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Ballincolly Glen Tributary 6.5 cm Glennamought Br. Glennamought Tributary 60 cm


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Near Outram Tributary 924.5 cm


Station WaterlichaamWaterpeilDebietKaart
Above Heritage Glen Dam Unnamed Tributary -1.34972 ft
Above Largo Town Center Dam Unnamed Tributary -0.020008 ft
Above New Alexandria Tide Gate Unnamed Tributary 2.279272 ft
Above Northampton Lake Dam In Lake Arbor Unnamed Tributary 0.140056 ft
Bellmore Bellmore Creek Tributary 2.169392 ft 1.412 cfs
Below New Alexandria Tide Gate Unnamed Tributary 2.28944 ft
Beltsville Virginia Manor Road Unnamed Tributary 0.909872 ft
Bowie Unnamed Tributary 0.599912 ft
Brink Little Seneca Creek Tributary 4.57888 ft 0.353 cfs
Burke Centre Regional Pond Unnamed Tributary 351.979752 ft
Dean Road, Nr Suwanee Wolf Creek Tributary 1.909616 ft
Dover Sink Nr Bartow Peace Distributary 87.147632 ft
Dulles Station Near Herndon Unnamed Tributary 306.5816 ft
Fairfax Center Unnamed Tributary 383.321792 ft
Fairntosh Little Below Tributary 1.479608 ft 10.943 cfs
Genoa Beaver Creek (Loup Tributary) 3.7392 ft 175.794 cfs
Greenbelt Unnamed Tributary 0.020008 ft
Harbor Point In Baltimore Unnamed Tributary 2.999232 ft
Hunter Mill Estates Regional Pond Unnamed Tributary 225.04244 ft
Huntington Ponding Area Unnamed Tributary 2.17956 ft
Kings Park West Unnamed Tributary 337.283712 ft
Kingstowne Regional Pond Unnamed Tributary 147.57212 ft
Lake Barton In Burke Unnamed Tributary 319.518248 ft
Lake Braddock In Burke Unnamed Tributary 295.914384 ft
Marshallton Red Clay Creek Tributary 16.065768 ft 0.353 cfs
Mayfield Heights Unknown Tributary To Chagrin 0.639928 ft 2.118 cfs
Middletown Silver Lake Tributary 0.71996 ft 4.589 cfs
Near Berkeley Springs Tributary To Warm Springs Run 43.978896 ft
Near Carroll Middle Raccoon Tributary 15.745968 ft
Near Chicken Wade Creek Tributary 19.68492 ft 4.236 cfs
Near Clarksburg Little Seneca Creek Tributary 4.328944 ft 22.239 cfs
Near Colesville Paint Branch Tributary 1.499616 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Colton Nate Creek Tributary 1.939464 ft 0.706 cfs
Near Cordova Glacier Tributary 54.296136 ft 40.948 cfs
Near Dellroy Unnamed Tributary 5.00856 ft
Near Farmer Unnamed Tributary 1.399576 ft 1.059 cfs
Near Farrell Overcup Slough Tributary No 2 2.349464 ft
Near Freeland L Nescopeck Creek Tributary 2.279272 ft 68.482 cfs
Near Friars Point Mill Creek Tributary 163.81796 ft 7.766 cfs
Near Germantown Little Seneca Creek Tributary 0.490032 ft 1.765 cfs
Near Greenbelt Unnamed Tributary Below Greenbelt Lake 1.509456 ft
Near Inlet Buck Creek, North Tributary, delayed
Near Inlet Buck Creek, South Tributary, delayed
Near Lilburn Jackson Creek Tributary 3.84908 ft
Near Middle River Unnamed Tributary 6.5682 ft
Near Rauville South Branch Tributary Mud Creek 2.439336 ft
Near Waltham Stony Brook, Unnamed Tributary 1, 3.259008 ft 0.353 cfs
Near Woodlawn Dead Run Tributary 0.269944 ft 0.353 cfs
New Alexandria Pump Station - Upstream Unnamed Tributary 1.579648 ft
New Alexandria Storm Water Pumping Station - Downstream Unnamed Tributary 2.5994 ft
Nr North Danville Pope Brook Tributary (W-9), 0.279784 ft 0.353 cfs
Nr Wesley Chapel Cypress Creek Tributary 58.614912 ft
Pagedale River Des Peres Tributary 2.69944 ft
Pepper Pike Unknown Tributary To Chagrin 6.25824 ft 2269.084 cfs
Pueblo Arkansas Tributary Above Hwy 227 2.69944 ft 44.831 cfs
Retention Pond Near Columbia Gateway Unnamed Tributary 294.354744 ft
Rittman Unnamed Tributary To Styx 2.199568 ft
Woodlawn Dead Run Tributary 2.869344 ft 2.118 cfs
Woodlawn Tributary To Dead Run Tributary 0.559896 ft 0.353 cfs