Found 323 live water levels for 'North'


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
3 Mile Nr West Miami F Levee 31 North Extension 178 cm 5.04 m³/s
4 Mile Nr West Miami F Levee 31 North Extension 179.53 cm 3.71 m³/s
5 Mile Nr West Miami F Levee 31 North Extension 178.31 cm 4.56 m³/s
7 Mile Nr West Miami F Levee 31 North Extension 177.09 cm 6.94 m³/s
Above Canton Lake North Canadian 49255.38 cm
Above Hopkinsville - Water Plant North Fork Little 320.04 cm
Above Hough Springs North Fork Cache Creek 90.53 cm 0.58 m³/s
Above Keystone North Platte 71.32 cm
Above Lyons North Saint Vrain Creek 122.83 cm
Above Mason City Us 18 Bus Willow Creek (North Central Ia) 2640.18 cm
Above Mouth Nr Lazear North Fk Gunnison 88.09 cm 2.38 m³/s
Adelphi Mill Northwest Branch Anacostia 579.73 cm
Appleton Fox (North) 174.35 cm 142.43 m³/s
Athens North Oconee 166.73 cm 9.03 m³/s
Atlanta North Fork Peachtree Creek 139.29 cm 1.42 m³/s
Atoka Lake North Boggy Creek 17881.4 cm
Baltimore Fort Mchenry Northwest Branch Patapsco 3.05 cm
Barnum North Branch Potomac 165.51 cm 60.31 m³/s
Beaver Lake Northwest Arkansas Lakes 34136.69 cm
Below Blackhawk North Clear Creek 114.91 cm 0.18 m³/s
Below Goodyears Bar North Fork Yuba 71.32 cm 6.6 m³/s
Below Halligan Reservoir North Fork Cache La Poudre 39.62 cm
Below Newland North Toe 67.67 cm
Below S-3 North New Canal 323.39 cm 3.31 m³/s
Below Seaman Reservoir North Fork Cache La Poudre 100.89 cm
Below Whalen Diversion Dam North Platte 132.28 cm 0.12 m³/s
Berlin Fox (North) 340.46 cm 46.72 m³/s
Blackfoot Blackfoot Below North Canal 80.47 cm 2.26 m³/s
Blw Altus Dam Nr Lugert North Fork Red 163.98 cm 0.01 m³/s
Blw Pc17a Nr Clewiston North Feeder Canal 424.89 cm 0.5 m³/s
Brewington Creek North Prong Medina 124.05 cm
Briarwood Road Near Atlanta North Fork Peachtree Creek 88.09 cm
Cabins North Fork South Branch Potomac 178.92 cm 24.49 m³/s
Canadian Border North Fork Flathead 133.5 cm
Canton North Canadian 420.32 cm
Casper North Platte 56.39 cm
Cedarhurst North Branch Patapsco 54.25 cm 2.62 m³/s
Chicago (Grand Ave) North Branch Chicago -65.23 cm
Chicago (Pulaski Rd) North Branch Chicago 387.4 cm 9.8 m³/s
Church St In Greensboro North Buffalo Creek 73.15 cm 0.28 m³/s
Clear Lake Clear Lake (North Central Ia) 138.07 cm
Colorado-Nebraska North Fork Republican 48.16 cm 1.89 m³/s
Cootes Store North Fork Shenandoah 125.27 cm 10.76 m³/s
Cosperville North Branch Elkhart 117.35 cm 3.26 m³/s
Coventry Black (Northern Vt) 61.57 cm 2.92 m³/s
C Post Br North Fork Stillaguamish 8335.06 cm 27.07 m³/s
Culver Northern Indiana Lakes At Lake Maxinkuckee 101.5 cm
Cumberland North Branch Potomac 184.71 cm 130.26 m³/s
Cushman Dam North Fork Skokomish 21911.46 cm
Deerfield West Fork North Branch Chicago 234.7 cm
Deerfield North Branch Chicago 174.04 cm 1.34 m³/s
Doswell North Anna 221.28 cm 19.2 m³/s
Drayton Red Of The North 380.7 cm 66.26 m³/s
Dyersburg North Fork Forked Deer 624.54 cm
East Grand Forks Red Of The North 515.72 cm 66.54 m³/s
Eastland Park North Elkhorn Creek 73.15 cm 0.18 m³/s
E Br Neversink R Northeast Of Denning E Br Neversink R Northeast Of Denning 54.86 cm 2.03 m³/s
