Found 228 live water levels for 'East'


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Ab East Cyn Res Nr Morgan, Utah East Canyon Creek 122.53 cm 0.81 m³/s
Abington East Fork Whitewater 110.34 cm 6.43 m³/s
Above Canton East Fork Pigeon 34.44 cm 5.49 m³/s
Above Greenleaf East 204.83 cm 0.14 m³/s
Above Hwy 101 Sunnyvale East 61.57 cm
Above Strosnider Ditch East Walker 85.65 cm 2.05 m³/s
Abv Backwater Nr Caldwell East Hartley 106.98 cm 0.42 m³/s
Abv Haskins Gulch Nr Castle Rock East Plum Cr 121.92 cm 0.19 m³/s
Albany East Fork Grand 113.69 cm 1.81 m³/s
Almont East 77.72 cm 2.23 m³/s
American Falls Eastern Idaho Reservoirs 132603.54 cm
Arbutus East Branch Herbert Run 31.7 cm 0.07 m³/s
Armada East Branch Coon Creek 55.47 cm 0.09 m³/s
Aurora East Toll Gate Creek 37.8 cm
Au Sable Forks East Branch Of The Ausable 61.57 cm 3.03 m³/s
Austin Waller Creek At East 1st Street 101.19 cm 0.17 m³/s
Avondale East Branch White Clay Creek 68.28 cm 0.68 m³/s
Bedford East Fork 102 331.01 cm 0.02 m³/s
Below Brookville Lake East Fork Whitewater 90.83 cm
Below Castle Rock East Plum Creek 121.92 cm
Below Cement Creek Nr Crested Butte East 17.98 cm 2.24 m³/s
Below Downingtown East Branch Brandywine Creek 95.4 cm 6.4 m³/s
Below Harriettsville East Fork Duck Creek 129.84 cm 3.54 m³/s
Below Tex Creek Willow Creek (Eastern Id) 74.07 cm 16.93 m³/s
Birch Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 22890.48 cm
Bl Dry Fork Cr Nr Mcleod East Boulder 59.44 cm 1.37 m³/s
Bl Teller Res Nr Stone City Turkey C East Seep 163.98 cm
Bolingbrook East Branch Du Page 477.32 cm 4.96 m³/s
Brewster East Branch Croton 121.31 cm 7.14 m³/s
Bridgeport Reservoir East Walker 196523.46 cm
Camas Camas Creek (Eastern Id) 73.46 cm
Claiborne Eastern Bay -8.84 cm
Cleveland East Fork San Jacinto 168.55 cm 3.6 m³/s
Columbus East Fork White 53.95 cm 74.47 m³/s
Copan Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 21656.04 cm
Crutcher Crossing East Fork Owyhee 262.74 cm 1.94 m³/s
Dakota City East Fork Des Moines 250.24 cm 0.59 m³/s
Downsville Below Pepacton Dam East Branch Delaware 91.14 cm 2.21 m³/s
East Branch Dam Tailwater East Branch Clarion Lake 57.91 cm 1.31 m³/s
East Creek East Canada Creek 36.27 cm 1.63 m³/s
East Haven East Branch Of The Passumpsic 69.49 cm 0.83 m³/s
East Orange East Orange Branch 47.24 cm 0.21 m³/s
E Br Neversink R Northeast Of Denning E Br Neversink R Northeast Of Denning 35.36 cm 0.39 m³/s
E. Chelsea St Near Tampa East Lake Outfall 658.67 cm
Edmonston Northeast Branch Anacostia 66.14 cm
El Nido Eastside Bypass 295.05 cm
Eufala Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 17839.64 cm
Fishs Eddy East Branch Delaware 157.28 cm 19.6 m³/s
Forestville East Branch Big Elk Creek 143.26 cm 0.4 m³/s
Freeport East Meadow Brook 20.73 cm 0.16 m³/s
Ft. Gibson Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 16903.29 cm
