cfs
Powell Phillips Bayou 8.7576 ft
Prince Rd Nr Pioneer Big Colewa Bayou 1.939464 ft 7.413 cfs
Providence Fox Point Narragansett Bay 1.889608 ft
Prudhoe Bay Prudhoe Bay 1.189656 ft
Quonset Point Narragansett Bay 1.419584 ft
Redwood City Tide Gage San Francisco Bay 8.138008 ft
Reedy Point Delaware Bay 2.759136 ft
Roark Rd Nr Houston Keegans Bayou 60.284432 ft 103.782 cfs
Robson Bayou Pierre 6.988368 ft
Rockaway Inlet Jamaica Bay 1.939464 ft
Rodessa Black Bayou 11.626944 ft
Rudy Frog Bayou -1.749552 ft
Saxis Chesapeake Bay Near Starling Creek 2.459344 ft
Scituate Massachusetts Bay 4.469 ft
Sellers Canal At Hwy 90 Barataria Bay And Waterway 2.009328 ft
Sh 35 Nr Liverpool Austin Bayou delayed
Sh 35 Nr Van Vleck Linnville Bayou 21.634552 ft
Sh 65 Nr Stowell Spindletop Bayou 3.829072 ft
Sh 6 Nr Alvin Mustang Bayou 32.3818 ft
Sh 73 Nr Hamshire Mayhaw Bayou 1.589488 ft 401.714 cfs
Sh 87 Adams Bayou 1.599656 ft
Sh 87 Cow Bayou 1.129632 ft
Sh 87 Nr Hemphill Housen Bayou 179.474056 ft 9.178 cfs
Shepherd Drive Buffalo Bayou 1.719704 ft 212.859 cfs
Sherard Richies Bayou 5.898424 ft 19.062 cfs
Ship Bottom Manahawkin Bay 1.029592 ft
Shreveport Cross Bayou 154.900296 ft
Shreveport Bayou Pierre 3.909104 ft
Slidell Bayou Bonfouca 1.66952 ft
Sligo Red Chute Bayou 28.7328 ft 2688.801 cfs
S Of Myrtle Grove Bayou Dupont Nr Round Lake 1.97948 ft
South Of Delhi Bayou Macon 22.194448 ft
Spillway Nr Coushatta Grand Bayou Reservoir 45.09836 ft
State Hwy 6 Nr Addicks Buffalo Bayou 56.705624 ft 62.128 cfs
Steele Bayou Structure (Landside) Steele Bayou 79.299576 ft
Stephensville Porter Bayou 12.526648 ft 10.59 cfs
Swan Lake Rd Nr Bossier City Willow Chute Bayou 2.359304 ft
Thibodaux Bayou Lafourche 3.169136 ft 354.765 cfs
Tide Gage San Francisco Bay 5.888584 ft
Tolchester Beach Chesapeake Bay 1.799408 ft
Transylvania Tensas Bayou 5.1988 ft
Trimble St, Houston Little Whiteoak Bayou 19.285088 ft 102.017 cfs
Turning Basin, Houston Buffalo Bayou 1.289696 ft
Us-287 Nr Crockett Hurricane Bayou 256.304448 ft
Us 90, Beaumont Hillebrandt Bayou 1.099784 ft
Vaca Key Tide Station (In Mhhw) Florida Bay 0.00984 ft
Wabbaseka, Ark. Wabbaseka Bayou 9.127584 ft 33.535 cfs
Waretown Barnegat Bay 0.889864 ft
Washington Bayou Courtableau 18.815064 ft 1219.615 cfs
Watch Hill Great South Bay 0.819672 ft
Wax Rd Near Baton Rouge Beaver Bayou 27.653024 ft
West Bank Bayou Gauche Barataria Bay And Waterway 0.7298 ft
West Belt Drive Buffalo Bayou 35.660816 ft 116.843 cfs
West Closure Cpx1 Near Woodmere Barataria Bay And Waterway 1.539632 ft
West Monroe Slough Bayou At Bancroft Blvd 13.906544 ft
West Of Iota Bayou Des Cannes 13.516552 ft 181.795 cfs
West Sayville Great South Bay 1.0496 ft
Whiskey Canal Barataria Bay And Waterway At Lake Cataouatche 5.048576 ft
Wilkinson Bayou Cutoff Wilkinson Bay 4.768792 ft
Wilmot Bayou Bartholomew 8.7576 ft 971.456 cfs
Windmill Point Chesapeake Bay 1.25952 ft
Winfrey Frog Bayou 2.479352 ft 3.883 cfs
Woods Hole Buzzards Bay 0.909872 ft
Wright Road Little Bayou D'inde 0.909872 ft