Edmonston Northeast Branch Anacostia 66.14 cm
Estero North Branch Estero 210.92 cm 0.03 m³/s
Fargo Red Of The North 455.37 cm 17.95 m³/s
Fiskeville North Branch Pawtuxet 29.26 cm
Fitchburg North Nashua 84.73 cm 2.26 m³/s
Fulton North Fork Maquoketa 109.42 cm 8.41 m³/s
Georgetown North Elkhorn Creek 156.36 cm 9.51 m³/s
Grant North Fork South Platte 31.09 cm
Green Bay Fox (North) 17707.05 cm 180.94 m³/s
Greensboro North Buffalo Creek 64.01 cm 0.81 m³/s
Greens Bridge, Nr Jefferson North Santiam R 480.36 cm 71.92 m³/s
Hagers Grove North Fork Salt 13.11 cm 3.09 m³/s
Halstad Red Of The North 202.39 cm 38.51 m³/s
Hamilton Northern Indiana Lakes At Hamilton Lake 265.18 cm
Hart Corner Nr Doswell North Anna 207.87 cm 17.27 m³/s
Hartford North Branch Park 61.57 cm 1.04 m³/s
Hazard North Fork Kentucky 191.72 cm 65.69 m³/s
Hico North Bosque 147.52 cm 0.08 m³/s
Highway 11 North Saluda 139.29 cm 2.22 m³/s
Highway 97, Near Midland North Canal 225.55 cm 0.38 m³/s
Hudson Black Hawk Creek (Northeast Ia) 243.23 cm 2.47 m³/s
Humboldt North Fork Big Nemaha 67.06 cm 2.97 m³/s
Ironto North Fork Roanoke 64.01 cm
Iron Works Park Mount Holly North Branch Rancocas Creek 281.64 cm
Jackson North Fork Kentucky 195.99 cm 136.77 m³/s
Jewell Mud Lake Drainage Ditch 71 (North Central Ia) 2485.64 cm
Keysville North Prong Alafia 88.7 cm 1.84 m³/s
Kitzmiller North Branch Potomac 134.72 cm 30.3 m³/s
Lake Overholser North Canadian 37837.26 cm
Lakewood North Branch Metedeconk 118.87 cm 1.83 m³/s
Lake Worth North Texas Lakes 18047.51 cm
Lewellen North Platte 180.44 cm
Liberty Reservoir North Branch Patapsco 12816.84 cm
Lisco North Platte 34.14 cm
Little Lake Buttes Des Morts Fox (North) 44.2 cm
Livermore North Fork Cache La Poudre 205.74 cm 0.09 m³/s
Lugert North Fork Of The Red At Lake Altus 46773.69 cm
Luke North Branch Potomac 140.21 cm 82.12 m³/s
Mason City Winnebago (Northern Ia) 121.62 cm 2.81 m³/s
Mccall North Fork Payette 60.66 cm 1.29 m³/s
Menasha-Jefferson Park Fox (North) 36.27 cm
Mile Straight North Chickamauga Creek 125.27 cm 5.32 m³/s
Montpelier Langdon St.bridge North Branch Winooski 15513.1 cm
Nashville North Fork Salt Creek 190.5 cm 2.68 m³/s
Near Alameda Amafca North Floodway Channel -0.61 cm
Near Alto North Fork Eagle Creek 30.78 cm
Near Arlington North Fork Stillaguamish 114.91 cm 48.42 m³/s
Near Augusta North Fork Sun 96.32 cm 10.28 m³/s
Near Banks North Fork Payette 124.66 cm 8.07 m³/s
Near Bismarck North Fork Vermilion 178.31 cm
Near Brewster North Loup 92.66 cm 23.11 m³/s
Near Bridgeport North Platte 122.22 cm
Near Britt West Main Drainage Ditch 1 & 2 (North Central Ia) 2351.53 cm
Near Browning North Fork Milk Near International Boundary 41.15 cm
Near Browning North Fork Milk Above St Mary Canal 68.88 cm 0.97 m³/s
Near Burketown North 133.5 cm 35.11 m³/s
Near Cairo North Fork Hughes 1312.47 cm
Near Calumet North Canadian 157.89 cm 4.64 m³/s
Near Carl Elm Fork Of North Fork Red 156.97 cm 0.09 m³/s
Near Carlsbad North Concho 76.2 cm
Near Carrollton North Fork Mcguire Creek 84.73 cm
Near Carter North Fork Of The Red 174.04 cm 0.89 m³/s
