We hebben 80 actuele waterstanden gevonden voor 'New'


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Eulenkrug Tarnewitzer Bach 99 cm

Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Barrington's Bridge Newport 42.6 cm
Killywillin Blackwater [Newtowngore] 28.7 cm
Waterpark Bridge Newport 29.8 cm


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
At Highway No. 617 Pinewood River 1050.1 cm 0.88 m³/s
Main Canal Newton Lake 79974.9 cm 0.09 m³/s
Near The Mouth New West Coulee 29 cm 0.38 m³/s
Newton Newton Lake 80283.4 cm


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Ab New Fork Lakes, Nr Cora New Fork 3.699184 ft
Above Upper Lake Mary Newman Canyon 0.41 ft
Allisonia New 1.499616 ft 1429.297 cfs
Atlantic City (Ocean Front) New Jersey Atlantic Coast 2.429496 ft
Below Hawks Nest New 4.418816 ft
Below S-3 North New Canal 10.09748 ft -47.655 cfs
Boise New York Canal Diversion delayed
Boston Charles, New Charles Dam 107.832296 ft
Brooksville New Haven 4.048832 ft 268.986 cfs
Calexico New R At International Boundary 8.867808 ft 58.245 cfs
Claytor Dam New River 1845.347352 ft
East Berlin West Conewago Creek 2.669264 ft 35.653 cfs
East Of Sorrento New Canal 2.009328 ft 517.851 cfs
Fm 1155 Nr Chappell Hill New Year Ck 154.710384 ft 3.177 cfs
Galax New 1.34972 ft 1049.469 cfs
Glen Lyn New 3.259008 ft 1999.039 cfs
Hampton (In Mllw) New Market Creek 0.809832 ft
Hinton New 1.819416 ft 2308.973 cfs
Ivanhoe New 2.49936 ft 1079.474 cfs
Jacksonville New 0.61992 ft
Marion Mississinewa 1.34972 ft 151.084 cfs
Minortown Nonewaug 2.879184 ft 4.236 cfs
Nc-54 New Hope Creek 3.149128 ft
Near Bellarie Conewago Creek 0.129888 ft 3.53 cfs
Near Big Piney New Fork 3.559128 ft 984.517 cfs
Near Blands Haw Near New Hope Creek 3.929112 ft 3.177 cfs
Near Chehalis Newaukum 193.090648 ft 121.785 cfs
Near Falmouth Conewago Creek 3.499104 ft 10.59 cfs
Near Forest North Fork Newaukum delayed
Near Franklin New 2.989392 ft 15.885 cfs
Near Gum Branch New 2.009328 ft 9.531 cfs
Near Lake Butler (In Navd88) New 86.837672 ft 46.243 cfs
Near Manchester West Conewago Creek 2.319288 ft 78.366 cfs
Near Newhalem Newhalem Creek 3.21932 ft 85.426 cfs
Near New River New Maricopa delayed
Near New River New 2.019496 ft 39.183 cfs
Near Richlands New 18.295184 ft
Near Rock Springs New -0.089872 ft
Near Sorrento [Downstream Of Structure] New Canal 2.049344 ft
Near South Fork Nr Jefferson New 2.009328 ft 217.801 cfs
Near Sumatra (Cr 22) New 12.996672 ft 0.706 cfs
Newhalem Newhalem Creek 11.067048 ft 151.084 cfs
Newport Newport 2.839168 ft
Nr Westmorland New R 0.889864 ft 421.835 cfs
Onalaska South Fork Newaukum River delayed
Peoria Mississinewa 1.069608 ft 558.799 cfs
Radford New 2.139544 ft 1469.539 cfs
Ridgeville Mississinewa 3.63916 ft 12.002 cfs
Russell Conewango Creek 2.279272 ft 220.978 cfs
S-11-A Nr Andytown N. New Canal 10.93716 ft
S-11-A Nr Andytown Downstream, Navd88 N. New Canal 9.337504 ft
S-11-A Nr Andytown Upstream Ngvd29 N. New Canal 11.856872 ft
S-11-B Nr Andytown N. New Canal 11.097224 ft
S-11-B Nr Andytown Downstream, Navd88 N. New Canal 9.497568 ft
S-11-B Nr Andytown Upstream, Ngvd29 N. New Canal 11.86704 ft
S-11-C Nr Andytown N. New Canal 11.14708 ft
S-11-C Nr Andytown Upstream, Navd88 N. New Canal 10.347416 ft
S-11-C Nr Andytown Upstream, Ngvd29 N. New Canal 11.916896 ft
Sandy Hook New Jersey Atlantic Coast 4.028824 ft
Sc 46, Near Hardeeville New 15.92604 ft
Sh 105 Nr Brenham New Year Ck 205.117424 ft
Sorrento New River (Se La) 2.169392 ft
The Battery New York Harbor 4.188888 ft
Thurmond New 3.01924 ft 2089.054 cfs
Upper Lawn Little Conewago Crk, Gingrich Rd 1.109624 ft 1.412 cfs