We found 3239 actual water levels for 'River'.



Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
1km Above Bridge To Nowhere Apex River 663.4 cm 0.09 m³/s
6.15 Kms Below Lower Muskrat Falls Churchill River 310.3 cm 2320 m³/s
Above Akie River Finlay River 33.3 cm 39 m³/s
Above Alces River Peace River 139.4 cm 508 m³/s
Above Alexander Creek Coquihalla River 202.9 cm 16.4 m³/s
Above Aley Creek Ospika River 154.6 cm 6.23 m³/s
Above Babine River Skeena River 599.8 cm 61.4 m³/s
Above Bass Creek Cottonwood River 94.1 cm 25.1 m³/s
Above Bates River Alsek River 730.4 cm 55.6 m³/s
Above Berens Lake Berens River 2530.4 cm 20.6 m³/s
Above Beverly Lake Thelon River 2359.7 cm 259 m³/s
Above Black Brook Upper Humber River 70.8 cm 10 m³/s
Above Bloodvein Bay Bloodvein River 3055.4 cm 111 m³/s
Above Borland Creek San Jose River 186 cm 0.24 m³/s
Above Boundary Falls Winnipeg River 29979.8 cm
Above Boyer River Ponton River 165.9 cm 1.59 m³/s
Above Buffalo Pound Lake Qu'appelle River 563.4 cm 1.89 m³/s
Above Calcite Creek Pasayten River 105.4 cm 6.36 m³/s
Above Campbell Lake Elk River 454.9 cm 5.18 m³/s
Above Canadian Natural Resources Limited Lake Tar River 9767.5 cm 0.06 m³/s
Above Cantin Lake Pickerel River 1868.2 cm
Above Canyon Creek Peel River 157.1 cm 19.1 m³/s
Above Chalco Lake Indin River 124.4 cm 0.4 m³/s
Above Christina River Clearwater River 423.5 cm 65.4 m³/s
Above Colt Creek Graham River -26.9 cm 4.21 m³/s
Above Copper Creek Coppermine River 1714.6 cm 214 m³/s
Above Coquitlam Lake Coquitlam River 189.3 cm 4.72 m³/s
Above Criss Creek Deadman River 86.5 cm 4.84 m³/s
Above Cuming Lake Abitau River 469.8 cm 6 m³/s
Above Cupola Creek Beaver River 181.4 cm 10.5 m³/s
Above Dale Ganaraska River 257.8 cm 1.9 m³/s
Above Devil Rapids Reindeer River 619.5 cm 120 m³/s
Above Downton Lake Bridge River 74.4 cm 10.9 m³/s
Above Drayton Conestogo River delayed
Above Durham Saugeen River 175.3 cm 15.4 m³/s
Above Eastcap Creek Capilano River 201.4 cm 7.7 m³/s
Above Egg River Big River 2232.7 cm 282 m³/s
Above Elliot Creek Southgate River 822.2 cm 23.4 m³/s
Above Embarras River Mcleod River 181.4 cm 11.4 m³/s
Above Emerald Creek Hess River 1422.3 cm 5.7 m³/s
Above Englehart Blanche River 3002.8 cm 327 m³/s
Above Enid Creek Kamiskotia River 740.9 cm 48.1 m³/s
Above Ethel Middle Maitland River 583.1 cm 27.5 m³/s
Above Falls Eagle River 145.5 cm 95.7 m³/s
Above Fishing Creek Island Albany River 622 cm 650 m³/s
Above Floodway Control Structure Red River 22388 cm
Above Footprint Lake Footprint River 2942 cm 1.81 m³/s
Above Fort Mcpherson Peel River 403 cm 119 m³/s
Above Gillespie Creek Bonnet Plume River 677.9 cm 132 m³/s
Above Goodfellow Creek Similkameen River 84 cm 5.16 m³/s
Above Gopherhole Creek Mesilinka River 182.2 cm 5.41 m³/s
Above Graham River Halfway River 371.5 cm 2.88 m³/s
Above Granville Falls Churchill River 24220.5 cm 400 m³/s
Above Grizzle Rapids Churchill River 3809.5 cm 5350 m³/s
Above Guelph Eramosa River 893.3 cm 6.36 m³/s
Above Hammer Creek Bella Coola River 193.9 cm 30.5 m³/s
Above Hells Creek Smoky River 81.4 cm 12.3 m³/s
Above Hermann River Back River 1912.9 cm 328 m³/s
Above Hoare Lake Hanbury River 429.5 cm 3.57 m³/s
Above Hope Mill Dam Indian River 964.9 cm
Above Hunter Creek Fraser River 2468.9 cm
Above Indin Lake Snare River 590.7 cm 3.97 m³/s
Above Intake Capilano River 141.6 cm 16.7 m³/s
Above Jackfish Creek Athabasca River 571 cm
Above Joslyn Creek Diversion Ells River 9822.9 cm 1.6 m³/s
Above Kastberg Creek Driftwood River 152.4 cm 1.72 m³/s
Above Kazan Falls Kazan River 7447 cm 621 m³/s
Above Klesilkwa River Skagit River 535.1 cm 5.61 m³/s
Above Lac Fourmont Little Mecatina River 178.3 cm 48.1 m³/s
Above Lac Ste. Croix Camsell River 888 cm 5.17 m³/s
Above Lac Ste. Therese Johnny Hoe River 371.2 cm 36.8 m³/s
Above Lakehead Seymour River 935.1 cm 6.83 m³/s
Above Lake Of The Woods Rainy River 9701.5 cm
Above Lawashi Channel Attawapiskat River 602.4 cm
Above Leaf Rapids Churchill River 25809.9 cm 403 m³/s
Above Leaf Rapids Burntwood River 9825.7 cm 8.98 m³/s
Above Little Wind Wind River 397.5 cm 102 m³/s
Above Lois Lake Horseshoe River 256.5 cm 7.05 m³/s
Above Lorne Lake Pembina River 41196.6 cm 0.24 m³/s
Above Manasan Falls Burntwood River 19527.3 cm
Above Mckinley Creek Horsefly River 30.6 cm 8.01 m³/s
Above Memekay River Salmon River 79.6 cm 14.4 m³/s
Above Millar Creek Cheakamus River 187 cm 6.6 m³/s
Above Misinchinka River Parsnip River 129.5 cm 83.9 m³/s
Above Moose River Moose River 8968.8 cm 1730 m³/s
Above Muskeg Creek Muskeg River 28209.4 cm 6.39 m³/s
Above Muskrat Dam Lake Windigo River 2762.5 cm 41.3 m³/s
Above Nanau Lake Meadowbank River 788.7 cm 11.9 m³/s
Above Nithburg Nith River 1143.6 cm 45.1 m³/s
Above Noke Creek Moyie River 211.1 cm 2.8 m³/s
Above Nonda Creek Toad River 107 cm 6.12 m³/s
Above Norbert River Haultain River 104 cm 7.79 m³/s
Above Nottik Island Albany River 2375.9 cm 132 m³/s
Above O.k. Creek Zymoetz River 62 cm 31 m³/s
Above Ore Creek Yalakom River 108.2 cm 1.98 m³/s
Above Osilinka River Omineca River 169.9 cm 19.5 m³/s
Above Oskabukuta River White River 2809.2 cm 31.3 m³/s
Above Otter Rapids Churchill River 31.3 cm 108 m³/s
Above Outlet Sealhole Lake Thlewiaza River 2483.4 cm 79.3 m³/s
Above Outram Lake Lockhart River 890.9 cm 19.1 m³/s
Above Palmer Creek Gold River 123.8 cm 3.01 m³/s
Above Panther River Red Deer River 47.9 cm 2.87 m³/s
Above Pickerel Lake North Magnetawan River 204.1 cm 9.89 m³/s
Above Pine River Peace River 17.1 cm 439 m³/s
Above Powerhouse Tailrace Kemano River 146.2 cm 10.8 m³/s
Above Quesnel Lake Horsefly River 463.2 cm 14.3 m³/s
Above Quirke Lake Serpent River 644.5 cm 8.3 m³/s
Above Quyta Lake Yellowknife River 845.5 cm 5.95 m³/s
Above Rafting Ground Brook Restigouche River 175.3 cm 339 m³/s
Above Recluse Lake Little Churchill River 2880.9 cm 15.1 m³/s
Above Red Head Rapids Churchill River 2290.6 cm 94.4 m³/s
Above Red River Floodway Red River 22393.6 cm
Above Rideau Falls Rideau River 475.2 cm
Above Ring Creek Mamquam River 154 cm 15.1 m³/s
Above Robert Brook Cheticamp River 110.7 cm 7.67 m³/s
Above Roseberry Lakes Roseberry River 2973.6 cm 1.52 m³/s
Above Schreiber At Minova Mine Whitesand River 337.1 cm 0.89 m³/s
Above Scotty Creek Theodosia River 361.1 cm 5.3 m³/s
Above Sesabic Creek Aubinadong River 302.1 cm 66.1 m³/s
Above Shumal Creek Nass River 341.1 cm 245 m³/s
Above Slesse Creek Chilliwack River 90.2 cm 25.9 m³/s
Above Smoky River Confluence Peace River 31549 cm
Above Standing Stone Falls Grass River 2871 cm 23.3 m³/s
Above Stanley Creek Muskeg River 9819 cm
Above Statoil Leismer Christina River 9768.4 cm 2.16 m³/s
Above Stave Lake Stave River 232.2 cm 16.9 m³/s
Above Stratford Avon River 696.8 cm 0.44 m³/s
Above Swannell River Ingenika River 200.8 cm 9.9 m³/s
Above Syncrude Beaver River 286 cm 0.12 m³/s
Above Tatse Lake Tazin River 791 cm
Above Tazin Lake Tazin River 628.6 cm 2.44 m³/s
Above Texas Creek Fraser River 94.5 cm 843 m³/s
Above The Mouth Weir River 9533.2 cm 2.1 m³/s
Above The Mouth Indian River 211.2 cm 0.97 m³/s
Above The Mouth Stooping River 252.8 cm
Above Thunder Bay Mcintyre River 30810 cm 2.34 m³/s
Above Travaillant Lake Travaillant River delayed
Above Twitya River Keele River 296.9 cm 113 m³/s
Above Upper Muskrat Falls Churchill River 3892.9 cm
Above Virginia Falls South Nahanni River 197 cm 34.7 m³/s
Above Waiparous Creek Ghost River 85.8 cm 2.25 m³/s
Above Wasdell Falls Severn River 688.7 cm
Above Whiteclay Lake Ogoki River 152.6 cm 38.4 m³/s
Above White Lake Wapiskau River 782.7 cm 3.76 m³/s
Above White River Yukon River 940.2 cm 388 m³/s
Above Willowbank Creek Blaeberry River 86.8 cm 3.74 m³/s
Above Wingham Maitland River 1060.4 cm 21.7 m³/s
Above Wintego Rapids Churchill River 769.7 cm 281 m³/s
Above Wolverine River Murray River 98.6 cm 9.03 m³/s
Above Woss River Nimpkish River 95.1 cm 46.5 m³/s
At 203 Street, Langley Nicomekl River 83.8 cm 1.34 m³/s
At 232nd Street, Maple Ridge North Alouette River 29.9 cm 2.27 m³/s
At 5th Avenue Bridge Courtenay River 87.4 cm
At 72 Avenue, Langley Salmon River 156.4 cm
At Allenford Sauble River 541.3 cm 13.6 m³/s
At Apex Apex River 693 cm 0.1 m³/s
At Apohaqui Kennebecasis River 827.2 cm 37.2 m³/s
At Appleton Mississippi River 210.8 cm 57.1 m³/s
At Arctic Red River Mackenzie River 226.1 cm 2160 m³/s
At Argonaut Bridge Quinsam River 65.1 cm 2.43 m³/s
At Argonaut Wharf Campbell River 54.3 cm
At Athabasca Athabasca River 167.3 cm 203 m³/s
At Atikokan Atikokan River 38645.7 cm 3.14 m³/s
At Avening Mad River 189.2 cm 23.5 m³/s
At Babine Babine River 55.5 cm
At Badger Exploits River 9598.4 cm 141 m³/s
At Baie St. Paul Assiniboine River 24118.6 cm
At Baldwin Black River 923.9 cm 7.02 m³/s
At Banff Spray River 90.9 cm 1.97 m³/s
At Banff Bow River 177.6 cm 8.85 m³/s
At Barrhead Paddle River 82.2 cm
At Baysville South Branch Muskoka River 832.3 cm 46.6 m³/s
At Beardmore Blackwater River 30110.6 cm 4.59 m³/s
At Bedford Sackville River 103.1 cm 5.58 m³/s
At Beersville Coal Branch River 118.2 cm 5.23 m³/s
At Benmiller Maitland River 248.9 cm 95.4 m³/s
At Big Bar Creek Fraser River 468.5 cm 774 m³/s
At Big Chute Gander River 270.3 cm 195 m³/s
At Big Falls Bay Du Nord River 172.2 cm 44.4 m³/s
At Big Marsh River Denys 196.5 cm 0.99 m³/s
At Birchbank Columbia River 255 cm 879 m³/s
At Birch Island North Thompson River 55.3 cm 54.1 m³/s
At Black Diamond Sheep River 107.2 cm 13.7 m³/s
At Black River Raisin River 565.3 cm 6.88 m³/s
At Blackville Southwest Miramichi River delayed
At Bluevale Little Maitland River 744.7 cm 13.8 m³/s
At Boston Mills Credit River 456.9 cm 18.5 m³/s
At Bragg Creek Elbow River 75.8 cm 3.71 m³/s
At Brandon Assiniboine River 35826.5 cm 239 m³/s
At Brantford Grand River 84.5 cm 101 m³/s
At Breezy Point Red River 21714.6 cm
At Bristol's Pool Torrent River 111.1 cm 18.4 m³/s
At Britannia Ottawa River 5877.7 cm 1940 m³/s
At Brunkild Morris River 23603.8 cm
At Byron Thames River 316.1 cm 146 m³/s
At Calgary Bow River 75.5 cm 33.7 m³/s
At Cambridge Speed River 99.2 cm 21.3 m³/s
At Cambridge Station Cornwallis River 118.7 cm 2.79 m³/s
At Camden East Napanee River 1294.5 cm 27.4 m³/s
At Campbell River Lodge Campbell River 0.1 cm
At Canadian Natural Resources Limited Bridge Ells River 9843 cm 1.47 m³/s
At Cannor Fraser River 175.3 cm
At Canyon Capilano River 66.8 cm 4.65 m³/s
At Carmacks Yukon River 299.3 cm
At Carmangay Little Bow River 22.9 cm 0.74 m³/s
At Casselman South Nation River 298.1 cm
At Castaway Salmon River delayed
At Charlie Edwards Point Exploits River 7061.6 cm 203 m³/s
At Chase South Thompson River 180.8 cm 195 m³/s
At Chatham Thames River 241.9 cm
At Chaudiere Dam French River 19014.4 cm 46.1 m³/s
At Chelmsford Whitson River 934.8 cm 12.5 m³/s
At Chesterville South Nation River 573.3 cm
At Cold Lake Reserve Beaver River 696.6 cm 9.28 m³/s
At Coldwater Coldwater River 170.7 cm 9.74 m³/s
At Collingwood Pretty River 235.9 cm 7.22 m³/s
At Confluence East Channel Mackenzie River 191.1 cm
At Courtenay Puntledge River 2032.8 cm 38.7 m³/s
At Cowan North Duck River 35679.8 cm 4.05 m³/s
At Cowichan Station Koksilah River 81.3 cm 5.47 m³/s
At Darlington Bay Winnipeg River 31617.5 cm
At Dawson Yukon River 152.5 cm 563 m³/s
At Deas Island Tunnel Fraser River -203.5 cm
At Dempster Highway Bridge Eagle River 276.5 cm 4.95 m³/s
At Diebel's Ranch Highwood River 55.1 cm 0.36 m³/s
At Donald Columbia River 72.1 cm 44.8 m³/s
At Draper Clearwater River delayed
At Drumheller Red Deer River 78.2 cm 28.8 m³/s
At Dry Pine Bay French River 188.4 cm 267 m³/s
At Duhamel Battle River 1285.3 cm 0.01 m³/s
At Dunvegan Bridge Peace River 243.8 cm 7230 m³/s
At Durham Bridge Nashwaak River 1911 cm 149 m³/s
At Earl Rowe Park Boyne River 333.9 cm 12.7 m³/s
At East Canaan Canaan River 72.3 cm 13.4 m³/s
At East Pine Pine River 229.2 cm 24.5 m³/s
At Edmonton North Saskatchewan River 455.2 cm 283 m³/s
At Edmundston Saint John River 13630.6 cm
At Elder Mills Humber River 637.5 cm 20 m³/s
At Elmcroft Magaguadavic River 238.7 cm 91.6 m³/s
At Embarras Airport Athabasca River 21321.5 cm 588 m³/s
At Emerson Red River 22892 cm 84.2 m³/s
At End Of Mud Lake Road Churchill River 52.9 cm
At Esnagi Lake Magpie River 303.7 cm
At Eyes Lake Pineimuta River 1253.2 cm 31.1 m³/s
At Falkland Salmon River 82.3 cm 3.92 m³/s
At Fauquier Groundhog River 3112 cm 343 m³/s
At Fergusons Falls Mississippi River 336.9 cm 50.8 m³/s
At Fernie Elk River 170.2 cm 24 m³/s