Near Carthage 9nw North Fork Spring 113.39 cm 3.94 m³/s
Near Clifton North Bosque 70.71 cm 0.53 m³/s
Near Colesville Northwest Branch Anacostia 53.64 cm 0.58 m³/s
Near Columbia Falls North Fork Flathead 47.24 cm 15.97 m³/s
Near Commerce North Oconee 86.26 cm 3.45 m³/s
Near Conconully North Fork Salmon Creek 136.86 cm 0.09 m³/s
Near Cooper North Sulphur 60.35 cm 2.24 m³/s
Near Cornell Willow Creek (North Central Ia) 2506.07 cm
Near Criner North Criner Creek 94.49 cm 0.05 m³/s
Near De Witt North Fork Salt Creek 21055.58 cm 1 m³/s
Near Doraville North Fork Peachtree Creek 54.56 cm 0.04 m³/s
Near Earlysville North Fork Rivanna 195.07 cm
Near Elba North Fork Whitewater 1105.81 cm
Near El Reno North Canadian 123.75 cm 3.99 m³/s
Near Ewing North Fabius 164.29 cm 12.63 m³/s
Near Fairmont, S. C. North Tyger 28.65 cm 2.3 m³/s
Near Far Hills North Branch Raritan 71.93 cm 2.08 m³/s
Near Fifty Six North Sylamore Creek 57 cm 0.86 m³/s
Near Fingerville North Pacolet 122.83 cm 7.53 m³/s
Near Flamingo North Upstream Of Cutoff -18.59 cm 14.3 m³/s
Near Fort Washakie North Fork Little Wind 10.67 cm
Near Gate City North Fork Holston 141.12 cm 56.92 m³/s
Near Genlee Northeast Creek 129.24 cm 0.51 m³/s
Near Glacier North Fork Nooksack 107.29 cm 9.8 m³/s
Near Glenrock North Platte 35.36 cm
Near Goldfield Boone (North Central Ia) 295.05 cm 0.15 m³/s
Near Hackberry North Calcasieu Lake 109.12 cm
Near Harrah North Canadian 118.26 cm 8.21 m³/s
Near Headrick North Fork Of The Red 180.75 cm 0.76 m³/s
Near Henry North Platte 65.23 cm 4.39 m³/s
Near Hickory Tavern North Rabon Creek 167.03 cm 1.32 m³/s
Near Hickson Red Of The North 366.06 cm 19.31 m³/s
Near Highland,sc North Saluda 78.64 cm 0.5 m³/s
Near Hoodsport North Fork Skokomish 141.73 cm 39.36 m³/s
Near Hunt North Fork Guadalupe 51.51 cm 0.38 m³/s
Near Hyattsville Northwest Branch Anacostia 49.99 cm 1.53 m³/s
Near Inlet Buck Creek, North Tributary, delayed
Near Jefferson North Raccoon 171.6 cm 1.55 m³/s
Near Junction North Llano 225.86 cm 0.49 m³/s
Near Ketchum North Fork Big Wood 144.48 cm 0.79 m³/s
Near Lanesboro North Raccoon 269.75 cm
Near Leominster North Nashua 76.81 cm 4.45 m³/s
Near Lincoln North Fork Goose Creek 78.64 cm 2.72 m³/s
Near Lowell Fall Creek Above North Fork, 122.83 cm
Near Lunenburg North Meherrin 39.01 cm 1.42 m³/s
Near Mason City Us 65 Spring Creek (North Central Ia) 2496.01 cm
Near Mazeppa 3ese North Fork Zumbro 25973.23 cm
Near Mehama Little North Santiam 138.99 cm 23.28 m³/s
Near Micco North Prong Saint Sebastian 139.29 cm 0.7 m³/s
Near Middleburg North Fork Black Creek 169.47 cm 5.97 m³/s
Near Minatare North Platte 67.36 cm
Near Mitchell North Platte 36.58 cm
Near Monument North Fork John Day 167.64 cm 55.5 m³/s
Near Morehead North Fork Triplett Creek 163.68 cm 3.96 m³/s
Near Mount Jackson North Fork Shenandoah 134.42 cm 26.65 m³/s
Near Mount Olivet North Fork Licking 144.78 cm 9.97 m³/s
Near Mouth Clear Creek (North-Central Mt) Near Chinook 63.4 cm 0.24 m³/s
Near Multnomah Falls North Fork Bull Run 36.27 cm 1.66 m³/s
Near Myrtle Point North Fk Coquille 264.57 cm
Near N Fk Snoqualmie R Nr Snoqualmie Falls North Fork Snoqualmie 100.28 cm 11.07 m³/s
