Found 115 live water levels for 'South Fork'


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Above Buffalo Bill Reservoir South Fork Shoshone delayed
Above Carrier Mills South Fork Saline 131.06 cm 6.71 m³/s
Above Dixie Creek South Fork Humboldt 66.75 cm 0.16 m³/s
Above Hopkinsville South Fork Little 83.82 cm
Above Pinehurst South Fork Coeur D'alene 2693.82 cm 5.01 m³/s
Above Santa Fe South Fork Salt 152.4 cm 1.01 m³/s
Above Senecaville Lake South Fork 182.27 cm
Above Springfield,sc South Fork Edisto 404.77 cm 16.99 m³/s
Above Ten Mile Creek South Fork Humboldt 145.08 cm 0.48 m³/s
Atlanta South Fork Peachtree Creek 117.96 cm 1.06 m³/s
Below Anderson Ranch Dam South Fork Boise 90.83 cm 8.61 m³/s
Below Cougar Dam South Fork Mckenzie 41.15 cm 9.66 m³/s
Below Macfarlan South Fork Hughes 196.6 cm 10.51 m³/s
Below Mcconnells,sc South Fork Fishing Creek 282.55 cm 2.21 m³/s
Below Rochester - Aux South Fork Sangamon 251.16 cm
Booneville South Fork Kentucky 210.31 cm 42.48 m³/s
Brandywine South Fork South Branch Potomac 85.65 cm 5.07 m³/s
Buckeye Lake Near Watkins Island South Fork Licking 27109.22 cm
Clarkston South Fork Peachtree Creek 102.41 cm 0.19 m³/s
Clinton South Fork Of Little Red 160.32 cm 6.82 m³/s
Cynthiana South Fork Licking 217.93 cm 0.23 m³/s
Delano South Fork Crow 157.58 cm
Front Royal South Fork Shenandoah 123.44 cm 116.67 m³/s
Germantown South Fork Beargrass Creek 54.56 cm 0.3 m³/s
Hayes South Fork Licking 208.48 cm 82.97 m³/s
Hopkinsville - Bypass South Fork Little 219.15 cm 2.13 m³/s
Hopkinsville Hwy 68 80 South Fork Little River 158.19 cm 0.83 m³/s
Interstate 70 Near Buckeye Lake South Fork Licking 26631.9 cm
Jackson South Fork Forked Deer 842.16 cm
Kirkersville South Fork Licking 160.32 cm 4.33 m³/s
Krassel Ranger Station South Fork Salmon 54.25 cm 4.19 m³/s
Kurtz South Fork Salt Creek 129.84 cm 2.18 m³/s
Leatherwood Ford Big South Fork Cumberland Near Oneida 243.54 cm 55.22 m³/s
Lowell South Fork Catawba 136.55 cm 39.64 m³/s
Lowman South Fork Payette 97.54 cm 8.38 m³/s
Luray South Fork Shenandoah 176.78 cm 95.71 m³/s
Martinsdale South Fork Musselshell 45.11 cm 0.89 m³/s
Millersville South Fork Jabez Branch 115.82 cm 0.02 m³/s
Mouth, Nr Moran South Fork Spread Cr 66.75 cm
Near Arlee South Fork Jocko 100.58 cm 1.35 m³/s
Near Audubon Park South Fork Beargrass Creek 61.57 cm 0.38 m³/s
Near Bamberg South Fork Edisto 328.27 cm 52.1 m³/s
Near Blairsburg South Fork Iowa 104.24 cm
Near Bull Run South Fork Bull Run 140.51 cm 7.65 m³/s
Near Carnation South Fork Tolt 89 cm 7.36 m³/s
Near Columbia Falls South Fork Flathead 220.68 cm 127.43 m³/s
Near Cope South Fork Edisto 282.85 cm 43.32 m³/s
Near Cottonwood South Fork Bad 135.94 cm 0.04 m³/s
Near Damascus South Fork Holston 125.88 cm
Near Denmark South Fork Edisto 202.69 cm 37.94 m³/s
Near Ewing South Fork Elkhorn 119.79 cm
Near Garcia South Fork Snoqualmie Near South Fork Snoqualmie R 347.78 cm 7.31 m³/s
Near Granite Falls South Fork Stillaguamish 170.99 cm
Near Greenfield South Fork Obion 234.39 cm 17.64 m³/s
Near Halls South Fork Forked Deer 111.56 cm
Near Heath South Fork Licking 212.45 cm 23.11 m³/s