At Fitzgerald (Alberta) Slave River 244.3 cm 1400 m³/s
At Florence Sydenham River 512.5 cm 49.4 m³/s
At Foleyet Ivanhoe River 31963 cm 39.9 m³/s
At Fort Liard Liard River 329.3 cm 299 m³/s
At Fort Mcmurray Hangingstone River 234.5 cm 0.49 m³/s
At Fort Simpson Mackenzie River 317.7 cm 937 m³/s
At Fort Steele Kootenay River 75.1 cm 70.8 m³/s
At Fort Vermilion Peace River 489.6 cm 764 m³/s
At Frank Crowsnest River 138.9 cm 3.2 m³/s
At Fredericton Saint John River 412.7 cm
At Frog Creek Peel River 223.8 cm
At Fundy National Park Point Wolfe River 59.4 cm 6.78 m³/s
At Gagetown Saint John River 330.3 cm
At Galt Grand River 138.3 cm 87.3 m³/s
At Gardenton Roseau River 29256.7 cm 3.31 m³/s
At Garnet Settlement Black River 141.8 cm 1.75 m³/s
At Glen Allan Conestogo River 140.9 cm 31.7 m³/s
At Glenannan Stellako River 159.9 cm 4.57 m³/s
At Glenora River Inhabitants 106.6 cm 3.7 m³/s
At Glen Vowell Skeena River 35.7 cm
At Glovertown Terra Nova River 618.5 cm 96.7 m³/s
At Golden Kicking Horse River 312.6 cm 9.04 m³/s
At Gordon Rapids Clyde River 337.3 cm 8.62 m³/s
At Grand Falls Saint John River 9212 cm 998 m³/s
At Grand Forks Granby River 166.5 cm 40.7 m³/s
At Greeley Illecillewaet River 122.8 cm 20.6 m³/s
At Hansard Fraser River 202.7 cm 163 m³/s
At Happy Valley Churchill River 120.4 cm
At Harrison Mills Harrison River 643.3 cm
At Hartley Bay French River 17911.5 cm
At Headingley Assiniboine River 23235.4 cm 169 m³/s
At Hearst Mattawishkwia River 558.7 cm 32.5 m³/s
At Highway 637 Wanapitei River 1705.5 cm
At Highway No. 1 Martin River 189.9 cm 0.42 m³/s
At Highway No. 1 Trout River 90.2 cm 2.36 m³/s
At Highway No. 1 Jean-Marie River 164.6 cm 0.32 m³/s
At Highway No. 11 Pagwachuan River 1122 cm 60.9 m³/s
At Highway No. 11 Nagagami River 209.8 cm 36 m³/s
At Highway No. 11 Mayo River 697.8 cm
At Highway No. 144 Mollie River 930.5 cm 2.11 m³/s
At Highway No. 17 Serpent River 885.2 cm 47.7 m³/s
At Highway No. 17 Black Sturgeon River 18691.1 cm 16.5 m³/s
At Highway No. 17 Wolf River 19013.6 cm 5.34 m³/s
At Highway No. 36 Amisk River 126.3 cm 1.33 m³/s
At Highway No. 40 Little Berland River 41.9 cm 0.25 m³/s
At Highway No. 400 Moon River 337.2 cm 84.8 m³/s
At Highway No. 400 Musquash River 1073.2 cm 95.4 m³/s
At Highway No. 617 Pinewood River 1072.1 cm 0.79 m³/s
At Highway No. 63 House River 824.9 cm 35 m³/s
At Highway No. 7 West Humber River 371 cm 23.4 m³/s
At Highway No. 872 Battle River 413.2 cm 4.81 m³/s
At Highway No. 88 Wabasca River delayed
At Highway No. 9 Humber River 248 cm 1.89 m³/s
At Highway No. 99 Stawamus River 184.3 cm 1.89 m³/s
At Hinton Athabasca River 2664.2 cm 56.5 m³/s
At Hockley Nottawasaga River 111.5 cm 9 m³/s
At Hope Fraser River 365.7 cm 1340 m³/s
At Humber Village Bridge Humber River 222.7 cm 258 m³/s
At Ingersoll Thames River 194.5 cm 16.6 m³/s
At Inlet To Prosperous Lake Yellowknife River 15246.4 cm 7.37 m³/s
At Inlet To Tatlayoko Lake Homathko River 199.4 cm 0.53 m³/s
At Innerkip Thames River 821.2 cm 16.2 m³/s
At Isle Pierre Nechako River 102.9 cm 88.5 m³/s
At James Avenue Pumping Station Red River 22341.5 cm
At Jarvie Pembina River 166 cm 22.3 m³/s
At Jemseg Jemseg River 317.5 cm
At Kaministiquia Kaministiquia River 30191.2 cm 26.5 m³/s
At Kamloops Thompson River 257.2 cm
At Kamsack Assiniboine River 799.1 cm 194 m³/s
At Kanuchuan Rapids Winisk River 2827.7 cm 49.9 m³/s
At Kapuskasing Kapuskasing River 633.1 cm 207 m³/s
At Karl Lake Pipestone River 1251.5 cm 17.6 m³/s
At Kenmore South Castor River 188.4 cm 9.89 m³/s
At Kilbride Waterford River 58.5 cm 2.55 m³/s
At Kilometre 108.5 Nahanni Range Road Hyland River 47.8 cm 4.9 m³/s
At Kilometre 1881.6 Alaska Highway White River 2731.3 cm 20.2 m³/s
At Kilometre 197.9 Dempster Highway Ogilvie River 580.1 cm 90.9 m³/s
At Kilometre 407 Canol Road South Macmillan River 176.2 cm 1.82 m³/s
At Kilometre 783.7 Alaska Highway Trout River 214.3 cm 9.6 m³/s
At Kincardine North Penetangore River 218.2 cm 24.5 m³/s
At King Creek East Humber River 245.8 cm 10.3 m³/s
At Km 1251 Alaska Highway Morely River 335.9 cm 3.56 m³/s
At Km 167 Haines Highway Takhanne River 2879.6 cm 5.11 m³/s
At Kootenay Crossing Kootenay River 17.7 cm 0.61 m³/s
At Kuluarpak Channel Mackenzie River 927.3 cm
At Lac Du Bonnet Winnipeg River 25485 cm
At Laidlaw Fraser River 2238.4 cm
At Lake Cowichan Cowichan River 67.5 cm 20.4 m³/s
At La Salle La Salle River 22823.5 cm
At Latchford Montreal River 562.4 cm 323 m³/s
At Lawrencetown Annapolis River 185.4 cm 32 m³/s
At Lepreau Lepreau River 75.6 cm 13.4 m³/s
At Likely Quesnel River 45.2 m³/s
At Little Smoky Little Smoky River 177 cm 35.9 m³/s
At London Medway River 445.7 cm 20.6 m³/s
At Lower Canyon Mcgregor River 294 cm 59.9 m³/s
At Lower Crossing Liard River 970.7 cm 219 m³/s
At Lower Glen Ross Trent River 518.2 cm
At Lower Kent Fraser River 708.8 cm
At Lower Ohio Roseway River 268.4 cm 34.8 m³/s
At Lucknow Lucknow River 703.4 cm 7.03 m³/s
At Lyttleton Little Southwest Miramichi River 177.5 cm 72.9 m³/s
At Maclennans Cross Middle River 107.8 cm 6.72 m³/s
At Marblehead Lardeau River 102 cm 28.3 m³/s
At Margaree Valley Northeast Margaree River 51.7 cm 19.7 m³/s
At Marmora Crowe River 1100.9 cm 67.7 m³/s
At Massey Aux Sables River 662.3 cm 44.1 m³/s
At Mattawa Ottawa River 5331.5 cm
At Mattice Missinaibi River 152.3 cm 203 m³/s
At Maugerville Saint John River 373.4 cm
At Mcbride Fraser River 293.5 cm 40.3 m³/s
At Mcdougall Mills Sturgeon River 2867.2 cm 12.3 m³/s
At Mclure North Thompson River 98.6 cm 170 m³/s
At Medicine Hat South Saskatchewan River 201.9 cm 80.3 m³/s
At Melita Souris River 42661.2 cm 16.8 m³/s
At Merritt Coldwater River 132.3 cm 7.7 m³/s
At Middle Sackville Little Sackville River 179.3 cm 1.84 m³/s
At Milk River Milk River 39.8 cm 2.93 m³/s
At Minaki Winnipeg River 31603.4 cm
At Mission Fraser River 88.6 cm 5950 m³/s
At Mississagi Chute Mississagi River 1086.7 cm 177 m³/s
At Moberley Brightsand River 2695.7 cm 5.35 m³/s
At Monteith Driftwood River 26154.2 cm
At Mook Peak Zeballos River 175.4 cm 0.97 m³/s
At Morris Red River 22766.4 cm
At Mothers Brook Pipers Hole River 94.8 cm 19.5 m³/s
At Moulin Morneault Iroquois River 410.9 cm 17.2 m³/s
At Murchy Bridge Crossing Big Tracadie River 131.1 cm 29 m³/s
At Murray Salmon River 144 cm 12.2 m³/s
At Nanaimo Millstone River 139.8 cm 0.86 m³/s
At New Hamburg Nith River 227.2 cm 53.3 m³/s
At Nicholson Columbia River 38.5 cm 28 m³/s
At Nolalu Whitefish River 81.1 cm 4.5 m³/s
At Norland Gull River 365.2 cm 13.1 m³/s
At Norman Wells Mackenzie River 402.3 cm 2270 m³/s
At North Bay La Vase River 1137.5 cm 5.56 m³/s
At Northeast Pond Northeast Pond River 33.9 cm 0.09 m³/s
At North River North River 227.7 cm 7.24 m³/s
At North Star Road Hangingstone River 9931.9 cm
At Norval Credit River 310.7 cm 26.5 m³/s
At Norwood Ouse River 743.9 cm
At Oak Point Saint John River 297.2 cm
At Ochre River Ochre River 27978.1 cm 2.11 m³/s
At Okanagan Falls Okanagan River 137.3 cm 6.98 m³/s
At Okikendawt Island Little French River 19331.7 cm 25.5 m³/s
At Okotoks Sheep River 2619.7 cm 4.35 m³/s
At Omemee Pigeon River 24811.8 cm
At Onakawana Abitibi River 523.7 cm 2940 m³/s
At Ottawa Rideau River 363 cm 111 m³/s
At Outlet Of Alice Lake Marble River 353.3 cm 37.2 m³/s
At Outlet Of Artillery Lake Lockhart River 111.5 cm 39.6 m³/s
At Outlet Of Bennett Lake Fall River 131 cm 8.37 m³/s
At Outlet Of Bird Lake Bird River 102.5 cm 3.4 m³/s
At Outlet Of Black Lake Fond Du Lac River 81.5 cm 153 m³/s
At Outlet Of Chilko Lake Chilko River 65.9 cm 9.43 m³/s
At Outlet Of Chilliwack Lake Chilliwack River 79.4 cm 11 m³/s
At Outlet Of Clut Lake Camsell River 265.4 cm 60.8 m³/s
At Outlet Of Cold Lake Cold River 53454.2 cm 1.91 m³/s
At Outlet Of Conne River Pond Conne River 195.9 cm 1.29 m³/s
At Outlet Of Dalhousie Lake Mississippi River 638.3 cm 11 m³/s
At Outlet Of Davy Lake Macfarlane River 342.9 cm 30.8 m³/s
At Outlet Of Deer Lake Severn River 2807.3 cm
At Outlet Of Douglas Lake Nicola River 2.71 m³/s
At Outlet Of Glasier Lake St. Francis River 153 cm 42.1 m³/s
At Outlet Of Jessica Lake Whiteshell River 30738.2 cm 1.86 m³/s
At Outlet Of Kakisa Lake Kakisa River 211 cm
At Outlet Of Kidprice Lake Nanika River 308.5 cm 6.94 m³/s
At Outlet Of Kluane Lake Kluane River 2530.9 cm 38.2 m³/s
At Outlet Of Lac La Croix Namakan River 36053.7 cm 44 m³/s
At Outlet Of Lac La Ronge Rapid River 655.1 cm 17.4 m³/s
At Outlet Of Marjorie Lake Dubawnt River 1368.4 cm 347 m³/s
At Outlet Of Mcleod Lake Pack River 101.3 cm 35.3 m³/s
At Outlet Of Nadina Lake Nadina River 108 cm 2.81 m³/s
At Outlet Of Nicola Lake Nicola River 108.1 cm 1.36 m³/s
At Outlet Of Nilkitkwa Lake Babine River 13 cm 18.3 m³/s
At Outlet Of North Spirit Lake Flanagan River 2802.2 cm 3.66 m³/s
At Outlet Of Pashkokogan Lake Pashkokogan River 2702.6 cm 8.15 m³/s
At Outlet Of Point Lake Coppermine River 695.4 cm 15.5 m³/s
At Outlet Of Prosperous Lake Yellowknife River 8.38 m³/s
At Outlet Of Round Lake Pigeon River 72.1 m³/s
At Outlet Of Salvesen Lake Sturgeon River 47.6 cm 6.52 m³/s
At Outlet Of Sekulmun Lake Sekulmun River 211.8 cm 1.76 m³/s
At Outlet Of Shamattawa Lake Shamattawa River 2667.4 cm 3.5 m³/s
At Outlet Of Sugar Lake Reservoir Shuswap River 189.8 cm 19 m³/s
At Outlet Of Taseko Lakes Taseko River 117.4 cm 5.9 m³/s
At Outlet Of Tutshi Lake Tutshi River 1070.5 cm 4.01 m³/s
At Outlet Of Weaver Lake Poplar River 10.1 m³/s
At Outlet Of Webb Lake Charlot River 653.1 cm 0.04 m³/s
At Outlet Of Wolf Lake Wolf River delayed
At Overflowing River Overflowing River 25422.5 cm 5.87 m³/s
At Palmer Rapids Madawaska River 181.6 cm 77.6 m³/s
At Paradise Pool Main River 90.1 cm 13.3 m³/s
At Peace Point (Alberta) Peace River 433.2 cm 932 m³/s
At Peace River Peace River 620.5 cm 6290 m³/s
At Pembroke Indian River 332.7 cm 11.9 m³/s
At Penticton Okanagan River 150.9 cm 5.23 m³/s
At Percy Lake Little Current River delayed
At Pithers Point Site No.1 Rainy River 33711.3 cm
At Pithers Point Site No.2 Rainy River 33710.5 cm
At Pleasantville Virginia River 129.5 cm 0.4 m³/s
At Pollard's Falls Bridge Shelburne River 114.2 cm 18.7 m³/s
At Port Coquitlam Coquitlam River 809.3 cm 11.4 m³/s
At Port Mann Pumping Station Fraser River 196.2 cm
At Port Sydney North Branch Muskoka River 161.8 cm 68.9 m³/s
At Prince Albert North Saskatchewan River 190.4 cm 93.3 m³/s
At Princeton Tulameen River 64.6 cm 17.5 m³/s
At Princeton Similkameen River 91.6 cm 16.8 m³/s
At Quick Bulkley River 19.7 cm 50.3 m³/s
At Rainy River Rainy River 32252.1 cm
At Range Road No. 105 Vermilion River 1694.1 cm
At Range Road No. 13a Oldman River 585 cm 5 m³/s
At Ranger Station Castle River 170.2 cm 3.96 m³/s
At Ravenscrag Frenchman River 94917.6 cm 2.12 m³/s
At Red Deer Red Deer River 272.5 cm 57.8 m³/s
At Redland Rosebud River 43.4 cm 1.6 m³/s
At Red Pass Fraser River 176.4 cm 5.14 m³/s
At Riley Brook Tobique River 218.6 cm 87.6 m³/s
At Riverdale West River 126.1 cm 2.74 m³/s
At Rock Creek Klondike River 717.6 cm
At Ross River Ross River 975.8 cm 9.64 m³/s
At Ross River Pelly River 92.4 cm
At Roxboro South Maitland River 542.8 cm 23.9 m³/s
At Russell Castor River 375.7 cm 26.4 m³/s
At Saint John Saint John River 277.6 cm
At Sandy Bay Churchill River 241.7 cm 276 m³/s
At Sarcee Bridge Elbow River 363 cm 6.36 m³/s
At Saskatoon South Saskatchewan River 208.7 cm 74.8 m³/s
At Sauble Falls Sauble River 124.9 cm 19.9 m³/s
At Sault Ste. Marie Root River 1184.5 cm 3.56 m³/s
At Selkirk Red River 21749.2 cm 109 m³/s
At Shelley Fraser River 192.3 cm 403 m³/s
At Simcoe Lynn River 157 cm 4.93 m³/s
At Slave Lake Lesser Slave River 57585.9 cm 13.6 m³/s
At Souris Souris River 40930.1 cm 16.9 m³/s
At South Fort George Fraser River 404.2 cm
At Spencerville South Nation River 1138.3 cm 13.3 m³/s
At St. Adolphe Red River 22430.6 cm
At St. Andrews South River 112 cm 3.52 m³/s
At Stepstone Current River 226.8 cm 6.26 m³/s
At Steveston Fraser River 50.1 cm
At Stewiacke St Andrews River 153.2 cm 0.36 m³/s
At Stillwater St. Marys River 274.4 cm 36.9 m³/s
At St. Jacobs Conestogo River 115.3 cm 46.4 m³/s
At St. Margarets Bear River 68.9 cm 0.44 m³/s
At St. Marys North Thames River 380.1 cm 94.5 m³/s
At Straight Lake Asheweig River 1342.1 cm 22.1 m³/s
At Strathroy Sydenham River 302.5 cm 11.8 m³/s
At Streetsville Credit River 521.2 cm 46 m³/s
At Strong Point Mackenzie River 676.2 cm 14100 m³/s
At Sturgis Assiniboine River 233.9 cm 30.8 m³/s
At Summerhill South Maitland River 1050.2 cm 33.5 m³/s