Garfield Drive East Washington Creek 1899.21 cm
Gimlet East Fork Big Wood 146 cm 0.2 m³/s
Grand Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 22627.74 cm
Harvard East Branch Delaware 82.3 cm 6.12 m³/s
Henrys Lake Eastern Idaho Reservoirs 487.38 cm
Heyburn Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 23219.66 cm
Highway 2 Near Clarinda East Nodaway 301.75 cm 2.54 m³/s
Hudson Black Hawk Creek (Northeast Ia) 254.81 cm 2.47 m³/s
Hudson Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 18906.44 cm
Hugo Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 12375.18 cm
Huntsvil East Fork Pinhook Cr At Winchester Rd 192.02 cm 1.7 m³/s
Island Park Eastern Idaho Reservoirs 192051.74 cm
Kaw Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 30828.39 cm
Kelly Eau Claire (East) 54.25 cm 16.93 m³/s
Keystone Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 21998.33 cm
Lake Ellsworth East Cache Creek 37566.9 cm
Lake Eucha Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 23690.88 cm
Lake Stanley Draper East Elm Creek 36247.12 cm
Lincoln East Branch Pemigewasset 111.86 cm 1.56 m³/s
Lisle East Branch Du Page 189.28 cm 3.34 m³/s
Little Wood Reservoir Eastern Idaho Reservoirs 156817.16 cm
Louisville East Branch Nimishillen Creek 139.9 cm
Mackay Dam Eastern Idaho Reservoirs 1650.8 cm
Madison Yahara At East Main Street 140.51 cm 3.43 m³/s
Magic Dam Eastern Idaho Reservoirs 148358.35 cm
Maplewood East Branch Rahway 76.81 cm
Margaretville East Branch Delaware 93.88 cm 6.6 m³/s
Mckinney East Fork Trinity 156.67 cm 2.7 m³/s
Millburn East Br Rahway Riv At Millburn Ave 52.43 cm
Minidoka Dam Eastern Idaho Reservoirs 129334.87 cm
Mud Lake Camas Creek (Eastern Id) 53.64 cm
Near Abbeville (Sr 27) East Fork Choctawhatchee 235.31 cm
Near Abv Water Recl Fac Nr Bozeman East Gallatin 111.86 cm 1.08 m³/s
Near Algona East Fork Des Moines 244.45 cm 0.54 m³/s
Near Alsea East Fork Lobster Creek 83.21 cm 0.8 m³/s
Near Ashland East Fork Ashland Creek 50.29 cm 0.1 m³/s
Near Athens, Maine East Branch Wesserunsett 85.95 cm 1.63 m³/s
Near Atlantic East Nishnabotna 114 cm 1.49 m³/s
Near Avoca East Branch West Nishnabotna 34118.4 cm
Near Bedford East Fork White 664.46 cm
Near Bethany East Fork Big Creek 71.63 cm 0.22 m³/s
Near Blue Springs East Fork Little Blue 185.93 cm 0.61 m³/s
Near Boynton East Locust Creek 39.01 cm 0.22 m³/s
Near Bridgeport East Walker 87.78 cm 2.16 m³/s
Near Bridport East Br Dead Creek 116.74 cm
Near Caesar East Hobolochitto Creek 179.53 cm 4.76 m³/s
Near Calpella East Fork Russian 191.11 cm 2.03 m³/s
Near Childs East Verde 310.9 cm 0.15 m³/s
Near Claryville East Branch Neversink 143.26 cm 0.68 m³/s
Near Clermont East Branch Clarion 78.64 cm 0.46 m³/s
Near Climax East Fork Eagle delayed
Near Coburg East Nishnabotna 30102.96 cm
