Found 98 live water levels for 'Middle'


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Harrisburg Middle Fork Saline 283.77 cm
Above Oakwood Middle Fork Vermilion 43.59 cm 3.17 m³/s
Above Tankersley Middle Concho 152.7 cm
Adolph Middle Fork Tygart Valley 108.2 cm
Argyle Middle 93.57 cm 0.06 m³/s
Audra Middle Fork 75.59 cm 3.45 m³/s
Bar C Ranch Middle Fork Powder 9.14 cm
Bayou Long Middle Fork Bayou Long 185.01 cm
Blw Green Peter Dam Nr Foster Middle Santiam R 21221.09 cm
Bound Brook Middle Brook 179.53 cm
Bristow Middle Fork Anderson 156.97 cm 0.27 m³/s
Buckhorn Lake Middle Fork Kentucky 23846.94 cm
Burnt Mills Middle Brook 115.21 cm 0.1 m³/s
Canton Middle Branch Nimishillen Creek 43.28 cm 0.26 m³/s
Commerce Middle Sulphur 78.33 cm 0.01 m³/s
Crouch Middle Fork Payette 178.31 cm 5.58 m³/s
Dearborn Heights Middle Rouge 92.35 cm 1.44 m³/s
Edison Middle Fork Brush Creek 673.61 cm
Ellamore Middle Fork Tygart Valley 100.58 cm
Fillmore Middle Branch Root 30373.62 cm
Guthrie 19ne Middle Wichita 235 cm
Humboldt Middle Branch Escanaba 66.75 cm 1.06 m³/s
Hwy 173n Near Hondo Middle Verde Creek 96.62 cm
Hyden,ky Middle Fork Kentucky At Hwy 2431 137.46 cm
La Veta Middle Creek Blw Indian Creek 8.84 cm
Lincoln (Sw 63rd Street) Middle Creek 57.3 cm 0.28 m³/s
Little Middle Island Creek 109.73 cm 12.77 m³/s
Macomb Middle Branch Clinton 188.06 cm 0.49 m³/s
Middle Middle R 95.1 cm 180.94 m³/s
Middle Fork Lodge Middle Fork Salmon 66.45 cm 32 m³/s
Middleton N Middleton Drain (Mill Slough) 162.15 cm 1.19 m³/s
Middleton South Middleton Drain 34.75 cm 1.91 m³/s
Moretz Dam Nr Bethlehem Middle Little R 140.82 cm 1.42 m³/s
Near Arcade Middle Oconee 111.25 cm 8.44 m³/s
Near Athens Middle Oconee 57.61 cm 9 m³/s
Near Barnum Middle Fork Powder 160.63 cm 0.33 m³/s
Near Bayard Middle Raccoon 276.45 cm 1.24 m³/s
Near Carroll Middle Raccoon Tributary 455.68 cm
Near Cascadia Middle Santiam R 42.37 cm
Near Clayton Middle Creek 64.01 cm 1.38 m³/s
Near Cleveland Middle Saluda 61.26 cm 1.01 m³/s
Near Clifton Middle Fork Beargrass Creek 61.26 cm 0.08 m³/s
Near Dannebrog Turkey Creek (Trib. To Middle Loup) 148.74 cm
Near Demming Middle Fork Noocksack 112.78 cm 18.35 m³/s
Near Dexter Middle Fork Willamette 112.78 cm 68.24 m³/s
Near Dime Box Middle Yegua Creek -13.72 cm 0.16 m³/s
Near Dos Rios Middle Fork Eel 104.85 cm 1.06 m³/s
Near Dunning Middle Loup 96.62 cm 15.04 m³/s
Near Ewing Middle Fabius 91.44 cm 0.56 m³/s
Near Fairview Middle Fork Forked Deer 138.07 cm 2.6 m³/s
Near Gates, Nebr. Middle Loup 141.43 cm 27.5 m³/s
Near Gila Hot Springs Middle Fork Gila 193.24 cm 0.06 m³/s
Near Grottoes Middle 111.86 cm 4.42 m³/s
Near Holliday Middle Fork Salt 155.14 cm 1.98 m³/s
Near Homer Middle Fork Bradley 310.9 cm 6.43 m³/s
Near Indianola Middle (Central Ia) 238.96 cm 6.17 m³/s
Near Kaycee Middle Fork Powder 69.49 cm
Near Lacey Middle Creek 2332.33 cm
Near Lander Middle Fork Popo Agie 22.86 cm
Near Lyman Middle Tyger 65.23 cm 1.72 m³/s
Near Martinsville West Branch Middle Brook 66.14 cm 0.01 m³/s
Near Mcgregor Middle Bosque 89.31 cm 1.11 m³/s
Near Meadowview 4se Middle Fork Holston 66.45 cm 3.28 m³/s
Near Merrimac Middle Fork Feather 48881.69 cm
Near M Fk Snoqualmie R Nr Tanner Middle Fork Snoqualmie 132.28 cm 49.84 m³/s
Near Middlebourne Middle Island Creek 293.22 cm 8.72 m³/s
Near Minturn Middle Creek 77.11 cm 0.1 m³/s
Near Oronoco 1w North Branch Middle Fork Zumbro 28784.7 cm
Near Portola Middle Fork Feather 147683.83 cm
Near Spicer Middle Fork Crow 88.09 cm
Near St Matthews Middle Fork Beargrass Creek 17.07 cm 0.1 m³/s
Near St Paul Middle Loup 22.25 cm 15.4 m³/s
Near Tallega Middle Fork Kentucky delayed
Near Upper Lake Middle Creek 169.47 cm
Near West Glacier Middle Fork Flathead 136.25 cm 167.35 m³/s
Near West Grove,pa Middle Branch White Clay Creek 95.4 cm 0.12 m³/s
Near West Union Middle Island Creek 258.78 cm 1.08 m³/s
Near Whitewater State Park Middle Fork Whitewater 329.18 cm
Nederland Middle Boulder Creek 56.69 cm
Nr Holt Middle R 360.88 cm 294.49 m³/s
Nr Oakridge Middle Fork Willamette 262.74 cm 8.75 m³/s
Nr Philipsburg Middle Fork Rock Cr 65.23 cm 5.27 m³/s
Nr Princeton Middle Branch Escanaba 53.95 cm 3.31 m³/s
Nr Rickardsville Middle Fk Little Maquoketa R 276.15 cm
Oronoco South Branch Middle Fork Zumbro 28755.75 cm
Our House Middle Fork Yuba 521.21 cm
Panora Middle Raccoon 126.49 cm 1.66 m³/s
Paulding Middle Branch Ontonagon 148.74 cm 4.98 m³/s
Pawnee Lake North Branch Of Middle Creek 37930.23 cm
Pine Island Middle Fork Zumbro 281.64 cm
Port Wentworth Middle At Ga 25 -41.15 cm -166.5 m³/s
Ritter Middle Fork John Day 70.1 cm 1.96 m³/s
Rockville Middle Loup 158.8 cm
Seven Mile Ford Middle Fork Holston 40.23 cm 1.87 m³/s
Shirley Middle Fork Of Little Red 185.32 cm 5.41 m³/s
Sinks Canyon Middle Fork Popo Agie 99.36 cm
Twin Lakes Reservoir South Branch Of Middle Creek 40866.67 cm
Whitewater State Park Group Camp Middle Fork Whitewater 1093.01 cm