At Sunchild Road Nordegg River 116.6 cm 4 m³/s
At Swan River Swan River 658.2 cm
At Tamworth Salmon River 521.2 cm 17.3 m³/s
At Teeswater Teeswater River 159.3 cm 6.45 m³/s
At Telegraph Creek Stikine River 65.2 cm 78.9 m³/s
At Tenas Narrows Lillooet River 852.3 cm 97.8 m³/s
At Terra Nova National Park Northwest River 151.2 cm 21.9 m³/s
At Thamesford Middle Thames River 955.2 cm 17.6 m³/s
At Thamesville Thames River 1356.1 cm 160 m³/s
At The Falls North River 146.4 cm 18.2 m³/s
At The Mouth Barriere River 284 cm 10.4 m³/s
At The Mouth Homathko River 1341.8 cm 67.9 m³/s
At The Mouth Fording River 192.5 cm 4.12 m³/s
At The Mouth Tahltan River 374.3 cm 2.99 m³/s
At The Mouth Little Swift River 114.2 cm 1.4 m³/s
At The Outlet Of Brown Lake Brown River 506.6 cm 41.7 m³/s
At The Outlet Of Double Barrel Lake Thelon River 755.1 cm 51.6 m³/s
At The Pas Saskatchewan River 25872.5 cm 795 m³/s
At Thorne Ottawa River 978.1 cm
At Three Brothers Falls Burnt River 745.1 cm 34.1 m³/s
At Todmorden Don River 1262.1 cm 18.5 m³/s
At Tracy North Branch Oromocto River 94.3 cm 26.5 m³/s
At Trans-Canada Highway Highlands River 91.4 cm 2.01 m³/s
At Trenton Trent River 854.9 cm
At Trout Brook Northwest Miramichi River 140.6 cm 60.2 m³/s
At Umfreville English River 39392.9 cm 28.2 m³/s
At Union Winter River 54.5 cm 0.41 m³/s
At Upper Crossing Liard River 230.3 cm 70.6 m³/s
At Upper Gagetown Saint John River 347.8 cm
At Upper Glen Ross Trent River 436.1 cm
At Upper Goose Falls Sturgeon River 560.2 cm 64.8 m³/s
At Upsalquitch Upsalquitch River 175.1 cm 123 m³/s
At Usk Skeena River 220 cm 258 m³/s
At Val Caron Whitson River 795.5 cm 8.2 m³/s
At Vancouver North Arm Fraser River 198.3 cm
At Vanderhoof Nechako River 171.5 cm 51.7 m³/s
At Vedder Crossing Chilliwack River 223.8 cm 44.5 m³/s
At Vegreville Vermilion River 149.5 cm 0.01 m³/s
At Wallaceburg Sydenham River 555.5 cm
At Wall Road Dunk River 85.5 cm 4.52 m³/s
At Watino Smoky River 157.7 cm 98.4 m³/s
At Wawanesa Souris River 34835.9 cm 14.7 m³/s
At Westbourne Whitemud River 83.6 cm 30.4 m³/s
At Westbridge West Kettle River 123.3 cm 22.2 m³/s
At Western Crossing Of International Boundary Milk River 85.6 cm 2.45 m³/s
At West Fort William Kaministiquia River 18304.8 cm
At West Montrose Grand River 1198.7 cm 60.3 m³/s
At West Northfield Lahave River 228.9 cm 49.9 m³/s
At Weston Humber River 320.4 cm 79.3 m³/s
At Whirlpool Point North Saskatchewan River 25.5 cm 6.99 m³/s
At Whitehorse Yukon River 2889.3 cm
At Whonock Fraser River 304.1 cm
At Wilmot Annapolis River 151.7 cm 15.4 m³/s
At Wilson's Bridge Tusket River 161.9 cm 56.7 m³/s
At Wolseley Bay French River 18745.1 cm 270 m³/s
At Yorke Road Little Oyster River 69 cm 0.48 m³/s
At Yukon Bc Boundary Labiche River 675.4 cm 2.78 m³/s
Below Achapi Lake Albany River 2621.6 cm 17 m³/s
Below Aishihik Lake Aishihik River 326.1 cm 11.8 m³/s
Below Aitken Creek Blueberry River 197.4 cm 0.42 m³/s
Below Alexander Generating Station Nipigon River 2636.5 cm 263 m³/s
Below Alice Creek Birch River 393.3 cm 4.3 m³/s
Below Alice Creek Kitsumkalum River 299 cm 43.4 m³/s
Below Asheweig River Tributary Winisk River 2185.7 cm 256 m³/s
Below Atlatzi River Kingcome River 399.4 cm
Below Attawapiskat Lake Attawapiskat River 2855.3 cm 133 m³/s
Below Atwaykellesse River Wakeman River 331.9 cm 51.2 m³/s
Below Badesdawa Lake Otoskwin River 32788.7 cm 23.6 m³/s
Below Barnes Creek Whatshan River 346.2 cm 2.77 m³/s
Below Bassano Dam Bow River 111.4 cm 23.8 m³/s
Below B.b. Creek Duncan River 146.1 cm 25 m³/s
Below Beechy Lake Back River 168.2 cm 92.6 m³/s
Below Boland River Little White River 286.3 cm 55.5 m³/s
Below Booth Lake Little Sturgeon River 364.4 cm 24.5 m³/s
Below Borden Creek Kiskatinaw River 838.9 cm 0.72 m³/s
Below Bouillon Lake Mattawa River 917.8 cm
Below Bowbyes Creek Little Wedeene River 91.1 cm 7.18 m³/s
Below Box Canyon Bowron River 378.2 cm 33.2 m³/s
Below Burnt Timber Creek Red Deer River 119.6 cm 5.65 m³/s
Below Cache Creek Bonaparte River 162.1 cm 6.6 m³/s
Below Caistor Corners Welland River 346.5 cm 33.4 m³/s
Below Cambrian Creek Mountain River 386.4 cm 78.3 m³/s
Below Caribou Creek Babbage River 436.2 cm 24.9 m³/s
Below Carnwath River Anderson River 201.4 cm 134 m³/s
Below Carseland Dam Bow River 251.4 cm 62.5 m³/s
Below Carstairs Creek Rosebud River 99 cm 0.58 m³/s
Below Catherine Creek Tsitika River 176.8 cm 16.6 m³/s
Below Chenal Des Quatre Fourches Peace River 231.4 cm
Below Cheslatta Falls Nechako River 67.9 cm 32.7 m³/s
Below Christina Lake Jackfish River 9831.7 cm 5.75 m³/s
Below Churchill Falls Tailrace Churchill River 12431.9 cm 1160 m³/s
Below Craven Dam Qu'appelle River 121.3 cm 3.12 m³/s
Below Crystal Creek Pembina River 114.7 cm 2.5 m³/s
Below Daring Lake Yamba River 315.2 cm 0.01 m³/s
Below Dillon Lake Dillon River 169 cm 1.84 m³/s
Below Divergence Embarras River 488.7 cm 15.8 m³/s
Below Diversion Puntledge River 12068.6 cm 14.4 m³/s
Below Elko Dam Diversion Elk River 202 cm 0.37 m³/s
Below Fanshawe Dam North Thames River 697.6 cm 78.3 m³/s
Below Fidler Lake Churchill River 2307.9 cm 76.8 m³/s
Below Floodway Control Structure Red River 22489 cm
Below Fort Mcmurray Athabasca River 237.8 cm 443 m³/s
Below Fox River Pukaskwa River 451.3 cm 17.5 m³/s
Below George Lake Mersey River 199.5 cm 49.5 m³/s
Below Ghost River Snare River 2581.1 cm 9.94 m³/s
Below Glenmore Dam Elbow River 70.6 cm 1.77 m³/s
Below Gods River Hayes River 2056.5 cm 254 m³/s
Below Great Island Seal River 12097.7 cm 156 m³/s
Below Guelph Speed River 99.4 cm 18.5 m³/s
Below Harp Lake Ugjoktok River 101.8 cm 58.5 m³/s
Below Hellroaring Creek Morkill River 132 cm 7.65 m³/s
Below Henderson Creek Pouce Coupe River 1412.6 cm 1.1 m³/s
Below Highway Bridge Harrys River 125.5 cm 9.73 m³/s
Below Highway Bridge Isle Aux Morts River 200.2 cm 9.35 m³/s
Below Highway No. 77 Petitot River 531.5 cm 4.24 m³/s
Below Hirsch Creek Kitimat River 85.5 cm 76.8 m³/s
Below Hope Mill Dam Indian River 749.4 cm
Below Hydro Dam Taltson River 9644.6 cm 113 m³/s
Below Imperial River Carcajou River 410.1 cm 82.7 m³/s
Below Johnson River Iskut River 33.5 cm 112 m³/s
Below Kedgwick River Restigouche River 181.9 cm 143 m³/s
Below Kemp Creek Kaslo River 207.7 cm 6.84 m³/s
Below Kenora Powerhouse Winnipeg River 31621.2 cm
Below Kimmel Creek Canoe River 146.2 cm 1.69 m³/s
Below King George Iv Lake Lloyds River 150.2 cm 13.2 m³/s
Below Kunnum Creek Eve River 326.8 cm 3.71 m³/s
Below Lajoie Dam Bridge River 209 cm 19.7 m³/s
Below Lardeau River Duncan River 187.2 cm 94 m³/s
Below Little Bow Canal Highwood River 122.5 cm 4.33 m³/s
Below Lone Goat Creek Hurley River 582.1 cm 3.38 m³/s
Below Long-Legged Lake Long-Legged River 2852.3 cm 1.19 m³/s
Below Loon Creek Qu'appelle River 48.2 cm 3.07 m³/s
Below Lower Quinsam Lake Quinsam River 245.2 cm 4.35 m³/s
Below Manotick Rideau River 477.4 cm
Below Marble Lake Mississippi River 868.1 cm 5.42 m³/s
Below Mcintyre Dam Okanagan River 121.4 cm 6.37 m³/s
Below Merrickville Rideau River 492.8 cm
Below Metchin River Churchill River 11453 cm 1620 m³/s
Below Mill Falls Mersey River 112.4 cm 14.1 m³/s
Below Moran Creek Ash River 74.4 cm 8.61 m³/s
Below Morris Creek Harrison River 898 cm
Below Morris Creek St. Mary River 152.2 cm 3.36 m³/s
Below Muketei River Attawapiskat River 2349.9 cm 349 m³/s
Below Needle Creek Coquihalla River 213.6 cm 2.23 m³/s
Below Noel Pauls Brook Exploits River 604.7 cm 137 m³/s
Below Norman Dam And Powerhouse Winnipeg River 31616.6 cm
Below North Steepbank River Steepbank River 9862 cm 13.8 m³/s
Below North Washagami River Ekwan River 2258 cm 46.9 m³/s
Below Old Camp Creek Goldstream River 147.5 cm 15 m³/s
Below Old Crow River Porcupine River 934.8 cm
Below Olsen Lake Diversion Theodosia River 378.8 cm 0.1 m³/s
Below Onion Creek Nisling River 1450.8 cm 31.9 m³/s
Below Orchid Creek Seymour River 202 cm 6.37 m³/s
Below Outlet Of Dauphin Lake Mossy River 26061.9 cm 12.7 m³/s
Below Outlet Of Lac La Martre La Martre River 407.6 cm 23.4 m³/s
Below Piche River Owl River 796.7 cm 34.7 m³/s
Below Portage Dam French River 18853.9 cm
Below Rafferty Reservoir Souris River 126.8 cm
Below Reid Lake Cameron River 173.9 cm 0.78 m³/s
Below Ross Creek Little South Klondike River 441.1 cm 43.1 m³/s
Below Rowlinson Creek Nordenskiold River 304.1 cm 4.82 m³/s
Below Russell Lake Wheeler River 163.4 cm 12.4 m³/s
Below Santoy Lake Steel River 727.4 cm 11.8 m³/s
Below Scurvy Creek Liard River 690.2 cm 12.3 m³/s
Below Shand Dam Grand River 207.4 cm 30.4 m³/s
Below Sharp Creek San Josef River 294.7 cm 6.25 m³/s
Below Shawanaga Lake Shawanaga River 655.3 cm 3.97 m³/s
Below Stratford Avon River 700.9 cm 12.5 m³/s
Below Tachewana Creek Nahatlatch River 103.8 cm 17.9 m³/s
Below Tanswanket Creek Dean River 93.1 cm 3.61 m³/s
Below The Forks Saskatchewan River 38033 cm 1250 m³/s
Below Theriau Lake Waterfound River 206 cm 13 m³/s
Below Thorsteinson Lake Gauer River 2908.4 cm 9.26 m³/s
Below Tobin Lake Saskatchewan River 293.2 cm 713 m³/s
Below Travers Dam Little Bow River 792.2 cm 1.01 m³/s
Below Traverspine River Churchill River 129.7 cm
Below Trout Falls Hayes River 13.5 m³/s
Below Tsai Creek Telkwa River 45.5 cm 2.98 m³/s
Below Ucona River Gold River 144.4 cm 69.2 m³/s
Below Vangorda Creek Pelly River 458.1 cm 32.2 m³/s
Below Vuich Creek Tulameen River 95.7 cm 3.83 m³/s
Below Wabaskang Lake Cedar River 2828.1 cm 5.57 m³/s
Below Waboose River Missinaibi River 2571.3 cm 464 m³/s
Below Wathaman Lake Wathaman River 19.8 cm 9.96 m³/s
Below Wesleyan Lake Cat River 2910.5 cm 18.5 m³/s
Below Wheeler River Geikie River 125.2 cm 30.4 m³/s
Below Whitefish River Beaver River 2596.4 cm 84.6 m³/s
Below Wingham Maitland River 223.8 cm 77.7 m³/s
Below Woman River Troutlake River 3261.8 cm 10.6 m³/s
Below Woodhus Creek Oyster River 106.9 cm 6.9 m³/s
Breakthrough To Mamawi Lake Embarras River 583.3 cm 45.8 m³/s
Confluence Great Rattling Brook Above Tote River 355.1 cm 16 m³/s
Development Main Canal Below Headgates Bow River delayed
Diversion Above Olsen Lake Theodosia River 988.5 cm 7.16 m³/s
Diversion Bypass Theodosia River 696.6 cm 4.23 m³/s
Diversion Headpond Quinsam River 30470.2 cm
Diversion Near Ile Des Chenes Seine River 23281.4 cm 4.35 m³/s
East Branch At Holland Landing Holland River 838.6 cm 16.9 m³/s
East Branch Near Thornhill Don River 219.2 cm 2.29 m³/s
East Channel (Main) Near The Mouth Klinaklini River 371.6 cm 51.4 m³/s
East Of Virden Assiniboine River 37166.7 cm
English Point Churchill River 5.1 cm
Erin Branch Above Erin Credit River 234.3 cm 0.88 m³/s
Erin Branch At Hillsburgh Credit River 196.4 cm 0.29 m³/s
Floodway Near St. Norbert Red River 22671.9 cm 1560 m³/s
In Perth Tay River 756.8 cm 22.6 m³/s
(Kumak Channel) Below Middle Channel Mackenzie River 913.4 cm
(Middle Channel) At Tununuk Point Mackenzie River 3041.5 cm
(Middle Channel) Below Raymond Channel Mackenzie River 1067.2 cm 6880 m³/s
(Mill Creek) At Eight Mile Ford Kelley River 73.6 cm
(Napoiak Channel) Above Shallow Bay Mackenzie River 1005.2 cm
Near 940 M Contour Mckale River 143.1 cm 1 m³/s
Near Actinolite Black River 1266.6 cm 17.2 m³/s
Near Actinolite Skootamatta River 353.2 cm 26 m³/s
Near Agassiz Fraser River 1224.7 cm
Near Alberni Sproat River 172.4 cm 29.3 m³/s
Near Alberta Boundary Yates River 618.4 cm
Near Alexandria Garry River 8149.8 cm
Near Alliston Nottawasaga River 762.9 cm 15.6 m³/s
Near Alta Nwt Boundary Hay River 28413.3 cm 3.23 m³/s
Near Alvinston Sydenham River 1171.4 cm 42.6 m³/s
Near Anselmo Paddle River 60.5 cm 0.42 m³/s
Near Armstrong Mills Speed River 168 cm 10.8 m³/s
Near Arrow River Arrow River 10199.5 cm 0.01 m³/s
Near Ashville Wilson River 34595.2 cm 19.3 m³/s
Near Astorville Wasi River 886.2 cm 13.1 m³/s
Near Atlin Atlin River 35.9 m³/s
Near Bamfield Sarita River 201 cm 26.9 m³/s
Near Bancroft York River 878.8 cm 25.2 m³/s
Near Batchawana Batchawana River 354.2 cm 104 m³/s
Near Bathurst Middle River 144.5 cm 19.1 m³/s
Near Baxter Nottawasaga River 746 cm 56.4 m³/s
Near Bear Canyon Clear River 112.6 cm 0.15 m³/s
Near Beausejour Brokenhead River 22898.5 cm 4.55 m³/s
Near Beauval Canoe River 216.2 cm 1.77 m³/s
Near Beaverlodge Beaverlodge River delayed
Near Beaver Mines Castle River 87.6 cm 10.6 m³/s
Near Beaverton Beaver River 859.8 cm 19.7 m³/s
Near Belgrave Middle Maitland River 1159.3 cm 66.4 m³/s
Near Belleville Meduxnekeag River 182.7 cm 98.9 m³/s
Near Bellingham Little White River 390.2 cm 75.4 m³/s
Near Berwick Payne River 674.6 cm 12.1 m³/s
