Found 10 live water levels for 'Neversink'


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Below Claryville Neversink 185.62 cm 2.37 m³/s
Below Neversink Reservoir Neversink 106.07 cm 3.23 m³/s
Bridgeville Neversink 150.57 cm 4.45 m³/s
Claryville West Branch Neversink 182.88 cm 1.21 m³/s
E Br Neversink R Northeast Of Denning E Br Neversink R Northeast Of Denning 34.44 cm 0.35 m³/s
Godeffroy Neversink 114 cm 11.13 m³/s
Grahamsville Neversink Res Diversion Channel 0.74 m³/s
Near Claryville East Branch Neversink 144.48 cm 0.98 m³/s
Neversink Reservoir Neversink 43842.13 cm
Winnisook L Nr Frost Valley W Br Neversink R 39.32 cm 0.03 m³/s