Found 15 live water levels for 'Tombigbee'


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
Aberdeen Lock And Dam Tombigbee 5010.61 cm 168.48 m³/s
Bevill L&d Nr Pickensville Tombigbee 4160.82 cm
Bevill Lock And Dam Tombigbee 3486.61 cm
Bigbee Tombigbee 312.72 cm 115.53 m³/s
Demopolis L&d Near Coatopa Tombigbee R 2364.64 cm 1633.88 m³/s
Demopolis Lock And Dam Tombigbee 1664.21 cm
Gainesville Lock And Dam Tombigbee 2616.1 cm
Heflin L&d Nr Gainesville Ala. Tombigbee R 3334.82 cm
Near Amory Tombigbee 419.1 cm 157.72 m³/s
Near Coffeeville Tombigbee R Bl Coffeeville L&d 906.17 cm
Near Coffeeville Dam Tombigbee 771.14 cm 1393.19 m³/s
Near Fulton Tombigbee 426.72 cm 38.51 m³/s
Near Leroy Tombigbee 744.32 cm
Near Nanafalia Tombigbee 1355.75 cm 2101.11 m³/s
Stennis Lock And Dam Tombigbee 4275.73 cm 557.84 m³/s