Near Big Prairie Settlement South Heart River delayed
Near Bindloss Red Deer River 204.5 cm 112 m³/s
Near Birch River Birch River 29627.4 cm 0.54 m³/s
Near Bird Limestone River 6500 cm 5.41 m³/s
Near Blackfalds Blindman River 135.5 cm 7.26 m³/s
Near Blakeney Indian River 896.3 cm 10.1 m³/s
Near Blue River Blue River 82 cm 4.24 m³/s
Near Bluffton Blindman River 372.3 cm 13.6 m³/s
Near Bogart Clare River 259.9 cm 6.86 m³/s
Near Bolingbroke Tay River 867.8 cm
Near Borden North Saskatchewan River 44377 cm 269 m³/s
Near Botwood Peters River 116.7 cm 4.06 m³/s
Near Bowsman Woody River 29848.6 cm 11.5 m³/s
Near Brackendale Squamish River 222.4 cm 102 m³/s
Near Brackendale Cheakamus River 94.9 cm 34 m³/s
Near Brandon Little Souris River 166.3 cm 0.23 m³/s
Near Britt Magnetawan River 2671.1 cm 93 m³/s
Near Brochet Cochrane River 2867.5 cm 71 m³/s
Near Brocket Oldman River 99 cm 8.8 m³/s
Near Brookmere Coldwater River 257.3 cm 5.43 m³/s
Near Bruxelles Cypress River 10057 cm 1.56 m³/s
Near Burdick Moose Jaw River 52829 cm 1.22 m³/s
Near Burk's Falls North Magnetawan River 906.4 cm 13.6 m³/s
Near Burnt River Burnt River 404.6 cm 41 m³/s
Near Burriss La Vallee River 1118.7 cm 1.45 m³/s
Near Cadomin Mcleod River delayed
Near Campbell River Quinsam River 99.9 cm 6.48 m³/s
Near Campbell River Cableway Campbell River 438.1 cm 94.6 m³/s
Near Canning Nith River 360.3 cm 17 m³/s
Near Canora Whitesand River 47088.1 cm 104 m³/s
Near Carcajou Peace River 527.3 cm
Near Carcross Wheaton River 161.6 cm 4.26 m³/s
Near Carmacks Big Salmon River 142.4 cm 25.9 m³/s
Near Carman Boyne River 25279.2 cm 2.83 m³/s
Near Cassidy Nanaimo River 135.7 cm 30.3 m³/s
Near Castleford Bonnechere River 605 cm 23.6 m³/s
Near Cataract Credit River 179.8 cm 8.09 m³/s
Near Cavers Gravel River 391.7 cm 16.2 m³/s
Near Champneys Salmon Cove River 143.9 cm 3.01 m³/s
Near Chapleau Nemegosenda River 1507 cm 8.34 m³/s
Near Chapman Lake Airstrip Blackstone River delayed
Near Chard Christina River 559.8 cm 6.08 m³/s
Near Cinema West Road River -49.3 cm 12 m³/s
Near Clarenville Shoal Harbour River 205.3 cm 3.02 m³/s
Near Clarksburg Beaver River 126.9 cm 21.5 m³/s
Near Clearwater Station Clearwater River 238 cm 95.8 m³/s
Near Clowhom Lake Clowhom River 290.2 cm 6.63 m³/s
Near Cluff Lake Douglas River 154.6 cm 6.32 m³/s
Near Cochrane Bow River 1618.6 cm 43 m³/s
Near Coldwell Little Pic River 328.3 cm 40 m³/s
Near Colinet Rocky River 81.3 cm 7.17 m³/s
Near Cornwall South Raisin River 646.6 cm
Near Courtenay Tsolum River 77.6 cm 4.09 m³/s
Near Courtenay Browns River 611.6 cm 2.8 m³/s
Near Crescent Valley Slocan River 109.6 cm 54 m³/s
Near Dauphin Vermilion River 27782.7 cm 19.8 m³/s
Near Dauphin Valley River 26946.4 cm 82.7 m³/s
Near Dauphin River Dauphin River 422.2 cm 79.9 m³/s
Near Deer Creek North Saskatchewan River 251.4 cm 289 m³/s
Near Deloro Moira River 215.4 cm 18.1 m³/s
Near Dixonville Whitemud River delayed
Near Dominion City Roseau River 24058.1 cm 6.05 m³/s
Near Doon Grand River 442.5 cm 77.6 m³/s
Near Dovercourt Clearwater River 82.9 cm 24.6 m³/s
Near Driftpile Driftpile River 139.8 cm 0.64 m³/s
Near Duncan Cowichan River 67.5 cm 29.1 m³/s
Near Dundalk Grand River 197.5 cm 11.8 m³/s
Near Dundee Eel River 125.5 cm 2.61 m³/s
Near Durham Centre Jacquet River 161.1 cm 24.1 m³/s
Near Dutton Thames River 666.4 cm 146 m³/s
Near Dwight Oxtongue River 410.1 cm 24.4 m³/s
Near Ealing Thames River delayed
Near Ear Falls Chukuni River 456.6 cm 27.4 m³/s
Near Eckville Medicine River 78.5 cm 48.2 m³/s
Near Edenvale Nottawasaga River 557.1 cm 62.2 m³/s
Near Elie La Salle River 23786.7 cm 0.46 m³/s
Near Elk Island Park Peace River 32855.2 cm
Near Emsdale Magnetawan River 804.2 cm 15.3 m³/s
Near Enderby Shuswap River 230.5 cm 68.6 m³/s
Near End Lake Osilinka River 199.5 cm 4.83 m³/s
Near Enilda East Prairie River 244 cm 9.58 m³/s
Near Entwistle Pembina River 247.3 cm 11.4 m³/s
Near Erickson Rolling River 60766.3 cm 3.9 m³/s
Near Erwood Red Deer River 186.2 cm 34.2 m³/s
Near Everett Pine River 41.4 cm
Near Exeter Ausable River 404.1 cm 13.9 m³/s
Near Fairford Fairford River 24556.2 cm 55.2 m³/s
Near Farmington Kiskatinaw River 40.1 cm 3.33 m³/s
Near Farrell Creek Halfway River 6.68 m³/s
Near Ferndale Stokes River 251.3 cm 9.19 m³/s
Near Fisherton Fisher River 676.3 cm 4.41 m³/s
Near Forestburg Battle River 86.6 cm 8.44 m³/s
Near Fort Assiniboine Freeman River 132.7 cm 1.58 m³/s
Near Fort Fraser Nautley River 125.1 cm 10.8 m³/s
Near Fort Good Hope Hare Indian River 408.4 cm 50.9 m³/s
Near Fort Mackay Mackay River 204.5 cm 5.31 m³/s
Near Fort Mackay Dunkirk River 9785.4 cm 0.14 m³/s
Near Fort Mackay Muskeg River 157.3 cm 1.73 m³/s
Near Fort Mcmurray Steepbank River 9785 cm 6.66 m³/s
Near Fort Nelson Sikanni Chief River 148.7 cm 4.15 m³/s
Near Fort Nelson Muskwa River -12.7 cm 22.3 m³/s
Near Fort Providence Mackenzie River 14749.6 cm
Near Fort Saskatchewan Sturgeon River 407 cm 1.06 m³/s
Near Fort St. James Nation River 69.1 cm 12.1 m³/s
Near Fort St. James Stuart River 35.9 cm 29.2 m³/s
Near Fort St. John Moberly River 286 cm 0.54 m³/s
Near Fort St. John Beatton River 234.2 cm 1.3 m³/s
Near Fort Vermilion Boyer River 154.9 cm 1.28 m³/s
Near Fowlers Corner Nerepis River delayed
Near Foxboro Moira River 777.8 cm 70.3 m³/s
Near Garden River St. Marys River 2370.8 cm
Near Garland Garland River 807.8 cm 1.63 m³/s
Near Garnish Garnish River 104.1 cm 5.38 m³/s
Near Gillam Kettle River 431.8 cm 5.31 m³/s
Near Glen Afton Sturgeon River 9487.6 cm 122 m³/s
Near Glen Alda Crowe River 1289.1 cm 14.6 m³/s
Near Glenella Big Grass River 179.5 cm 3.78 m³/s
Near Glenwood Salmon River 81.2 cm 1.83 m³/s
Near Glenwood Belly River 55 cm 2.98 m³/s
Near Glenwood Waterton River 88 cm 3.98 m³/s
Near Gogama Minisinakwa River 34854.7 cm
Near Goobies Come By Chance River 87 cm 1.13 m³/s
Near Goodridge Beaver River 59 cm 3.28 m³/s
Near Goodwin Simonette River delayed
Near Grande Cache Muskeg River 337.3 cm 10.6 m³/s
Near Grande Prairie Wapiti River 9474.6 cm 20.7 m³/s
Near Great Slave Lake Beaulieu River 267.9 cm
Near Grey River Grey River 236.4 cm 25.5 m³/s
Near Guy Little Smoky River 321.9 cm 8.86 m³/s
Near Hagensborg Salloomt River -12.2 cm 2.32 m³/s
Near Hanceville Chilcotin River 329.6 cm 22 m³/s
Near Haney Alouette River 80.3 cm 4.88 m³/s
Near Hanover South Saugeen River 234 cm 33.9 m³/s
Near Harrison Hot Springs Harrison River 251 m³/s
Near Harrison Mills Chehalis River 940.5 cm 30.6 m³/s
Near Harriston Maitland River 316.8 cm 10.3 m³/s
Near Hat Island Albany River 252.1 cm 674 m³/s
Near Hay River Hay River 162.1 cm 14.8 m³/s
Near Hazelton Kispiox River 95.4 cm 21.1 m³/s
Near Heckston North Branch South Nation River 150 cm
Near Hedley Similkameen River 140.7 cm 43.5 m³/s
Near High Level Chinchaga River 54.1 cm 2.72 m³/s
Near High Prairie West Prairie River 254.9 cm
Near Hines Creek Montagneuse River 34.7 cm 0.43 m³/s
Near Hinton Wildhay River delayed
Near Hodgson East Fisher River 22638.7 cm 8.21 m³/s
Near Holland Assiniboine River 29465.3 cm 203 m³/s
Near Holmfield Long River 46834.9 cm 0.3 m³/s
Near Holstein Beatty Saugeen River 201.5 cm 2.62 m³/s
Near Holyrood South River 160.1 cm 0.76 m³/s
Near Horod Little Saskatchewan River 824.3 cm 3.57 m³/s
Near Houston Bulkley River 72.8 cm 4.79 m³/s
Near Houston Morice River 44.3 cm 17.9 m³/s
Near Huntingdon Sumas River 144.4 cm 2.64 m³/s
Near Huntsville Big East River 612.1 cm 49 m³/s
Near Inglis Shell River 43887.5 cm 24.9 m³/s
Near International Boundary North Milk River 37 cm 0.54 m³/s
Near Intola Neebing River 2747.2 cm 1.19 m³/s
Near Iqaluit Sylvia Grinnell River 463.9 cm 52.5 m³/s
Near Jasper Miette River 45.5 cm 1.66 m³/s
Near Jasper Athabasca River 59.5 cm 17.5 m³/s
Near Junction South Nanaimo River 248.7 cm 5.56 m³/s
Near Keremeos Ashnola River 129.7 cm 5.41 m³/s
Near Keyes Whitemud River 28902.5 cm 7.94 m³/s
Near Kinburn Carp River 502.7 cm 5.19 m³/s
Near Kinsac Beaverbank River 53.6 cm 2.38 m³/s
Near Kinuso Swan River 58295.1 cm 4.34 m³/s
Near Kirby's Corner Goulais River 487.1 cm 98.9 m³/s
Near Kitwanga Kitwanga River 182.4 cm 6.21 m³/s
Near Klaskino Inlet Klaskish River 400.4 cm 3.9 m³/s
Near Lady Lake Lilian River 64.5 cm 3.7 m³/s
Near Lafleche Wood River 172.4 cm 2.27 m³/s
Near Lake Louise Pipestone River 42.5 cm 1.53 m³/s
Near Lamaline Salmonier River 92.3 cm 0.42 m³/s
Near Lanark Clyde River 892.8 cm 21.3 m³/s
Near La Riviere Pembina River 39237 cm 3.39 m³/s
Near Laurier Turtle River 27855.2 cm
Near Letellier Red River 23511 cm
Near Lethbridge Oldman River 33.6 cm 25.5 m³/s
Near Lethbridge St. Mary River 111.9 cm 3.35 m³/s
Near Levack Onaping River 205.9 cm 37.5 m³/s
Near Lillooet Seton River 179.8 cm 68.1 m³/s
Near Listowel Middle Maitland River 785 cm 9.63 m³/s
Near Little Smoky Iosegun River 110.5 cm 11.5 m³/s
Near Lotus Pigeon River 298.2 cm 0.21 m³/s
Near Lucan Crossing Little Ausable River 370.3 cm 18.9 m³/s
Near Lukerville Canard River 301.8 cm 0.41 m³/s
Near Lumby Shuswap River 364.5 cm 25.2 m³/s
Near Lumsden Qu'appelle River 49177.6 cm 8.99 m³/s
Near Malakwa Eagle River 144.7 cm 23.2 m³/s
Near Mammamattawa Kenogami River 2179.4 cm 395 m³/s
Near Manigotagan Manigotagan River 22349.7 cm 8.56 m³/s
Near Marathon Pic River 307.4 cm 102 m³/s
Near Marguerite Fraser River 239.7 cm 691 m³/s
Near Markham Rouge River 435.3 cm 32.2 m³/s
Near Marsville Grand River 428.7 cm 49.5 m³/s
Near Marwayne Vermilion River 66.2 cm 0.01 m³/s
Near Mayerthorpe Little Paddle River 196.6 cm 0.09 m³/s
Near Mayo Stewart River 350.6 cm
Near Mcbride Dore River 73 cm 1.3 m³/s
Near Mccord Wood River 594.6 cm
Near Mcculloch West Kettle River 135.4 cm 1.7 m³/s
Near Meaford Bighead River 1147.7 cm 16.7 m³/s
Near Meander River Hay River 376.5 cm 5.29 m³/s
Near Melita Antler River 243.3 cm 5.54 m³/s
Near Millertown Exploits River 223.8 cm 105 m³/s
Near Mill Island Severn River 723.7 cm
Near Milnet Vermilion River 437.4 cm 32.8 m³/s
Near Mine Centre Turtle River 85.8 cm 18.6 m³/s
Near Miniota Assiniboine River 37806.9 cm 235 m³/s
Near Minitonas Roaring River 28590 cm 2 m³/s
Near Minitonas Swan River 27663.4 cm 81.1 m³/s
Near Minnedosa Little Saskatchewan River 52332.1 cm 19.2 m³/s
Near Mitchell North Thames River 464.9 cm 27.1 m³/s
Near Mountain View Belly River 105 cm 1.38 m³/s
Near Nampa Heart River 100.4 cm 1.83 m³/s
Near Natal Elk River 43 cm 9.67 m³/s
Near Nelson House Sapochi River 889.5 cm 1.04 m³/s
Near North Harbour Little Salmonier River 232.5 cm 2.18 m³/s
Near North Vancouver Seymour River 108.7 cm 7 m³/s
Near Old Fort Athabasca River 760.8 cm
Near Oliver Okanagan River 64.2 cm 9.01 m³/s
Near Orangeville Credit River 1139.7 cm 2.16 m³/s
Near Osaca Ganaraska River 83.4 cm 2.05 m³/s
Near Osaca North West Ganaraska River 311.2 cm 0.75 m³/s
Near Otoskwin-Attawapiskat River Provincial Park Muketei River 1245.4 cm 5.09 m³/s
Near Otterburne Marsh River 23195.8 cm 1.44 m³/s
Near Otterburne Rat River 23224 cm 2.74 m³/s
Near Outlet Of Napaktulik Lake Fairy Lake River 795.8 cm 35.5 m³/s
Near Outlet Of Swan Lake Pembina River 39829.8 cm 2.94 m³/s
Near Owen Sound Sydenham River 510.8 cm 3.5 m³/s
Near Paisley Teeswater River 1248.1 cm 34.4 m³/s
Near Palgrave Humber River 893.7 cm 9.25 m³/s
Near Parkhill Ausable River 289.6 cm
Near Parksville Englishman River 113.9 cm 7.24 m³/s
Near Patuanak Churchill River 41896.1 cm 52.6 m³/s
Near Peavine South Heart River 418 cm 0.33 m³/s
Near Pemberton Lillooet River 196.3 cm 43.6 m³/s
Near Pemberton Meadows Ryan River 1783 cm 6.9 m³/s
Near Pembroke Muskrat River 376.6 cm 6.48 m³/s
Near Petawawa Petawawa River 299.6 cm 86.4 m³/s
Near Petitcodiac Petitcodiac River 64.7 cm 8.88 m³/s
Near Pickle Crow Kawinogans River 33012.8 cm 5.6 m³/s
Near Pine Grove East Humber River 322.8 cm 19.7 m³/s
Near Placentia Northeast River 140 cm 2.91 m³/s
Near Plantagenet Springs South Nation River 191.1 cm 155 m³/s
Near Ponoka Battle River 48.1 cm 3.28 m³/s
Near Portage La Prairie Assiniboine River 25655.9 cm 236 m³/s
Near Port Clements Yakoun River 109.2 cm 16.7 m³/s
Near Port Elgin Saugeen River 895.7 cm 165 m³/s
Near Port Hardy Keogh River 485.4 cm 7.24 m³/s
Near Port Hope Simpson Alexis River 68.2 cm 28 m³/s
Near Port Renfrew San Juan River 285.7 cm 44.9 m³/s
Near Prawda Birch River 9805.4 cm 1.74 m³/s
Near Prince George Salmon River 159 cm 16.7 m³/s
Near Qualicum Beach Little Qualicum River 511 cm 8.91 m³/s
Near Quesnel Quesnel River 158.2 cm 86.5 m³/s