Near Nichols North Prong Alafia 2373.78 cm 0.86 m³/s
Near Northgate North Platte 97.54 cm 5.86 m³/s
Near Norwalk North (Central Ia) 269.14 cm 0.72 m³/s
Near Oblong North Fork Embarras 170.08 cm 6.6 m³/s
Near Okolona Northern Ditch 87.17 cm 0.7 m³/s
Near Orin North Platte 118.87 cm 42.19 m³/s
Near Oronoco 1w North Branch Middle Fork Zumbro 28793.54 cm
Near Oso North Fork Stillaguamish 6543.75 cm
Near Parkland North Fork Clover Creek 171.6 cm 0.2 m³/s
Near Partlow North Anna 150.88 cm 10.79 m³/s
Near Paynesville North Fork Crow 987.25 cm
Near Perry North Raccoon 163.98 cm
Near Pierce North Fork Elkhorn 104.55 cm 4.19 m³/s
Near Pipestone North Branch Pipestone Creek 1285.95 cm
Near Plumtree And Frank North Toe 46.94 cm
Near Potlatch North Fork Skokomish 99.06 cm 10.19 m³/s
Near Prichard North Fork Coeur D'alene 48.16 cm 6.8 m³/s
Near Princeton Little (North Carolina) 84.73 cm 11.21 m³/s
Near Quarantine Station North Halawa 64.92 cm 0.12 m³/s
Near Raritan North Branch Raritan 103.02 cm 14.24 m³/s
Near Sac City North Raccoon 238.05 cm 2.92 m³/s
Near Samantha North 104.55 cm 13.85 m³/s
Near Saratoga North Brush Creek 62.48 cm 0.26 m³/s
Near Seiling North Canadian 174.04 cm 4.67 m³/s
Near Shelbina North Fork Salt 192.33 cm 4.5 m³/s
Near Sigourney North Skunk 380.7 cm 3.26 m³/s
Near Sinclair North Platte 121.01 cm 12.77 m³/s
Near Somerset North Fork Gunnison 65.53 cm 5.41 m³/s
Near South Bend Judy Creek(Northern In) 68.28 cm 0.32 m³/s
Near Spencer North Mayo 67.67 cm 5.97 m³/s
Near Springdale North Fork Virgin 223.72 cm 1.31 m³/s
Near Star Troy Little (North Carolina) 67.67 cm 3.45 m³/s
Near Stokesville North 79.86 cm 2 m³/s
Near St Paul North Loup 92.96 cm 53.8 m³/s
Near Strasburg North Fork Shenandoah 123.75 cm 43.89 m³/s
Near Sugar City North Fork Teton 136.25 cm 11.04 m³/s
Near Sutherland North Platte 85.34 cm
Near Swanton North Glade Run 92.66 cm 0.46 m³/s
Near Tecumseh North Fork White 108.81 cm 31.43 m³/s
Near Thompson Red Of The North 543.46 cm 46.72 m³/s
Near Tigerville,sc North Saluda Reservoir 898.55 cm
Near Tipton North Fork Of The Red 170.69 cm 1.53 m³/s
Near Touhy North Oak Creek 114.6 cm 0.38 m³/s
Near Truscott North Wichita 183.18 cm 0.16 m³/s
Near Vero Beach North Canal 82.6 cm 0.78 m³/s
Near Walkertown North Fork Swannanoa 49.68 cm 1.44 m³/s
Near Wanamingo North Fork Zumbro 306.63 cm
Near Waterford North Fork Catoctin Creek 77.42 cm 1.46 m³/s
Near Watonga North Canadian 271.88 cm 5.24 m³/s
Near Webster City Boone (North Central Ia) 101.19 cm 0.71 m³/s
Near Wetumka North Canadian 189.59 cm 13.99 m³/s
Near Winchester North Umpqua 129.54 cm 105.9 m³/s
Near Woodward North Canadian 144.78 cm 4.05 m³/s
Near Yukon North Canadian 122.53 cm 3.09 m³/s
Near Yuma North Gila Main Canal 75.9 cm 1.55 m³/s
Near Yuma North Gila Main Canal Wasteway 56.39 cm 0.07 m³/s
Near Yuma North Gila Main Canal No. 2 90.83 cm 0.37 m³/s
Newark North Fork Licking 21.64 cm
Newark Main Street North Fork Licking 103.33 cm 7.67 m³/s
Newark (Ohio Street) North Fork Licking 124.97 cm
New Hartford Beaver Creek (Northeast Ia) 114.6 cm 1.83 m³/s
