We hebben 34 actuele waterstanden gevonden voor 'Lay'



Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Above Akie River Finlay River 27.3 cm 51.8 m³/s
At Entrance To East Nelson River Playgreen Lake 21687.8 cm
Near The Mouth Red Clay Creek 9772.4 cm 0.21 m³/s


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Above Butte La Rose Atchafalaya 2.239584 ft
Avondale East Branch White Clay Creek 1.929624 ft 31.064 cfs
Bayou Sorrel Landside Atchafalaya 1.999488 ft
Bayou Sorrel Lock Atchafalaya 2.199568 ft
Boston Street Bogue Falaya 0.769816 ft
Kennett Square Red Clay Creek 3.878928 ft 110.842 cfs
Krotz Springs Atchafalaya R -0.41 ft
Krotz Springs Atchafalaya 2.739456 ft
Lee Road Bogue Falaya At Covington 4.099016 ft
Marshallton Red Clay Creek Tributary 16.03592 ft 0.706 cfs
Melville Atchafalaya 3.369216 ft
Morgan City Atchafalaya 1.069608 ft 24489.728 cfs
Murphy Lake Near Bayou Sorrel Atchafalaya 8.158016 ft
Near Camp Covington Bogue Falaya 35.031056 ft
Near Chesterville West Branch White Clay Creek 1.059768 ft 33.888 cfs
Near Daleville (Sr 84) Claybank Creek 1.409744 ft
Near London Grove Eb White Clay Creek Trib 3.938952 ft 6.354 cfs
Near Newark White Clay Creek 7.408208 ft 623.751 cfs
Near Ozark (Us 231) Little Claybank Creek 1.589488 ft
Near West Grove,pa Middle Branch White Clay Creek 3.039248 ft 22.945 cfs
Newark White Clay Creek 6.648232 ft 419.717 cfs
Simmesport Atchafalaya 5.368704 ft 83365.186 cfs
Stanton White Clay Creek 6.108344 ft
Stanton Red Clay Creek 9.497568 ft 326.878 cfs
Strickersville White Clay Creek 4.388968 ft 283.812 cfs
Wooddale Red Clay Creek 3.699184 ft 268.986 cfs


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Clay Coton Stage 2649 Clay Coton Brook 109.5 cm