Near Quibell Wabigoon River 33772.6 cm 45.6 m³/s
Near Ralph Souris River 102.2 cm 2.44 m³/s
Near Raven Raven River 91.4 cm 1.93 m³/s
Near Redstone Chilko River 60.2 cm 21.9 m³/s
Near Reidville Upper Humber River 94 cm 49.5 m³/s
Near Richmond Jock River 686.2 cm 25.3 m³/s
Near Rio Grande Redwillow River 305.5 cm 0.67 m³/s
Near Rivers Little Saskatchewan River 45212.5 cm 39.2 m³/s
Near Rivers Oak River 144.3 cm 6.93 m³/s
Near Riverton Icelandic River 22009.6 cm 17.8 m³/s
Near Robinsons Island Otonabee River 817.2 cm
Near Roblin Shell River 200.5 cm 6.11 m³/s
Near Rochfort Bridge Paddle River 96.3 cm 0.02 m³/s
Near Rocky Mountain House North Saskatchewan River 194.3 cm 1430 m³/s
Near Roseisle Boyne River 92.8 cm 0.36 m³/s
Near Rosenort Morris River 23354.5 cm 8.32 m³/s
Near Rosenort Little Morris River 23397 cm 0.7 m³/s
Near Rosevear Mcleod River 238.4 cm 103 m³/s
Near Ruscom Station Ruscom River 542.7 cm 10.8 m³/s
Near Russell Assiniboine River 40960.4 cm 87.3 m³/s
Near Salem Irvine River 240.3 cm 21.6 m³/s
Near Salmo Salmo River 126.2 cm 37.9 m³/s
Near Salmon Arm Salmon River 33.5 cm 5.22 m³/s
Near Sanford La Salle River 23188.3 cm 0.86 m³/s
Near Saskatchewan Crossing Mistaya River 89.6 cm 4.81 m³/s
Near Sault Ste. Marie Big Carp River 286.8 cm 2.51 m³/s
Near Savona Thompson River 1062.9 cm 365 m³/s
Near Sayward Salmon River 707.9 cm 67.7 m³/s
Near Schomberg Schomberg River 239.5 cm 5.47 m³/s
Near Scrabble Hill Great Village River 141.6 cm 5.19 m³/s
Near Searchmont Goulais River 865.7 cm 94 m³/s
Near Sebright Head River 961.3 cm 9.71 m³/s
Near Seymour Arm Seymour River 90.3 cm 20.1 m³/s
Near Shamattawa Gods River 2520.3 cm 132 m³/s
Near Shannonville Salmon River 170.9 cm 33.9 m³/s
Near Smithers Bulkley River 273.2 cm 59.8 m³/s
Near Southern Bay Southern Bay River 229.7 cm 1.59 m³/s
Near Spences Bridge Thompson River 151 cm 364 m³/s
Near Spillimacheen Spillimacheen River 34.8 cm 7.48 m³/s
Near Springbank Ausable River 473.5 cm 73.9 m³/s
Near Spurfield Saulteaux River 119.3 cm 1.3 m³/s
Near Squilax Adams River 34.1 m³/s
Near Stanley Whitefish River 447.6 cm
Near St. Anthony Bartletts River 157.6 cm 0.86 m³/s
Near Ste. Agathe Red River 22450.1 cm 116 m³/s
Near Ste. Anne Seine River 25329.6 cm 4.69 m³/s
Near Steen River Steen River 358.9 cm 0.68 m³/s
Near St. Eugene Rigaud River 261.3 cm 20.5 m³/s
Near St. Isidore De Prescott West Branch Scotch River 141.5 cm 10 m³/s
Near St. Norbert Red River 22380.7 cm 234 m³/s
Near Strathavon Bighead River 745.5 cm 3.4 m³/s
Near Suffolk Winter River 138.5 cm 1.46 m³/s
Near Sundown Rat River 31610.6 cm 2.45 m³/s
Near Sundre James River 20.8 cm 0.83 m³/s
Near Swan Hills Swan River delayed
Near Swift River Swift River 66.2 cm 10.2 m³/s
Near Taylor Peace River 225.4 cm 521 m³/s
Near Telegraph Creek Tuya River 60.7 cm 11.6 m³/s
Near Terrace Exchamsiks River 70.2 cm 19.3 m³/s
Near The 760 M Contour Akie River 724.2 cm 5.46 m³/s
Near The Arctic Circle Loon River 703.6 cm 5.51 m³/s
Near The Mouth Loon River 3012.6 cm 1.44 m³/s
Near The Mouth Hoarfrost River 784.6 cm
Near The Mouth Burnside River 366.2 cm 96.1 m³/s
Near The Mouth Cruickshank River 429.7 cm 6.76 m³/s
Near The Mouth Redwater River 184.9 cm 0.07 m³/s
Near The Mouth Gregg River 105.9 cm 9.97 m³/s
Near The Mouth North French River 2542.9 cm 721 m³/s
Near The Mouth Little Beaver River 2767.2 cm 3.86 m³/s
Near The Mouth Little Red Deer River 76.2 cm 1.1 m³/s
Near The Mouth Logan River 695.5 cm 0.68 m³/s
Near The Mouth Snake River 506.7 cm 68.8 m³/s
Near The Mouth Tazin River 708.7 cm 10.9 m³/s
Near The Mouth Christina River delayed
Near The Mouth Smith River 126 cm 56.4 m³/s
Near The Mouth Dore River 214.2 cm 1.94 m³/s
Near The Mouth Firebag River 99.3 cm 14.7 m³/s
Near The Mouth Driftwood River 103.1 cm 10.8 m³/s
Near The Mouth Waldron River 185.6 cm 0.89 m³/s
Near The Mouth Calumet River 9719 cm 0.01 m³/s
Near The Mouth Bow River 520.5 cm 36.6 m³/s
Near The Mouth Rancheria River 852.4 cm 11.4 m³/s
Near The Mouth Highwood River 234.8 cm 3.34 m³/s
Near The Mouth Elaho River 308.7 cm 38.3 m³/s
Near The Mouth Tsilcoh River 357.3 cm 1.53 m³/s
Near The Mouth Honna River 125.6 cm 1.16 m³/s
Near The Mouth Kwetabohigan River 1074.9 cm 51.7 m³/s
Near The Mouth Berland River delayed
Near The Mouth Ochre River 250.3 cm 1.31 m³/s
Near The Mouth Gregoire River 9760.5 cm 0.74 m³/s
Near The Mouth Liard River 196.9 cm 461 m³/s
Near The Mouth Sukunka River 219.4 cm 21.3 m³/s
Near The Mouth Sand River 131 cm 3.5 m³/s
Near The Mouth Oldman River 235.2 cm 30 m³/s
Near The Mouth Red Deer River 25348.2 cm 0.01 m³/s
Near The Mouth Mcquesten River 417.2 cm 33.2 m³/s
Near The Mouth Richardson River 217.4 cm 14 m³/s
Near The Mouth Root River 339.6 cm 77.4 m³/s
Near The Mouth Nation River 31.8 cm 22.8 m³/s
Near The Mouth Baillie River 369 cm 179 m³/s
Near The Mouth Tar River 9774.8 cm 0.07 m³/s
Near The Mouth Murray River 795.9 cm 12.8 m³/s
Near The Mouth Fontas River 1050.4 cm 0.03 m³/s
Near The Mouth Dover River 9827.6 cm 0.35 m³/s
Near The Mouth North Klondike River 193.5 cm 16.7 m³/s
Near The Mouth Barnston River 702.5 cm
Near The Mouth High Hill River 9941.6 cm 26.8 m³/s
Near The Mouth Atnarko River 96.8 cm 11.6 m³/s
Near The Mouth Whitefish River 302.2 cm 12.2 m³/s
Near The Mouth Waskahigan River 124.6 cm 2.42 m³/s
Near The Mouth Sixty Mile River 638.9 cm 23.2 m³/s
Near The Mouth West Aishihik River 673.6 cm 2.51 m³/s
Near The Mouth Arctic Red River 183.6 cm 34.3 m³/s
Near The Park Boundary Hornaday River 190.9 cm 4.46 m³/s
Near The Pas Carrot River 25868.9 cm
Near The Saskatchewan Boundary Battle River 111.2 cm 3.58 m³/s
Near Thompson Odei River 9619.6 cm 15.6 m³/s
Near Thompson Burntwood River 18595.2 cm 499 m³/s
Near Thompson Taylor River 2801 cm 3.3 m³/s
Near Thorndale North Thames River 287.4 cm 97 m³/s
Near Thunder Bay Slate River 2620.8 cm 7.05 m³/s
Near Thunder Bay North Current River 2839.6 cm 3.69 m³/s
Near Thunder Bay Neebing River 18459.8 cm 2.3 m³/s
Near Timmins Mattagami River 384.8 cm 143 m³/s
Near Timmins Tatachikapika River 9544 cm 51.1 m³/s
Near Trepassey St. Shotts River 54.4 cm 0.33 m³/s
Near Turnberry Carrot River 26203 cm 24.1 m³/s
Near Tweed Moira River 518.7 cm 56.7 m³/s
Near Upper Margaree Southwest Margaree River 141.6 cm 24.6 m³/s
Near Val Caron Vermilion River 424 cm 30.4 m³/s
Near Valhalla Centre Bear River 199.3 cm 0.02 m³/s
Near Vandeleur Beaver River 732.6 cm 6.48 m³/s
Near Vankoughnet Black River 926.6 cm 19.1 m³/s
Near Varna Bayfield River 198.9 cm 51.5 m³/s
Near Verner Veuve River 206.9 cm 111 m³/s
Near Villeneuve Sturgeon River 123.5 cm
Near Wabasca Willow River 229.3 cm 1.05 m³/s
Near Walkerton Saugeen River 1071.8 cm 89.1 m³/s
Near Wandering River Wandering River 68.7 cm 0.31 m³/s
Near Wanup Wanapitei River 357.6 cm 108 m³/s
Near Wardner Bull River 145.8 cm 21.6 m³/s
Near Washago Black River 876.4 cm 63.7 m³/s
Near Waterhen Waterhen River 24968.2 cm 12.7 m³/s
Near Waterton Park Waterton River 53.9 cm 7.91 m³/s
Near Water Valley Little Red Deer River 74.4 cm 19.1 m³/s
Near Watson Lake Frances River 174.1 cm 25.7 m³/s
Near Wauchope Antler River 60372.2 cm 0.4 m³/s
Near Weald Embarras River delayed
Near Welby Qu'appelle River 391.8 cm 47.3 m³/s
Near Westbridge Kettle River 144.7 cm 33.8 m³/s
Near Westholme Chemainus River 93.5 cm 11.5 m³/s
Near Westwood Ouse River 1291.5 cm 10.4 m³/s
Near Whitecourt Sakwatamau River 2.9 cm 0.97 m³/s
Near Whitecourt Mcleod River 233.8 cm 49.8 m³/s
Near Whitehorse Ibex River 379.4 cm 0.74 m³/s
Near Whitehorse Takhini River 316.6 cm 15.1 m³/s
Near Whitemouth Whitemouth River 26869.2 cm 11.7 m³/s
Near Williamstown Raisin River 996.4 cm 17.5 m³/s
Near Wilmot Valley Wilmot River 103.5 cm 1.88 m³/s
Near Winchester Springs South Branch South Nation River 828 cm
Near Windygates Pembina River 33747.5 cm 5.47 m³/s
Near Worsley Eureka River 135.6 cm 10.2 m³/s
Near Wyevale Wye River 142.1 cm 4.47 m³/s
Near Zeballos Zeballos River 188.9 cm 19 m³/s
North Of Belcher Deer River 3009.6 cm
North Of Dallas Fisher River 22101.9 cm 20.2 m³/s
North Of Griswold Assiniboine River 36505.3 cm
North Of Killarney Pembina River 48112.8 cm 0.49 m³/s
Of Pictou At Rocklin Middle River 58.7 cm 2.13 m³/s
Old Channel Saskatchewan River 175.2 cm
(Outflow Middle Channel) Below Langley Island Mackenzie River 959.6 cm
Outlet Lake Nipissing At French River 19579.7 cm
Outlet At Rabbit Island Churchill River -33.4 cm
(Peel Channel) Above Aklavik Mackenzie River 1025 cm 127 m³/s
Pinus River Pinus River 208.5 cm 30.2 m³/s
Ridge Reservoir Milk River 102922.9 cm
(South Branch) Below Bridge Glacier Bridge River 67.2 cm 1.45 m³/s
South Of Prairie Grove Seine River 157 cm 0.35 m³/s
South Of Shackan Nicola River 337.9 cm 17.5 m³/s
Southwest Of St. Lazare Assiniboine River 39116.4 cm
Tributary Near Bruce Vermilion River 51 cm
Upland Muskeg River 32983.1 cm 0.16 m³/s
Upstream Of St. Andrews Dam At Lockport Red River 22040.6 cm
Upstream Of St Andrews Dam At Lockport No.2 Red River 22039.6 cm
Upstream Of Suncor Firebag Firebag River 9946.9 cm 8.59 m³/s
West Branch At Norval Credit River 246.3 cm 6.72 m³/s
West Branch At York Mills Don River 86.4 cm 2.56 m³/s
Western Channel Near Tunnel Island Winnipeg River 133.6 cm 130 m³/s


Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
107qrv001考試潭排水門 River
39號二仁溪橋 River 164 cm
一江橋 River 9557 cm
三地門 River 10492 cm
三民橋 River 3179 cm
三聖橋 River 6645 cm
上坪 River 20893 cm
上龜山橋 River 5729 cm
中平 River 9569 cm
中正大橋 River 5292 cm
中正橋 River 4542 cm
二層行橋 River -7 cm
二溪大橋 River 958 cm
五堵 River 454 cm
五峰大橋 River 25172 cm
五河-111 River
五河-112 River
五河-120 River
五河-121 River
五河-124 River
五河-128 River
五河-130 River
五河-134 River
五河-226 River
五河-229 River
五河-230 River
五河-231 River
五河-232 River
五河-233 River
五河-257 River
五河-258 River
五河-261 River
五河-263 River
五河-266 River
五河-267 River
五河-273 River
五河-53 River
五河-54 River
五河-55 River
五河-69 River
五河-71 River
五河-74 River
五里林橋 River 110 cm
人倫橋 River 31739 cm
仁壽橋 River 10950 cm
仁弘橋 River 2658 cm
仁愛橋 River 18 cm
介壽橋(1) River 4233 cm
內灣 River 24721 cm
內茅埔 River 47125 cm
八掌溪橋 River 934 cm
六龜(1) River 22550 cm
出礦坑橋 River 17585 cm
利民橋 River 5081 cm
前州橋 River 23 cm
加九寮景觀大橋 River 8025 cm
北勢大橋左岸 River 1262 cm
北寮橋 River 6981 cm
北成橋 River 1290 cm
北港(2) River -1 cm
卓樂橋(卓麓(1)) River 19264 cm
卓蘭 River 31860 cm
南北通橋 River 33715 cm
南崗大橋 River 7505 cm
南港溪橋 River -48 cm
南雄橋(阿蓮(2)) River 544 cm
南雲大橋 River 11553 cm
印順橋 River 1282 cm
口社富邦大橋 River 9406 cm
台東大橋 River 2602 cm
名竹大橋 River 14378 cm
后興橋 River 2252 cm
后豐大橋 River 19563 cm
和社橋 River 75113 cm
善功橋 River 3071 cm
嘉南大橋 River -12 cm
嘉新橋 River 17219 cm
嘉義縣-1 River
嘉義縣-10 River
嘉義縣-100 River
嘉義縣-101 River
嘉義縣-102 River
嘉義縣-103 River
嘉義縣104 River
嘉義縣-105 River
嘉義縣-106 River
嘉義縣-107 River
嘉義縣-108 River
嘉義縣-109 River
嘉義縣-11 River
嘉義縣-110 River
嘉義縣-111 River
嘉義縣-112 River
嘉義縣-113 River
嘉義縣-114 River
嘉義縣-115 River
嘉義縣-116 River
嘉義縣-117 River
嘉義縣-118 River
嘉義縣-119 River
嘉義縣-12 River
嘉義縣-120 River
嘉義縣-121 River
嘉義縣-122 River
嘉義縣-123 River
嘉義縣-124 River
嘉義縣-125 River
嘉義縣126 River
嘉義縣-127 River
嘉義縣-128 River
嘉義縣-129 River
嘉義縣-13 River
嘉義縣-130 River
嘉義縣-131 River
嘉義縣-14 River
嘉義縣-15 River
嘉義縣-17 River
嘉義縣-18 River
嘉義縣-2 River
嘉義縣-20 River
嘉義縣-21 River
嘉義縣-22 River
嘉義縣-23 River
嘉義縣-24 River
嘉義縣-25 River
嘉義縣-26 River
嘉義縣-27 River
嘉義縣-28 River
嘉義縣-29 River
嘉義縣-3 River
嘉義縣-30 River
嘉義縣-31 River
嘉義縣-32 River
嘉義縣-33 River
嘉義縣-34 River
嘉義縣-35 River
嘉義縣-36 River
嘉義縣-37 River
嘉義縣-38 River
嘉義縣-39 River
嘉義縣-4 River
嘉義縣-40 River
嘉義縣-41 River
嘉義縣-42 River
嘉義縣-43 River
嘉義縣-44 River
嘉義縣-45 River
嘉義縣-46 River
嘉義縣-47 River
嘉義縣-48 River
嘉義縣-49 River
嘉義縣-5 River
嘉義縣-50 River
嘉義縣-51 River
嘉義縣-52 River
嘉義縣-53 River
嘉義縣-54 River
嘉義縣-55 River
嘉義縣-56 River
嘉義縣-57 River
嘉義縣-58 River
嘉義縣-59 River
嘉義縣-6 River
嘉義縣-60 River
嘉義縣-61 River
嘉義縣-62 River
嘉義縣-63 River
嘉義縣-64 River
嘉義縣-65 River
嘉義縣-66 River
嘉義縣-67 River
嘉義縣-68 River
嘉義縣-69 River
嘉義縣-7 River
嘉義縣-70 River
嘉義縣-71 River
嘉義縣-72 River
嘉義縣-73 River
嘉義縣-74 River
嘉義縣-75 River
嘉義縣-76 River
嘉義縣-77 River
嘉義縣-78 River
嘉義縣-79 River
嘉義縣-8 River
嘉義縣-80 River
嘉義縣-81 River
嘉義縣-82 River
嘉義縣-83 River
嘉義縣-84 River
嘉義縣-85 River
嘉義縣-86 River
嘉義縣-87 River
嘉義縣-88 River
嘉義縣-89 River
嘉義縣-9 River
嘉義縣-90 River
嘉義縣-91 River
嘉義縣-92 River
嘉義縣-93 River
嘉義縣-94 River
嘉義縣-95 River
嘉義縣-96 River
嘉義縣-97 River
嘉義縣-98 River
噶瑪蘭橋 River 52 cm
四德大橋 River 25139 cm
國姓橋 River -62 cm
土庫大橋 River 1241 cm
坪林拱橋站 River 18192 cm
城林橋 River -5 cm
基隆市-01 River
基隆市-02 River
基隆市-03 River
基隆市-04 River
基隆市-05 River
基隆市-06 River