Near Coffeen East Fork Shoal Creek 96.32 cm 0.6 m³/s
Near Crandall East Fork Trinity 117.35 cm 51.82 m³/s
Near Croton Falls East Branch Croton 52.73 cm 1.83 m³/s
Near Cushing East Fork Angelina 321.87 cm 5.24 m³/s
Near Dalmatia East Mahantango Creek 91.44 cm 14.13 m³/s
Near Dime Box East Yegua Creek 52.12 cm 0.21 m³/s
Near Dodge City East Branch Salmon Trout 75.59 cm 1.66 m³/s
Near Downers Grove East Branch Du Page 335.28 cm 1.81 m³/s
Near Downingtown East Branch Brandywine Creek 80.77 cm 3.85 m³/s
Near Dublin East Branch Perkiomen Creek 52.73 cm 0.59 m³/s
Near Dubois East Fork Wind 95.1 cm
Near Dunlow East Fork Twelvepole Creek 138.07 cm 2.18 m³/s
Near Dysart Wolf Creek (East Central Ia) 97.54 cm 1.99 m³/s
Near East Hickman East Hickman Creek 55.47 cm 0.54 m³/s
Near Elberon Salt Creek (East Central Ia) 279.2 cm 1.91 m³/s
Near Elliott East Nishnabotna 32004.61 cm
Near Everglades City East 169.77 cm 4.05 m³/s
Near Fort Hall Spring Creek (Eastern Id) 121.62 cm 8.16 m³/s
Near Gardnerville East Fork Carson 287.73 cm 2.33 m³/s
Near Genlee Northeast Creek 126.49 cm 0.46 m³/s
Near Glendale East Fork Virgin 315.47 cm 0.49 m³/s
Near Greenleaf Glri East Tile 1 3.96 cm
Near Hardwick East Branch Swift 598.02 cm 1.82 m³/s
Near Hartwick Walnut Creek (East Central Ia) 120.09 cm 0.95 m³/s
Near Haven Richland Creek (East Central Ia) 391.67 cm 0.36 m³/s
Near Heisson East Fork Lewis 410.87 cm 30.87 m³/s
Near Henrietta East Fork Little Wichita 151.18 cm
Near High Point East Fork Of Deep 74.68 cm 0.33 m³/s
Near Homestead East Creek -18.59 cm 2.31 m³/s
Near Intl Boundary East Fork Poplar 158.5 cm
Near Jeremy Ranch East Canyon Creek 148.13 cm 0.66 m³/s
Near Jewett Center East Kill 88.7 cm 1.27 m³/s
Near Joseph East Fork Wallowa 133.5 cm 0.23 m³/s
Near Lafayette East Branch Paulins Kill 84.73 cm 0.76 m³/s
Near Lake Ingraham East Side Creek -43.59 cm 25.6 m³/s
Near Lakota Eastern Stump Lake 44148.15 cm
Near Lascassas East Fork Stones 146.91 cm 12.03 m³/s
Near Lawton East Cache Creek 163.98 cm 0.93 m³/s
Near Lesterville East Fork Black 38.1 cm 1.61 m³/s
Near Louise East Mustang Creek 96.32 cm 0.02 m³/s
Near Macon East Fork Little Chariton 245.67 cm 1.43 m³/s
Near Mansfield East Bear Creek 28.04 cm 0.35 m³/s
Near Markleeville East Fork Carson 85.95 cm 2.44 m³/s
Near Mccammon Marsh Creek (Eastern Id) 89.92 cm 1.81 m³/s
Near Mckewen Deer Creek (East Oregon) 33.22 cm
Near Melcher-Dallas White Breast Creek (Southern Ia) 193.85 cm 0.17 m³/s
Near Mooresville East Fork White Lick Creek 118.87 cm 1.26 m³/s
Near Morgan East Canyon Creek 5.49 cm 0.26 m³/s
Near Mouth Nr Tulalip East Fork Tulalip Creek 17.98 cm 0.16 m³/s
Near New Caney East Fork San Jacinto 1449.02 cm 5.41 m³/s
Near North Lyme East Branch Eightmile 77.42 cm 1.89 m³/s
Near Park City East Canyon Creek 162.46 cm
Near Pinehurst East Fork Pine Creek Above Nabob Creek 83.21 cm 1.64 m³/s