Near Hebron South Fork Licking 146.91 cm 13.28 m³/s
Near Henry Fork South Fork Catawba 71.93 cm 9.49 m³/s
Near Houston South Fork Root 69.8 cm 7.28 m³/s
Near Huntsville South Fork Ogden 40.23 cm 5.35 m³/s
Near Hyampom South Fork Trinity 141.43 cm 30.02 m³/s
Near Independent Hill South Fork Quantico Creek 103.02 cm 0.37 m³/s
Near Index South Fork Tolt 41.15 cm 1.02 m³/s
Near Kellogg South Fork Coeur D'alene 744.63 cm 4.33 m³/s
Near Laboratory South Fork Catawba 61.57 cm 9.49 m³/s
Near Lafayette South Fork Wildcat Creek 143.26 cm 25.4 m³/s
Near Leal South Fork Of Williams Fork 70.41 cm 0.26 m³/s
Near Leggett 1nw South Fork Eel 239.27 cm 17.05 m³/s
Near Lynnwood South Fork Shenandoah 166.42 cm 84.95 m³/s
Near Miranda South Fork Eel 246.89 cm 31.71 m³/s
Near New Providence South Fork Iowa 93.88 cm 0.14 m³/s
Near Onalaska South Fork Newaukum 16346.73 cm 19.91 m³/s
Near Ophir South Fork San Miguel 44.5 cm 0.55 m³/s
Near Owl City South Fork Forked Deer 396.54 cm 31.15 m³/s
Near Parrish South Fork Little Manatee 398.98 cm 0.26 m³/s
Near Penney Farms South Fork Black Creek 67.67 cm 3.17 m³/s
Near Phillips South Fork Flambeau 186.84 cm 9.26 m³/s
Near Pinehurst South Fork Coeur D'alene 205.13 cm 8.38 m³/s
Near Promise City South Fork Chariton 263.35 cm 0.48 m³/s
Near Prospect South Fork Rogue 65.23 cm 1.33 m³/s
Near Quinlan South Fork Sabine 481.28 cm 47.86 m³/s
Near Rainbow Mckenzie Above South Fork, 294.74 cm
Near Rexburg South Fork Teton 181.66 cm 9.74 m³/s
Near Rochester South Fork Sangamon 266.4 cm 7.79 m³/s
Near Rochester 5sw South Fork Zumbro 2478.02 cm
Near Roosevelt South Fork Parker Creek 36.88 cm
Near Saxon Bridge South Fork Nooksack 84.43 cm 25.17 m³/s
Near Scotland South Fork Of Little Red 76.81 cm 4.05 m³/s
Near Sf Moorefield South Fork South Branch Potomac 143.87 cm 25.43 m³/s
Near Shawsville South Fork Roanoke 48.16 cm 8.18 m³/s
Near Sherando South Fork Back Creek 47.24 cm
Near Springfield 1n South Fork Dry Sac 39.01 cm 0.29 m³/s
Near Stearns South Fork Cumberland 190.8 cm 5.44 m³/s
Near Sultan South Fork Sultan 280.11 cm 2.55 m³/s
Near The Sea Ranch South Fork Gualala 153.62 cm 1.67 m³/s
Near Union South Fork Skokomish 40.23 cm 21.66 m³/s
Near Valley South Fork Shoshone 108.2 cm 2.24 m³/s
Near Wahiawa South Fork Kaukonahua 43.59 cm
Near Waterford South Fork Catoctin Creek 65.53 cm 1.82 m³/s
Near Whitesville South Fork Panther Creek 187.15 cm 2.33 m³/s
Near Wildwood South Fork Chehalis Rver 10920.68 cm 16.37 m³/s
Near Wimauma South Fork Little Manatee 294.74 cm 0.58 m³/s
Oneida South Fork Kentucky 237.74 cm
Pine (Near Featherville) South Fork Boise 45.42 cm 5.78 m³/s
Pratt South Fork Ninnescah 82.3 cm 0.32 m³/s
Pullman South Fork Palouse 73.15 cm 3.85 m³/s
Ramsey South Fork Catawba 82.3 cm 3.54 m³/s
Riverside Nr Chilhowie South Fork Holston 71.02 cm 6.68 m³/s
Rochester South Fork Zumbro 83.52 cm 2.36 m³/s
Rochester Beltline South Fork Zumbro 344.12 cm
Saddle South Fork Spring 96.32 cm 7.25 m³/s
Skykomish South Fork Skykomish 580.34 cm 41.63 m³/s
Smithfield South Fork Fishing Creek 65.23 cm 1.45 m³/s
Stites South Fork Clearwater 105.46 cm 12.49 m³/s
Wallace South Fork Coeur D'alene 377.95 cm 1.73 m³/s