基隆市-08 River
多納大橋 River 24588 cm
大安溪橋 River 5495 cm
大崙 River 36904 cm
大林橋 River 17177 cm
大津橋(1) River 13935 cm
大湖口溪橋 River 2631 cm
大甲溪橋 River 5364 cm
大窩橋 River 25615 cm
大肚橋 River 896 cm
大里橋 River 3929 cm
天福大橋 River 47289 cm
安坑橋 River 242 cm
安順橋 River -2 cm
官田橋 River 940 cm
家源橋 River 36589 cm
寶來二號橋 River 39918 cm
寶橋 River 684 cm
小林橋 River 34712 cm
尖山大橋 River 63 cm
尖山護岸站(1) River 385 cm
尖山護岸站(2) River 396 cm
屈尺堰 River 4918 cm
山美 River 40129 cm
崇德橋 River 791 cm
左鎮 River 1547 cm
希能埔 River 3127 cm
平安橋 River 3806 cm
平林 River 15493 cm
廬山吊橋 River 107891 cm
延平 River 15644 cm
延平橋 River 15408 cm
弘文橋 River 23275 cm
彰雲橋 River 8955 cm
彼岸橋 River 22079 cm
後龍溪橋 River 59 cm
復興橋 River 8632 cm
德盛橋 River 7154 cm
忠義橋 River 1153 cm
思源橋 River 26331 cm
恭敬橋 River 24438 cm
懷恩橋 River 2207 cm
成功橋 River 9194 cm
打鹿坑 River 16963 cm
撒拉阿塢橋 River 54951 cm
文田橋 River 26163 cm
斜張橋 River 1978 cm
新中(1) River 197 cm
新埔(2) River 4108 cm
新市 River 100 cm
新曾文溪渡槽 River 209 cm
新武呂(4) River 31712 cm
新營 River 289 cm
新美 River 27840 cm
新豐橋 River 1781 cm
旗山橋 River 3510 cm
明德四號橋 River 5576 cm
景山 River 31052 cm
曾文溪 River 193 cm
杉林大橋(2) River 11410 cm
東勢大橋 River 31941 cm
東江橋 River 24707 cm
東興橋 River 738 cm
東門橋 River 4304 cm
松鶴橋 River 63730 cm
柯子湖溪匯流站 River 2895 cm
梅南橋 River 8686 cm
橫溪 River 1854 cm
橫溪海山橋 River 3279 cm
民雄-01 River
水源橋 River 17055 cm
水里 River 26503 cm
永興橋 River 17538 cm
永豐橋 River 22917 cm
池上大橋 River 28002 cm
泰隆橋 River 14659 cm
清水大橋 River 19431 cm
清水溪橋 River 27931 cm
港東二號橋 River 79 cm
湖子內排水 River 2127 cm
溝坪橋 River 9045 cm
溪南橋 River 2317 cm
溪口 River 747 cm
溪州大橋 River 1923 cm
溪洲橋 River 7944 cm
潮州 River 437 cm
灣內橋 River 35 cm
烏溪橋 River 8472 cm
牛稠溪橋(1) River 1556 cm
牛鬥(3) River 19960 cm
獅額頭橋 River 26641 cm
玄寶大橋 River -59 cm
玉峰橋 H028 River 985 cm
玉峰橋 H063 River 26248 cm
玉清大橋 River 3367 cm
玉田 River 3977 cm
玉豐大橋 River 3573 cm
玉里大橋 River 12655 cm
瑞源 River 16156 cm
瑞穗大橋 River 5911 cm
環湖橋 River 25386 cm
田頭橋 River 2327 cm
石門大圳一號退水路監控站 River 5.14 m³/s
石門大圳三湖監控站 River 0.47 m³/s
石門大圳中壢支渠監測站 River
石門大圳和興監控站 River 0.26 m³/s
石門大圳員樹林監控站 River 5.87 m³/s
石門大圳湖口監控站 River 1.17 m³/s
石門大圳環頂監控站 River 2.65 m³/s
石門(後池) River 13218 cm
石門橋 River 7238 cm
社寮角橋 River 28226 cm
福南橋 River 24697 cm
福墩橋 River 8281 cm
福德橋 River 263 cm
福新橋 River 4831 cm
秀朗 River 198 cm
稜角 River 53074 cm
立山 River 16762 cm
竹圍橋 River 6535 cm
竹林大橋 River 10072 cm
竹林大橋(左岸) River 9662 cm
竹港大橋 River -135 cm
箭瑛大橋 River 7847 cm
米棧大橋 River 3525 cm
精忠橋 River 3146 cm
經國橋 River 2691 cm
美濃橋 River 4151 cm
義竹(厚生橋)(1) River 105 cm
義里 River 18942 cm
老田寮橋 River 3044 cm
聖森橋 River 288 cm
育英橋 River 7183 cm
自強大橋 River 1168 cm
興安橋 River 42914 cm
興社大橋 River 110 cm
興龍橋 River 2573 cm
舊港橋 River -98 cm
花蓮大橋 River 411 cm
華醫大橋 River 111 cm
萬大大橋 River 578 cm
萬安大橋 River 4733 cm
萬福橋 River 1296 cm
萬里溪橋 River 13366 cm
蒜頭 River 8 cm
蘭陽大橋 River 247 cm
虎寮潭橋站 River 20877 cm
西圓潭橋 River 5779 cm
西港橋 River -39 cm
西濱大橋 River 457 cm
西結橋 River 974 cm
西門橋 River 440 cm
覽勝橋 River 10956 cm
觀海大橋 River -59 cm
觀音橋 River 37991 cm
觸口 River 22403 cm
谷關大橋 River 70238 cm
象鼻(3) River 62230 cm
走馬瀨 River 2620 cm
農路橋 River 11105 cm
過嶺支渠內厝子分渠監控站 River 0.01 m³/s
過嶺支渠桂竹子分渠監控站 River
過嶺支渠苦練腳分渠監控站 River
達西霸樂橋 River 74071 cm
里嶺大橋 River 2142 cm
金瓜寮橋 River 17466 cm
銀聯一橋 River 7791 cm
銅富大橋 River 5003 cm
錦卦大橋 River 31963 cm
長潤橋 River 11 cm
關西 River 11483 cm
隘寮橋 River 13902 cm
集泉橋 River 1893 cm
雙冬橋 River 16550 cm
雙崎 River 47912 cm
雙東大橋 River 2002 cm
雪山坑 River 59876 cm
雲嘉大橋 River -64 cm
電光橋 River 20818 cm
霞雲 River 24668 cm
青葉橋 River 2301 cm
順義橋 River 25972 cm
頭前溪橋 River 2261 cm
香雅橋 River 92 cm
馬遠橋 River 15477 cm
馬鞍後池 River 42860 cm
馬鞍溪橋 River 16419 cm
高屏大橋 River 860 cm
高義 River 43927 cm
鯉魚大橋 River 14080 cm
鳳山溪橋 River 1256 cm
鸞山橋 River 10830 cm
鹽水溪排水郡安路三段 River 3 cm
鹿鳴橋 River 14564 cm
麻善大橋 River 11 cm
麻善橋 River 37 cm
麻魚寮橋 River 1238 cm
龍安橋 River 43940 cm
龍門橋 River 18711 cm



Station Water bodyWater levelFlowMap
A6 Bridge Stage 720215 River Brock 42.4 cm
Abbey Heath Stage E23730 River Little Ouse 38.2 cm
Abbeymead Avenue Stage 2662 River Twyver 15.7 cm
Abbeystead Reservoir Stage 720101 River Wyre 9.5 cm
Abercairn Road Stage 4186th River Graveney 86.9 cm
Abingdon Downstream Stage 1790th River Ock 6.6 cm
Abingdon Lock Downstream Stage 1503th River Thames 249.7 cm
Abingdon Lock Stage 1503th River Thames 9.5 cm
Abingdon Stage 1679th River Stert 63.7 cm
Abingdon Stage 1790th River Ock 34.6 cm
Abridge Stage 5459th River Roding 102.2 cm
Acle Bridge Tidal Level E23931 Maod River Bure 57.1 cm
Active Way Stage 712100 River Calder 68.8 cm
Addingham Stage F1903 River Wharfe 89.7 cm
Adelphi Weir Stage 690511 River Irwell 46.1 cm
Adwick Stage F0803 River Dearne 49.2 cm
Airmyn Stage L1800 Maod River Aire 437.7 cm
Albert Royds Bridge Stage 690207 River Roch 42.1 cm
Aldwark Bridge Stage L2200 River Ure 144.5 cm
Alfoldean Stage E9883 River Arun 29.9 cm
Allbrook Weir Stage E12430 River Itchen 48 cm
Allen Mill Bridge Stage 023036 River East Allen 30.2 cm
Allerford Stage 51104 River Aller 12.1 cm
Allington Lock Stage E427 Maod River Medway 391.2 cm
Allington Marina Stage E581 River Medway 13.2 cm
Alma Weir Stage F2216 River Skell 35.7 cm
Alston Stage 023009 River South Tyne 44.4 cm
Alton High Street Crest Tapping 3010th River Wey 20.5 cm
Alton High Street Stage 3010th River Wey 24.7 cm
Alwinton Bridge Stage 022014 River Coquet 52.4 cm
Amesbury Stage 43113 River Avon 59.7 cm
Anchor Gates Stage E8330 Maod River Ouse 670.8 cm
Andover Town Mill Stage E13860 Maod River Anton 5698.9 cm
Apperley Bridge Stage L1602 River Aire 43 cm
Appleby Stage 760115 River Eden 71.1 cm
Appleford Bridge Stage E22815 River Blackwater 39.4 cm
Appley Bridge Stage 700309 River Douglas 73.1 cm
Arborfield Bridge Stage 2473th River Loddon 62.9 cm
Ardingly Stage E8266 River Ouse 18.4 cm
Arlesey Stage E22344 River Hiz 19.2 cm
Arle Stage 2650 River Chelt 61.9 cm
Armley Stage F1707 River Aire 92.8 cm
Arnford Weir Stage 710103 River Ribble 78.9 cm
Arthington Stage L2007 River Wharfe 141.1 cm
Arundel Stage E9520 Maod River Arun -1.7 cm
Ashbrook Stage 680504 River Weaver 165.7 cm
Ashburton Lower Stage 46115 River Ashburn 27.3 cm
Ashburton Upper Stage 46116 River Ashburn 42.8 cm
Ashclyst Stage 45131 River Clyst 31.2 cm
Ashford In The Water Stage 4023 River Wye 59 cm
Ashford Mill Stage 52114 River Isle 22.3 cm
Ashleworth Stage 2071 River Severn 330.3 cm
Ashley Stage E2296 River Welland 20.8 cm
Ashton Vale Stage 53184 River Avon 113 cm
Ashton Weir Stage 692726 River Mersey 20.09 m³/s
Aston Bridge Stage 4124 River Dove 134 cm
Audlem Stage 680301 River Weaver 143.8 cm
Austins Bridge Stage 46122 River Dart 82.2 cm
Aylesbury Thame Stage 1911th River Thame 105.2 cm
Babraham Stage E21005 River Granta 17.3 cm
Bacons End Stage 4066 River Cole 25.9 cm
Bainbridge Stage L2208 River Ure 74.2 cm
Bamber Bridge Stage 700515 River Lostock 22 cm
Bampton Bridge Stage 45159 River Batherm 28.4 cm
Bampton Grange Stage 761260 River Lowther 80.4 cm
Banbury Downstream Stage 1420th River Cherwell -31.3 cm
Banbury Stage 1420th River Cherwell 35.1 cm
Barbrook Bridge Stage 50123 West Lyn River 28.4 cm
Barcombe Gates Stage E8654 River Ouse 550 cm
Barcombe Stage E8371 Maod River Ouse 297.5 cm
Bardney Stage E40411 River Witham 79.5 cm
Barford Bridge Stage E2273 River Ise 17 cm
Bargate Weir Stage E2900 River Witham 20 cm
Bargate Weir Tidal Level E2900 Maod River Witham 37.6 cm
Barmby Stage L2801 Maod River Derwent 395.4 cm
Barnard Castle Stage F3504 River Tees 74.9 cm
Barnsley Stage F0806 River Dearne 38.3 cm
Barnstaple Tidal Level 50198 Maod River Taw 265.5 cm
Bartley Mill Stage E861 River Teise 44.7 cm
Barton Broad Tidal Level E21563 Maod River Ant 64.2 cm
Barton Mills Sluice Stage E60201 River Lark 14.6 cm
Basford Bridge Downstream Stage 4061 River Churnet 40.6 cm
Basford Bridge Stage 4061 River Churnet 48.9 cm
Bath Destructor Bridge Stage 53127 River Avon 352.6 cm
Bathford Stage 53129 River Avon 110.6 cm
Bathpool Outfall Stage 52161 Old River Tone 848.3 cm
Bathpool Outfall Stage 52162 River Tone 792.8 cm
Beach's Mill Stage E22889 River Can 37.3 cm
Beal Bridge Stage 690200 River Beal 25.1 cm
Bealsmill Stage 47139 River Inny 82.8 cm
Beal Weir Bridge Stage F1806 River Aire 94.2 cm
Beaminster Stage 44131 River Brit 35.7 cm
Beaulieu Stage E14331 Maod Beaulieu River 11.3 cm
Beccles Quay Tidal Level E23019 Maod River Waveney 52.5 cm
Beck Bridge Stage E21119 River Kennett 20.5 cm
Beckenham Park Stage 4326th River Ravensbourne 56 cm
Beddington Park Stage 4150th River Wandle 41.7 cm
Bedford Road Sluice Stage E1363 River Nene 102.8 cm
Bedford Stage E21609 River Great Ouse 33.1 cm
Beeding Bridge Stage E9140 River Adur 79.7 cm
Beerwall Upstream Stage 52157 River Sowy 318.6 cm
Beetham Weir Stage 731013 River Bela 69 cm
Beggearn Huish Stage 51107 Washford River 43.8 cm
Bellever 2 46123 East Dart River 67.2 cm
Bellingham Stage 023037 River North Tyne 70 cm
Bell Weir Downstream Stage 2702th River Thames 312.5 cm
Bell Weir Stage 2702th River Thames 21 cm
Benson Lock Downstream Stage 2001th River Thames 307.5 cm
Benson Lock Stage 2001th River Thames 16.6 cm
Bentham Bridge Stage 724320 River Wenning 46.3 cm
Berkeley Stage 531192 Little Avon River 39.3 cm
Berwick Tidal Level 021999 Maod River Tweed -101.7 cm
Bescot Stage 4081 River Tame 89.7 cm 2.43 m³/s
Beverley Shipyard Stage L3204 Maod River Hull 321.8 cm
Bewdley Stage 2001 River Severn 76.4 cm 181.84 m³/s
Bibury Stage 0660th River Coln 34.9 cm
Bickington Stage 46129 River Lemon 55.6 cm
Bidford On Avon Stage 2615 River Avon 161.9 cm
Biggleswade Stage E19023 River Ivel 37.1 cm
Billingford Stage E23036 River Waveney 31.7 cm
Bingley Stage F1608 River Aire 38.7 cm
Birkin Holme Washlands Stage L1815 River Aire 49.7 cm
Birkwood Stage L1303 River Calder 123.9 cm
Birstwith Stage F2106 River Nidd 63.7 cm
Bishopbridge Stage E2846 River Rase 15.9 cm
Bishops Avenue Stage 4317th River Ravensbourne 55.8 cm
Bishops Hull Stage 52109 River Tone 48.4 cm
Bishops Stortford, Grange Paddocks Stage 5141th River Stort 30.6 cm
Bishopstoke Stage E12483 River Itchen 96.3 cm
Bissoe Stage 48137 Carnon River 118.8 cm
Bitton Stage 53131 River Boyd 26.2 cm
Blackburn Waterfall Stage 713118 River Darwen 65.5 cm
Blackford Bridge Stage 690205 River Roch 26.4 cm
Blackhall Mill Stage 023044 River Derwent 50.4 cm
Blackstones Farm Stage F2125 River Crimple 36.5 cm
Blacktoft Stage L24012 Maod River Ouse 330 cm
Blackwater Bridge Stage 2431th River Blackwater 141.9 cm
Blakes Lock Downstream Stage 2298th River Kennet 222.1 cm
Blakes Lock Stage 2298th River Kennet 8.8 cm
Blandford Stage 43210 River Stour 34.6 cm
Bleach Green Weir Stage 744111 River Ehen 94 cm
Blennerhasset Bridge Stage 754008 River Ellen 79.6 cm
Bletchley Stage E21505 River Ouzel 44.8 cm
Blue Bridge Stage 713122 River Darwen 39 cm
Blunham Stage E21647 River Ivel 41.9 cm
Blythe Bridge Stage 4159 River Blithe 37.4 cm
Blyth Stage 4091 River Ryton 74.2 cm 3.75 m³/s
Bodmin Dunmere Stage 49182 River Camel 140.8 cm
Bollington Mill Stage 693515 River Bollin 52.7 cm
Bolton Bridge Stage L08013 River Dearne 60.3 cm
Bolton Percy Stage L2013 Maod River Wharfe 615.6 cm
Bondend Road Stage 2667 River Twyver 32.8 cm
Bonehayne Stage 45217 River Coly 23.2 cm
Boroughbridge 1 L2210 Maod River Tutt 1186.8 cm
Boroughbridge Stage L2201 Maod River Ure 1111.3 cm
Bosbury Stage 2255 River Leadon 11.4 cm
Boscadjack Stage 48138 River Cober 59.5 cm
Boscastle New Mills 1 49124 River Valency 99.2 cm
Botcherby Bridge, Carlisle Stage 764070 River Petteril 82.3 cm
Boulters Lock Downstream Stage 2602th River Thames 304.1 cm
Boulters Lock Stage 2602th River Thames 13.2 cm
Bourne End Wye Stage 2590th River Wye 29.7 cm
Bourton Dickler Downstream Stage 1029th River Dikler 5.9 cm
Bourton Dickler Stage 1029th River Dikler 35.3 cm
Bourton Windrush Downstream Stage 1020th River Windrush 2.2 cm
Bourton Windrush Stage 1020th River Windrush 27.3 cm
Bovey Parke Stage 46133 River Bovey 69.9 cm
Bovey Tracey Wifford Footbridge Stage E81959 River Bovey Tributary 43.7 cm
Bowston Stage 730120 River Kent 58.3 cm
Boxford Stage E21852 River Box 120.7 cm
Bracebridge Stage E1594 River Witham 48 cm
Brackley Stage E23726 River Great Ouse 38.1 cm
Bradbury Stage F3707 River Skerne 34.8 cm
Bradford On Avon Stage 53155 River Avon 126.7 cm
Bradninch Hele Station Road Stage E71333 River Culm 125.3 cm
Bradworthy Stage 50146 River Waldon 36.2 cm
Brampton Sluice Stage E61201 River Great Ouse 13.7 cm
Bramshill Downstream Stage 2458th River Hart 27.3 cm
Bramshill Stage 2458th River Hart 29.3 cm