Near Port St Joe Iww East Of Gulf Co Canal -22.86 cm
Near Putnam Lake East Branch Croton 166.42 cm 5.01 m³/s
Near Ririe Willow Creek (Eastern Id) Below Ririe Dam 15.54 cm
Near Riverton East Nishnabotna 27991 cm
Near Robertson East Fork Smiths Fork 96.01 cm 0.81 m³/s
Near Sandoval East Fork Kaskaskia 108.81 cm 1.44 m³/s
Near Seymour East Fork White 224.33 cm 115.25 m³/s
Near Shenandoah East Nishnabotna 28877.06 cm
Near Springdale East Fork Virgin 163.37 cm 1.56 m³/s
Near Stanton East Tarkio Creek 22.25 cm
Near Sunset,sc Eastatoee Crk On Cleo Chapman Hwy 65.23 cm
Near Tustin East Branch Pine 56.69 cm 0.53 m³/s
Near Walters East Cache Creek 194.16 cm 6.09 m³/s
Near Walton East Brook 74.68 cm 0.96 m³/s
New Gretna East Branch Bass 134.42 cm 0.68 m³/s
New Hartford Beaver Creek (Northeast Ia) 127.71 cm 1.83 m³/s
Nr Columbus East Branch Short Creek Res 776.33 cm
Nr Coopertown Northeast Shark Rvr Slough No1 240.79 cm
Nr Coopertown Northeast Shark Rvr Slough No2 244.14 cm
Nr Lakin Amazon Great Eastern Ditch 104.55 cm
Nr Miami Tamiami Canal East End 1 Mile Bridge 210.01 cm -4.02 m³/s
Nr Miami Tamiami Canal East End 2.6 Mile Bridge 210.62 cm 18.24 m³/s
Nr Pine East Verde R Div From East Clear Cr 210.92 cm
Oologah Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 19369.13 cm
Palisades Eastern Idaho Reservoirs 170741.04 cm
Pepacton Reservoir East Branch Delaware 38594.39 cm
Perintown East Fork Little Miami 79.25 cm 5.89 m³/s
Prairie State Park East Fork Drywood Creek 56.69 cm 0.03 m³/s
Red Oak East Nishnabotna 209.09 cm 17.95 m³/s
Richmond East Fork Whitewater 30.78 cm 3.68 m³/s
Richmond Heights East Branch Euclid Creek 41.76 cm 0.08 m³/s
Ririe Dam Eastern Idaho Reservoirs 155154.48 cm
Riverdale Northeast Branch Anacostia 34.75 cm 2.36 m³/s
Rivervale East Fork White 721.16 cm 662.61 m³/s
Romeo East Pond Creek 39.62 cm 0.35 m³/s
Roxbury East Branch Delaware 107.59 cm 0.59 m³/s
Sardis Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 18257.52 cm
Sharonville Mill Creek At East Sharon Rd 174.65 cm 1.4 m³/s
Shell Rock Shell Rock (Northeast Ia) 248.41 cm 7.22 m³/s
Shoals East Fork White 558.09 cm 781.54 m³/s
Shwenksville East Branch Perkiomen Creek 100.28 cm 5.18 m³/s
Skiatook Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 21777.66 cm
Ss1182 Near Lowes Grove Northeast Creek 30.48 cm
Strongsville East Branch Rocky 181.66 cm 1.5 m³/s
Taberg East Branch Fish Creek 139.9 cm 5.75 m³/s
Tenkiller Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 19330.72 cm
Warm Springs Reservoir Southeast Oregon Reservoirs 32 cm 0.88 m³/s
Wharton Township East Fork Sinnemahoning Creek 132.28 cm 2.89 m³/s
Williams East Fork White 185.93 cm
Williamsburg East Fork Little Miami 49.99 cm 3.71 m³/s
Willowton East 123.14 cm 3.88 m³/s
Wister Lake Eastern Oklahoma Lakes 14587.42 cm