Niagara North Santiam 89.92 cm 30.3 m³/s
Niles North Branch Chicago 117.35 cm 7.79 m³/s
North Branch Village North Branch Raritan 118.26 cm
Northbrook West Fork North Branch Chicago 41.15 cm 0.75 m³/s
North Fork Dam North Fork American 23.16 cm 7.65 m³/s
North Greece Northrup Creek 45.72 cm 0.69 m³/s
North Platte North Platte 141.73 cm
Nr Coopertown Northeast Shark Rvr Slough No1 241.1 cm
Nr Coopertown Northeast Shark Rvr Slough No2 244.14 cm
Nr Long Mott,tx North End Of Gbra Calhoun Canal 447.14 cm 2.09 m³/s
Nr Pittston Farm North Branch Penobscot 130.76 cm 11.19 m³/s
Nr West Miami Levee 31 North Extension 1 Mile 178.92 cm 3.91 m³/s
Oklahoma City North Canadian At Britton Road delayed
Oklahoma City North Canadian R At Hwy 66 37833 cm
Oklahoma City North Canadian At Nw10th Street 112.47 cm 0.03 m³/s
Ord North Loup 91.14 cm
Oshkosh Fox (North) 140.21 cm 91.75 m³/s
Oshkosh-Lake Winnebago Fox (North) 37.19 cm
Oslo Red Of The North 277.37 cm
Paducah 14se North Wichita 122.53 cm
Palmyra North 146.61 cm 2.76 m³/s
Pardeeville Fox (North) 238.35 cm
Pemberton North Branch Rancocas Creek 60.66 cm 6.85 m³/s
Pembina Red Of The North 424.28 cm
Princeton Fox (North) 198.73 cm 28.88 m³/s
Progress Blvd. Near Tampa North Archie Creek 395.63 cm 0.09 m³/s
Rapid Croche Fox (North) 18231 cm
Redfield North Branch Salmon 80.77 cm 3.82 m³/s
Riverdale Northeast Branch Anacostia 35.36 cm 2.5 m³/s
Roebuck Village Creek At 86th St North 38.1 cm 0.17 m³/s
Ronald Reagan Blvd Near Leander 8n North Fork San Gabriel 60.05 cm
Saltville North Fork Holston 74.37 cm 20.98 m³/s
Sc394, Above North North Fork Edisto 298.4 cm
Scottsbluff North Platte 140.21 cm
Shamrock North Fork Of The Red 162.76 cm 0.48 m³/s
Shattuckville North 65.84 cm 3.43 m³/s
Shawnee North Canadian 305.1 cm 7.79 m³/s
Shell Rock Shell Rock (Northeast Ia) 245.06 cm 7.22 m³/s
South Branch North Branch Raritan 84.43 cm
Spanish Springs Road North Truckee Drain 47.85 cm 0.02 m³/s
Spruce Pine North Toe 62.18 cm
Sr2819 Near Mccleansville North Buffalo Creek 78.33 cm 3.43 m³/s
Ss1182 Near Lowes Grove Northeast Creek 31.7 cm
Sterling City North Concho 103.94 cm 2.82 m³/s
Steyer North Branch Potomac 96.32 cm 8.41 m³/s
Stockbridge Fox (North) 34.44 cm
Sylvan Lake North Branch Elkhart 285.29 cm
Taylor North Loup 102.72 cm 32 m³/s
Thornfield Little North Fork 99.97 cm
Toketee Falls North Umpqua 97.23 cm 2.15 m³/s
Trout Lake Near Boulder Junction,wi North Creek 242.93 cm 0.1 m³/s
Urbandale 92nd Dr North Walnut Creek (Central Ia) 89.31 cm
Utica North Fork Licking 247.19 cm 3.4 m³/s
Valley Mills North Bosque 160.32 cm 0.98 m³/s
Valparaiso North Oak Creek 138.07 cm 0.99 m³/s
Wahpeton Red Of The North 219.46 cm 19.34 m³/s
Wapiti North Fork Shoshone 47.85 cm 5.41 m³/s
Warsaw Northern Indiana Lakes At Pike Lake 154.53 cm
Westminster Amite Basin At North Branch Ward Creek 430.68 cm
Westover Terrace North Buffalo Creek 25.91 cm 0.2 m³/s
Wes Watkins Reservoir North Deer Creek 32718.76 cm
Whitesburg North Fork Kentucky 99.97 cm 12.43 m³/s
Wild Horse North Fork Big Lost 37.8 cm 0.4 m³/s
Wrightsville North Branch Winooski 49.38 cm 2.08 m³/s