Brandy Wharf Stage E40684 River Ancholme 55.8 cm
Bransbury Stage E13851 River Dever 76.2 cm
Bransford Stage 2086 River Teme 179.2 cm
Brant Broughton Stage E2815 River Brant 17.4 cm
Braughing Stage 4939th River Quin 16.1 cm
Braunton Butts Bridge Stage 50189 River Caen 83.7 cm
Braunton Stage 50124 River Caen (Tidal) 302.1 cm
Brayford Pool Stage E1608 River Witham 37.2 cm
Bray Lock Downstream Stage 2607th River Thames 327 cm
Bray Lock Stage 2607th River Thames 25.8 cm
Braystones Stage 744312 River Ehen 101.3 cm
Brearley Stage L12041 River Calder 48 cm
Bredon Stage 2128 River Avon 75 cm
Brendon Stage 50150 East Lyn River 154.2 cm
Brent Cross Stage 3820th River Brent 10.9 cm
Brentford Stage 3892th River Brent 23.5 cm
Brent, Monks Park Stage 3850th River Brent 7.2 cm
Brewhurst Mill Stage E9941 River Lox -120.1 cm
Briantspuddle Stage 44206 River Piddle 61.2 cm
Bridge Rule Stage 47131 River Tamar 75.8 cm
Bridge Trafford Stage 684027 River Gowy 62.2 cm
Bridgham Stage E22152 River Thet 32 cm
Bridgnorth Stage 2180 River Severn 245.7 cm
Brigflats Stage 723423 River Rawthey 173.4 cm
Brigg Stage E2790 River Ancholme 129.6 cm
Briggswath Stage F2902 River Esk 55 cm
Brighouse Stage L1202 River Calder -113.7 cm
Brimpton Downstream Stage 2279th River Enborne -26.3 cm
Brimpton Stage 2279th River Enborne 41.8 cm
Brimscombe Stage 2205 River Frome (Severn) 106.2 cm
Brinksway Stage 692524 River Mersey 74 cm
Brixton Deverill Stage 43116 River Wylye 36.2 cm
Brixworth Stage E2129 River Nene 22.7 cm
Broadeye Bridge Stage 4703 River Sow 118.2 cm
Broadway Foot Stage F2508 River Rye 22.4 cm
Broadwey Stage 44109 River Wey 33.6 cm
Broken Scar Stage F3501 River Tees 105.8 cm
Bromham Stage E26141 Maod River Great Ouse 2921.1 cm
Bromley Downstream Stage 4320th River Ravensbourne -20.4 cm
Bromley South Stage 4319th River Ravensbourne 6.8 cm
Bromley Stage 4320th River Ravensbourne 8.9 cm
Bromyard Stage 055040 River Frome (Wye) 33 cm
Brooklands Stage 3089th River Wey 92.4 cm
Brookvale Road Stage 4878 River Tame 67.6 cm
Broom Stage 2104 River Arrow 32.1 cm
Broomstairs Bridge Stage 692422 River Tame 36 cm
Browndown Stage E11350 River Alver 57 cm
Brownshill Stage E24255 River Great Ouse 94.1 cm
Brundall Tidal Level E24835 Maod River Yare 49.9 cm
Brushford Stage 45121 River Barle 67.9 cm
Bruton Dam Stage 52208 River Brue 62 cm
Bruton Surgery Stage 52211 River Brue 34.2 cm
Bubwith Bridge Stage L2803 Maod River Derwent 440.3 cm
Buckfastleigh Higher Town Bridge Stage 46165 River Mardle 62.4 cm
Buckingham Stage E25055 River Great Ouse 36.3 cm
Bucklebury Downstream Stage 2150th River Pang 61.8 cm
Bucklebury Stage 2150th River Pang 61 cm
Bucknall Downstream Stage 4040 River Trent -31.5 cm
Bucknall Stage 4040 River Trent 23.8 cm
Budleigh South Farm Road West Bridge Stage E85263 River Otter 168.3 cm
Budleigh South Farm Road White Bridge Stage E84429 River Otter 101.6 cm
Buildwas Stage 2134 River Severn 441.9 cm 177.06 m³/s
Bull Gill Stage 754016 River Ellen 64.9 cm
Bulwell Stage 4203 River Leen 40.7 cm
Buntingford Stage 4912th River Rib 11.8 cm
Burcote Stage 2024 River Worfe 45.2 cm
Bures Bridge Stage E21856 River Stour 25 cm
Burgh Castle Tidal Level E24812 Maod River Yare 44.3 cm
Burgh St Peter Tidal Level E23052 Maod River Waveney 45.1 cm
Burlington Road Stage 4683 River Wye 57.8 cm
Burlington Stage 2884 River Worfe 27.4 cm
Burn Bridge Stage F2120 River Crimple 15.7 cm
Burn Hall Stage 024005 River Browney 43.7 cm
Burton Bradstock Stage 44120 River Bride 38.7 cm
Burton Coggles Stage E2300 West Glen River 0.07 m³/s
Burwash Stage E6600 River Rother 17.4 cm
Bury Ground Stage 690160 River Irwell 42.8 cm
Buscot Lock Downstream Stage 0898th River Thames 231.9 cm
Buscot Lock Stage 0898th River Thames 12.5 cm
Bush Stage 49113 River Strat 43.5 cm
Buttercrambe Stage F2807 River Derwent 87 cm
Buxted Stage E8190 River Uck 20.5 cm
Buxton Stage 4197 River Wye 31.2 cm
Bywell Stage 023001 River Tyne 134.1 cm
Cae Howel Stage 2831 River Severn 365.7 cm
Calder Hall Stage 743509 River Calder 50.4 cm
Callerton Lane Stage 022013 River Pont 33.4 cm
Calne Stage 531112 River Marden 40.6 cm
Calthorpe Park Stage 4039 River Rea 18.9 cm
Cambridge Baits Bite Stage E60101 River Cam 24.9 cm
Cambridge Byron's Pool Stage E21732 River Rhee 48 cm
Cambridge Jesus Lock Stage E60501 River Cam 71.4 cm
Cambridge Stage 2603 River Cam 28.3 cm
Camelford Enfield Park Stage 49163 River Camel 37.6 cm
Cam Stage 2514 River Cam 94.1 cm
Canklow Regulator Downstream Stage L0301 Maod River Rother 2431.1 cm
Canklow Regulator Stage L0301 Maod River Rother 2432.2 cm
Canonbie Stage 780001 River Esk 151.1 cm
Cantley Tidal Level E23060 Maod River Yare 55.6 cm
Canworthy Water Bridge 1 47175 River Ottery 32.2 cm
Cappenham Stage E21042 River Tove 41.9 cm
Cardington Stage E44566 River Great Ouse 130.9 cm
Carlton Bridge Stage L1801 River Aire 320.2 cm
Carlton On Trent Stage 4199 River Trent 473.5 cm
Carnwood Stage 47121 River Plym 144.5 cm
Carshalton Ponds Stage 4159th River Wandle 25.7 cm
Cartmel Wheelhouse Bridge Stage 732003 Eea River 77.3 cm
Cassington Weir A Stage 1290-W1th River Evenlode 65 cm
Cassington Weir B Stage 1290-W2th River Evenlode 74.9 cm
Castle Bridge Croston Stage 700448 River Yarrow 75.2 cm
Castle Bytham Stage E4482 River Tham 17.9 cm
Castle Farm Stage 4094 River Blythe 84 cm
Castleford Stage L1703 River Aire 148.4 cm
Castle Mill Stage E21034 River Great Ouse 11.5 cm
Castle Rising Stage E21050 Babingley River 26.5 cm
Castleton Stage L2907 River Esk 19.8 cm
Catcliffe Stage L0303 Maod River Rother 2573.9 cm
Catford Hill Stage 4370th River Ravensbourne 11.6 cm
Caton Stage 724629 River Lune 160.7 cm
Catterall Stage 720535 River Wyre 703.6 cm
Catterick Bridge Stage F2306 River Swale 91.9 cm
Caversham Lock Downstream Stage 2201th River Thames 198.6 cm
Caversham Lock Stage 2201th River Thames 17.6 cm
Cawood Stage L2403 Maod River Ouse 528.3 cm
Cerney Wick Downstream Stage 0290th River Churn 59.5 cm
Cerney Wick Stage 0290th River Churn 64 cm
Chafford Stage E1541 River Medway 46.5 cm
Chalford Stage 2617 River Frome (Severn) 35.9 cm
Chapel Haddlesey Stage L1803 River Aire 57.6 cm
Chapel Hill Stage E4403 River Witham 94.4 cm
Charlton Kings Stage 2139 River Chelt 44.6 cm
Charmouth Stage 44115 River Char 48.8 cm
Charney Bassett Stage 1757th River Ock 81.4 cm
Charterhouse Bridge Stage 2218 River Sherbourne 22.7 cm
Chatsworth Stage 4043 River Derwent 137.5 cm
Chertsey Lock Downstream Stage 2902th River Thames 304.9 cm
Chertsey Lock Stage 2902th River Thames 24.2 cm
Chesham Stage 2852th River Chess 59 cm
Cheshunt, Windmill Lane Stage 5318th Small River Lee 68.8 cm
Chesterfield Avenue Washlands Stage L0208 River Rother 39.9 cm
Chesterfield Park Road Bridge Stage L0233 River Hipper 13.4 cm
Chesterfield Stage L0235 River Hipper 41.6 cm
Chesterfield St Augustines Stage L0207 River Rother 33.8 cm
Chesterfield Tapton Bridge Stage L0204 River Rother 23 cm
Chester-Le-Street Stage 024009 River Wear 70.8 cm
Cheswick Green Stage 4129 River Blythe 42.1 cm
Chetnole Stage 52130 River Wriggle 21 cm
Chichester Tozer Way Stage E11100 Maod River Lavant 1344.6 cm
Chilbolton Side Stage E13823 River Test 73.1 cm
Chinbrook Park Stage 4386th River Quaggy 6.6 cm
Chiselborough Stage 52116 River Parrett 17.6 cm
Chollerford Stage 023028 River North Tyne 51.9 cm
Chudleigh Bridge Stage 46135 River Teign 111.3 cm
Chulmleigh Stage 50125 Little Dart River 69.9 cm
Churchend Stage E22843 River Chelmer 26.5 cm
Churchover Stage 2117 River Swift 39.9 cm
Church Warsop Stage 4032 River Meden 32.2 cm
Church Wilne Stage 4067 River Derwent 106.3 cm
Cirencester Downstream Stage 0260th River Churn 51.7 cm
Cirencester Stage 0260th River Churn 56.2 cm
City Mill Stage E12450 River Itchen 77.2 cm
Clavering Stage 5112th River Stort 5.3 cm
Claypole Stage E2901 River Witham 25.7 cm
Cleeve Lock Downstream Stage 2002th River Thames 230.2 cm
Cleeve Lock Stage 2002th River Thames 9.4 cm
Clifford Bridge Stage 46124 River Teign 73.9 cm
Clifton Bridge Stage 4126 River Trent 162.7 cm
Clifton Hall Stage 4175 River Mease 43.1 cm
Clifton Ings Outfall Stage L2408 Maod River Ouse 713.2 cm
Clifton Lock Downstream Stage 1801th River Thames 249.3 cm
Clifton Lock Stage 1801th River Thames 21 cm
Clungunford Stage 2056 River Clun 89.3 cm
Clyse Hole Stage 52206 River Brue 36.2 cm
Clyst Honiton Stage 45130 River Clyst 87 cm
Clyst St Mary Millstream Footbridge Stage E84443 River Clyst Tributary 223.8 cm
Clyst St Mary Millstream Outfall Stage E84323 River Clyst Tributary 212 cm
Cock Beck Sluices Stage L2024 Maod River Wharfe 660 cm
Cockfield Stage E21058 River Brett 8.5 cm
Cogenhoe Stage E2119 River Nene 45.2 cm
Collard Bridge Stage 50114 River Yeo 70.9 cm
College Road Stage 2223 River Chelt 34.2 cm
Collier Row Stage 5518th River Rom 29.7 cm
Colliers Land Bridge Stage E651 River Medway 55.9 cm
Collingham Stage L2005 River Wharfe 139.3 cm
Collyhurst Weir Stage 690611 River Irk 18.4 cm
Colne Bridge Stage F1102 River Colne 56.2 cm
Colney Street Stage 2819th River Ver 39.7 cm
Colsterworth Stage E1652 River Witham 19.4 cm
Colston Bassett Stage 4155 River Smite 58 cm
Colwick Stage 4009 River Trent 222.9 cm
Colyton Station Road Stage E85103 River Coly 64.1 cm
Combe Martin Bowling Green Lane Stage 50196 River Umber 28.9 cm
Compstall Stage 692190 River Etherow 23.8 cm
Compton Dando Stage 53125 River Chew 106.5 cm
Conagar Bridge Stage E13404 River Test 78 cm
Congleton Park Stage 681006 River Dane 20.8 cm
Cononley Stage L1505 River Aire
Cookham Lock Downstream Stage 2601th River Thames 297.9 cm
Cookham Lock Stage 2601th River Thames 7.3 cm
Coombe Cellars Tidal Level 46110 River Teign 148.8 cm
Copford Hall Stage E22778 River Pant 9.8 cm
Copley Bridge Stage L1203 River Calder 59.3 cm
Copley Stage 024014 River Gaunless 20.4 cm
Corbridge Stage 023021 River Tyne 90.1 cm
Cornwood Stage 47132 River Yealm 32.5 cm
Corpusty Stage E21836 River Bure 13.4 cm
Corsham 1 531186 River Avon 4.2 cm
Cosford River Stage 2046 River Worfe 19.9 cm
Cottingley Bridge Stage L1607 River Aire 81.8 cm
Court Place Farm Stage 45218 River Yarty 34.1 cm
Coven Stage 4177 River Penk 88.5 cm
Covington Stage E21324 River Kym 19.2 cm
Cowbeech Stage E78420 River Cuckmere 13.6 cm
Cowley Bridge Stage 45117 River Creedy 68.2 cm
Cox's Flume Stage 2654 River Chelt 56.8 cm
Cox's Meadow Storage Area Stage 2635 River Chelt 2.1 cm
Crabble Mill Stage E5080 River Dour 31.8 cm
Craigshill Wood Stage 49115 St Neot River 41.1 cm
Crakehill Stage F2302 River Swale 223.9 cm
Cranford Park Stage 3660th River Crane 9.8 cm
Cranwell Line Sluice Stage E4405 River Slea 15.6 cm
Crayford Stage E15260 River Cray 29.3 cm
Cresswell Stage 4863 River Blithe 26.9 cm
Crew Green Stage 2175 River Severn 402.3 cm
Cricklade Downstream Stage 0190th River Thames 79.3 cm
Cricklade Stage 0190th River Thames 80.3 cm
Criftin Ford Bridge Stage 2537 River Teme 179.1 cm
Croft Stage L3609 River Tees 108.1 cm
Crondall Bridge Stage 2450th River Hart 28 cm
Crondall Pond Stage 2451th River Hart 58.5 cm
Crookham Village Stage 2455th River Hart 59.9 cm
Cropple How Stage 742006 River Esk 76 cm
Cropredy Bridge Stage 1416th River Cherwell 103.2 cm
Crosslands Drive Stage E11320 River Lavant 47.9 cm
Croston Dam Stage 700406 River Yarrow 65.4 cm
Croston Stage 700408 River Yarrow 39.2 cm
Crowford Bridge Stage 47133 River Tamar 50 cm
Croxley Green Stage 2849th River Gade 22.6 cm
Crudgington Stage 2170 River Strine 113.5 cm 1.19 m³/s
Cuddington Stage 1930th River Thame 139.7 cm
Culham Lock Downstream Stage 1799th River Thames 209.2 cm
Culham Lock Stage 1799th River Thames 22.7 cm
Culmstock Stage 45133 River Culm 21.9 cm
Cummersdale Stage 765013 River Caldew 72.9 cm
Cundy Cross Stage L0808 River Dearne 29.6 cm
Currymoor Pumping Station Stage 52118 Maod River Tone 625.8 cm
Dane End Stage 4868th River Beane 89.7 cm
Darfield Bridge Stage L08015 River Dearne 46.1 cm
Darlaston Stage 4083 River Trent 5.09 m³/s
Darton Stage L0809 River Dearne 44.5 cm
Darwen Clough Street Overflow Stage 713204 River Darwen 52.7 cm
Davis Road Stage 685513 River Birket 60 cm
Days Lock Downstream Stage 1899th River Thames 270.7 cm
Days Lock Stage 1899th River Thames 13.6 cm
Debenham Stage E24795 River Deben 28.3 cm
Deeping St James Stage E2613 River Welland 106.1 cm
Deerhurst Flood Plain Level Stage 2534 River Severn 369.2 cm
Deerhurst Stage 2606 River Severn 418.9 cm
De Lank Stage 49129 De Lank River 30.6 cm
Delph Stage 692419 River Tame 19.4 cm
Denby Dale Norman Road Stage L0812 River Dearne 35.1 cm
Denham Colne Stage 2870th River Colne 33 cm
Denham Lodge Stage 2879-W1th River Misbourne 26.2 cm
Denmead Stage E11570 Maod River Wallington 3367.8 cm
Denton Holme Stage 765045 River Caldew 60.5 cm
Derby City Stage 4085 River Derwent 435.07 m³/s
Dernford Stage E21737 River Cam 22.8 cm
Dewsbury Stage F1306 River Calder 107.1 cm
Didworthy Stage 46117 River Avon 59.5 cm
Diglis Stage 2085 River Severn 242.7 cm
Dinas Powys Tregatwg (River Cadoxton) 19 cm
Diss Stage E24814 River Waveney 28.1 cm
Doddington Bridge Stage 021034 River Till 118.1 cm
Dodford Stage E2285 River Nene 25.8 cm
Dolton Stage 50117 River Torridge 75.6 cm
Doncaster Stage F0908 River Don 80 cm
Donyatt Stage 52115 River Isle 33.5 cm
Dorchester Stage 1993th River Thame 95.3 cm
Dore Twenty Well Lane Stage L0407 River Sheaf 50.3 cm
Dorking Downstream Stage 3270th River Mole -79.3 cm
Dorking Stage 3270th River Mole 22.5 cm
Dotton Stage 45212 River Otter 38 cm
Dovecliff Stage 47000 River Dove 84.2 cm
Dovecote Hill Stage 024016 River Gaunless 74.1 cm
Doveridge Stage 4078 River Dove 108.7 cm
Downside Bridge Stage 3286th River Mole 129.2 cm
Downton Iron Bridge Stage 43162 River Avon 70.8 cm
Drakelow Stage 4019 River Trent 182.8 cm
Dronfield Dam Stage L0218 River Drone 61 cm
Dronfield Stage L0215 River Drone 3.8 cm
Drove Lane 1.5 Stage E12791 River Alre 43.5 cm
Drove Lane Stage E12801 River Alre 54.7 cm
Drungewick Stage E9890 River Lox 25.9 cm
Duddon Hall Stage 740102 River Duddon 61.2 cm
Duffield Stage 4055 River Ecclesbourne 34.9 cm
Dunball Tidal Tidal Level 52163 River Parrett 417.5 cm
Dunnabridge Stage 46126 West Dart River 59.4 cm
Dunswell Ennerdale Bridge Stage L32011 Maod River Hull 343.3 cm
Durham New Elvet Bridge Stage 0240120 River Wear 55.2 cm
Durngate Stage E12460 Maod River Itchen 3736 cm
Dutlas Stage 2639 River Teme 42.5 cm
Eamont Bridge Farm Stage 761659 River Eamont 95.3 cm
Eamont Bridge Stage 761104 River Lowther 100.3 cm
Eardisland Stage 055l010sg River Arrow 54.1 cm
Earith Stage E21747 River Great Ouse 237.9 cm
Earls Colne Stage E22744 River Colne 20.1 cm
Easby Stage F3808 River Leven 17.8 cm
East Bridge Bridport Stage 44122 River Asker 27.7 cm
Eastbury Flood Control Structure Downstream Stage 2254th River Lambourn 103.6 cm
Eastbury Flood Control Structure Stage 2254th River Lambourn 175.2 cm
East Farleigh Gate Upstream Stage E670 River Medway 126.1 cm
Eastington Stage 2513 River Frome (Severn) 79.1 cm
East Meon Stage E11723 River Meon 19.5 cm
East Mills Flume Stage 43123 River Avon 156.9 cm
East Mills Weir Stage 43125 River Avon 117.2 cm
Easton Stage 3101se River Itchen 87.2 cm
East Stoke Stage 44207 River Frome 139.8 cm
Eathorpe Stage 2050 River Leam 75.5 cm
Eaton Socon Stage E24317 River Great Ouse 6.6 cm
Ebbesbourne Wake Stage 43177 River Ebble 64.6 cm
Ebley Mill Stage 2027 River Frome (Severn) 58.2 cm
Eckington Sluice Stage 2915 River Avon 227.6 cm
Eddys Bridge Stage 023002 River Derwent 80.1 cm
Egremont Stage 744130 River Ehen 109.7 cm
Elland Stage F1203 River Calder 63.5 cm
Elvington Sluices Downstream Stage L2806 Maod River Derwent 618.5 cm
Elvington Sluices Stage L2806 Maod River Derwent 624.9 cm
Ely Stage E23527 River Great Ouse 56.4 cm
Enfield, Ordance Road Stage 5339th Small River Lee 20 cm
Ensbury Stage 43231 River Stour 149.6 cm
Enslow Weir A Stage 1460-W1th River Cherwell 61.4 cm
Epney Stage 2153 River Severn 379.5 cm
Ermington Stage 46118 River Erme 46.1 cm
Esher Stage 3290th River Mole 5.77 m³/s
Evenlode Bridge Stage 1210th River Evenlode 67.2 cm
Eversley Stage 2435th River Blackwater 64.6 cm
Evesham Stage 2002 River Avon 84.4 cm
Ewell Stage 3350th Hogsmill River 50.1 cm
Ewen Downstream Stage 0130th River Thames 33.8 cm
Ewen Stage 0130th River Thames 40.5 cm
Ewood Stage 713120 River Darwen 39.9 cm
Exebridge Stage 45125 River Exe 57.6 cm
Exeter Pynes Stafford Bridge Stage E71313 River Exe 349.5 cm
Exford Stage 45124 River Exe 48.3 cm
Eynsham Lock Downstream Stage 1201th River Thames 240.8 cm
Eynsham Lock Stage 1201th River Thames 10.9 cm
Fairford Stage 0680th River Coln 6.05 m³/s
Fairmile Stage 45214 River Tale 41.9 cm
Fakenham Stage E25940 River Wensum 31 cm
Falstone Stage 023053 River North Tyne 73 cm
Farlows Bridge Stage 2883th River Colne 86 cm
Farmoor Stage 1100th River Thames 37.52 m³/s
Farnborough Stage 2427th River Blackwater 0.1 m³/s
Farndon Stage 4071 River Trent 74.4 cm
Farnham Downstream Stage 3020th River Wey -10 cm
Farnham Stage 3020th River Wey 32 cm
Farnham Stage E23151 River Alde 19.3 cm
Farnworth Stage 690408 River Croal 17.7 cm
Featherstone Stage 023006 River South Tyne 46.4 cm
Felsted Stage E22862 River Chelmer 23.1 cm
Fenny Bridges Stage 45210 River Otter 32.7 cm
Fenny Castle Stage 52212 River Sheppey 26.6 cm
Ferring Outfall Stage E9510 River Arun -339.3 cm
Ferrybridge Lock Stage L1808 River Aire 51.2 cm
Fiddlers Ferry Stage 694063 River Mersey 237 cm
Field Mill Stage 4710 River Maun 65 cm
Filton Southmead Road Stage E255 River Trym 1.1 cm
Fishlake Stage L0903 Maod River Don 421.5 cm
Fiskerton Sluice Stage E2902 River Witham 14.7 cm
Fleet Weir Stage F1703 River Aire 54.1 cm
Flint Mill Stage 4183 River Churnet 48.2 cm
Flint Mill Stage F2004 River Wharfe 103.6 cm
Flixton Bridge Stage 692727 River Mersey 86.4 cm
Footholme Flume Stage 711086 River Dunsop 80.3 cm
Ford Bridge Stage 055041 River Lugg 147 cm
Forde Abbey Stage 45235 River Axe 56.3 cm
Fordham Stage E21765 River Snail 20.5 cm
Forest Row Stage E1560 River Medway 8 cm
Forge Valley Stage F2709 River Derwent 35 cm
Fornalls Bridge Stage 685520 River Birket 61.5 cm
Fornham St Martin Stage E21107 River Lark 20 cm
Fosse Bridge Stage 0630th River Coln 27.9 cm
Fosters Bridge Stage E2734 River Chater 27.1 cm
Foxton Bridge Stage F3803 River Leven 35.1 cm 2.43 m³/s
Framlingham Stage E24815 River Ore 14.1 cm
Freebridge Tidal Level E22184 River Great Ouse 382.2 cm
Freemans Weir Stage 4174 River Soar 21.9 cm
Freshfield Bridge Stage E8210 River Ouse 5.5 cm
Frilsham Downstream Stage 2140th River Pang 37.1 cm
Frilsham Stage 2140th River Pang 44.8 cm
Frisby On The Wreake Downstream Stage 4873 River Wreake 56.8 cm
Froghall Stage 4119 River Churnet 35 cm
Frogmill Stage E12020 River Hamble 32.2 cm
Fullerton Main Stage E13950 River Anton 14.2 cm
Fullerton Side Stage E13961 River Anton 14.9 cm
Fulling Mill Stage 4770th River Mimram 28 cm
Furneux Pelham Stage 5016th River Ash 22.4 cm
Gainsborough Stage 4099 River Trent 458.7 cm
Galesyke Stage 743008 River Irt 94.4 cm
Galgate Stage 724836 River Conder 37.9 cm
Gargrave High Street Stage F1509 River Aire 53.8 cm
Garstang Stage 720107 River Wyre 45.5 cm
Gatwick Airport Stage 3210th River Mole 41.6 cm 0.18 m³/s
Gaw Bridge Stage 52119 River Parrett 58.8 cm
Gaynes Park Stage 5550th River Ingrebourne 14.6 cm
Geldharts Mill Stage E1660 River Nene 2.03 m³/s
Germansweek Stage 47173 River Wolf 29.6 cm
Gillingham Le Neubourg Way Stage 43226 River Stour 52 cm
Glemsford Stage E22548 River Glem 18.1 cm
Gloucester Stage 2165 River Severn 204.6 cm
Godalming Stage 3056th River Wey 64.6 cm
Godmanchester Stage E24302 River Great Ouse 36.5 cm
Godstow Lock Downstream Stage 1302th River Thames 217.6 cm
Godstow Lock Stage 1302th River Thames 16.5 cm
Goldbridge Stage E8221 River Ouse 49.5 cm
Goole Stage L24013 Maod River Ouse 391.7 cm
Goring Lock Downstream Stage 2003th River Thames 331.5 cm
Goring Lock Stage 2003th River Thames 6.4 cm
Gorse Street Stage 713115 River Blakewater 6.9 cm -6.22 m³/s
Goulceby Stage E1147 River Bain 11.5 cm
Gouthwaite Stage F2108 River Nidd 44.6 cm
Goytside Farm Stage 692348 River Goyt 83.3 cm
Grafton Lock Downstream Stage 0901th River Thames 220.8 cm
Grafton Lock Stage 0901th River Thames -2.3 cm
Grasmere Broadgate Meadow Stage 735003 River Rothay 62.8 cm
Graylingwell Stage E10893 River Lavant 53.7 cm
Great Ayton Stage L3807 River Leven 11.8 cm
Great Bridgford Stage 4052 River Sow 71.2 cm
Great Chesterford Stage E21778 River Cam 27 cm
Great Corby Stage 762505 River Eden 146 cm
Great Easton Flood Storage Reservoir Stage E4823 River Nene 31.9 cm
Great Glen Stage 4161 River Sence 100 cm
Great Haywood Stage 4006 River Trent 150.9 cm
Great Musgrave Bridge Stage 760112 River Eden 55.5 cm
Great Somerford Stage 53143 River Avon 52.7 cm
Greenford, Costons Lane Stage 3870th River Brent 23.6 cm
Greenham Stage 52108 River Tone 38.5 cm
Greenholme Stage 763308 River Irthing 78.7 cm
Grendon Underwood Downstream Stage 1471th River Ray -23.5 cm
Grendon Underwood Stage 1471th River Ray 10.5 cm
Greta Bridge Stage 750832 River Greta 144.3 cm
Greystone Bridge Stage 47123 River Tamar 77 cm
Gribbleford Bridge Stage 50121 River Lew 45.4 cm
Grinton Bridge Stage L2309 River Swale 39.2 cm
Guildford Stage 3080th River Wey 130 cm 7.12 m³/s
Guithavon Valley Stage E22832 River Brain 22.9 cm
Gunnislake Stage 47117 River Tamar 116.1 cm
Gurney Street Stage 690715 River Medlock 30.2 cm
Gwills Stage 49130 River Gannel 27.2 cm
Gwithian Stage 48186 River Red 101 cm
Hackbridge Stage 4165th River Wandle 133.4 cm
Haddiscoe Tidal Level E23917 Maod River Waveney 27 cm
Hadfields Stage F0605 River Don 49.2 cm
Hadleigh Stage E22712 River Brett 37.7 cm
Hady Hill Stage L0206 River Rother 75.9 cm
Hail Weston Stage E21862 River Kym 13.9 cm
Halesowen Dogkennel Lane Stage 2539 River Stour 13.9 cm
Halesowen Stage 2516 River Stour 63.7 cm
Halfway Bridge Stage E10440 River Lod 12.5 cm
Hall Green Road Stage 2207 River Sowe 62 cm
Hall Place Stage E15350 River Cray 16.5 cm
Haltwhistle Stage 023027 River Tyne 76.5 cm
Hammoon Stage 43209 River Stour 50 cm
Hamstall Ridware Stage 4002 River Blithe 30.6 cm
Hanford Bridge Stage 4843 River Trent 62.4 cm
Hannington Bridge Stage 0569th River Thames 314.9 cm
Hanwell Stage 3880th River Brent 87.4 cm
Harbertonford Bridge 1 46162 River Harbourne 57.5 cm
Harbertonford Church Stage E71963 River Harbourne Tributary 45.7 cm
Hardham Stage E29202 River Rother 43.7 cm
Hardman Way Stage 713205 River Darwen 9.1 cm
Harford Hill Stage 2011 River Salwarpe 36.5 cm
Harford Stage 46130 River Erme 58.4 cm
Harlow Mill Stage 5171th River Stort 104 cm
Harold Park Stage 5546th River Ingrebourne 99.5 cm
Harpenden Stage 4650th River Lee 89.7 cm
Harraby Green Business Park Stage 764010 River Petteril 62.1 cm
Harrington Eadie Street Stage 753200 Wyre River 33.5 cm
Harrison Street Stage 713119 River Blakewater 45.3 cm
Harrowden Stage E2662 River Ise 34.9 cm
Hartburn Stage 022011 River Hartburn 19.6 cm
Hartford Bridge Stage 022006 River Blyth 48.3 cm
Hartford Stage E14550 Maod Beaulieu River 132.4 cm
Hartlake Bridge Stage Se560 River Medway 41.4 cm
Haslingfield Burnt Mill Stage E21720 River Rhee 31.3 cm
Hatton Stage 4898 River Dove 109.2 cm
Haversham Stage E22088 River Great Ouse 90.3 cm
Haw Bridge Stage 2057 River Severn 393.6 cm
Hawley Stage E15250 River Darent 20.4 cm
Haydon Bridge Brigwood Stage 023026 River South Tyne 64.6 cm
Haydon Bridge Stage 023004 River South Tyne 67.3 cm
Hayes Lane Downstream Stage 4310th River Ravensbourne -16.3 cm
Hayes Lane Height 4310th River Ravensbourne 14.6 cm
Hayes Lane Stage 4310th River Ravensbourne -1.8 cm
Hayhurst Bridge Stage 680525 River Weaver 72.4 cm
Hayle Tideflap Tidal Level 48113 River Hayle 144.2 cm
Hayne Bridge Stage 47124 River Thrushel 46.9 cm
Heacham Stage E21127 Heacham River 18.6 cm
Heaton Lodge Stage L1308 River Calder 38.9 cm
Heaton Mill Stage 021038 River Till 102.1 cm
Hebden Bridge Stage L1206 River Calder 29.5 cm
Helebridge Stage 49111 River Neet 14.6 cm
Helston County Bridge Stage 48172 River Cober 88.3 cm
Hemel Hempstead, Bury Mill Stage 2841th River Gade 44.4 cm
Hemel Hempstead, Old Fishery Lane Stage 2844th River Bulbourne 94.4 cm
Hemel Hempstead, Two Waters Road Stage 2846th River Bulbourne 53.1 cm
Hemingford Stage E21136 River Great Ouse 17.1 cm
Hempholme Weir 2 F3102 Maod River Hull 327.1 cm
Henley River Stage 2621 River Alne 47.5 cm
Henthorn Stage 710305 River Ribble 99.3 cm
Hertford, Hartham Park Stage 4890th River Beane 27.9 cm
Hexham Stage 023020 Maod River Tyne 3167.9 cm
Heyford Bridge Stage 1453th River Cherwell 82.4 cm
Heytesbury Stage 432321 River Wylye 93.7 cm
Hickling Broad Tidal Level E21150 Maod River Thurne 67.6 cm
Highbridge Weir Stage E12442 River Itchen 69.8 cm
Highfield Stage F0402 River Sheaf 30 cm
High Ongar Stage 5420th River Roding 19 cm
High River Keer Stage 733020 River Keer 37.4 cm
Hindley Wrae Ford Reservoir Level 023058 River West Allen 15 cm
Hinton On Green Stage 2036 River Isbourne 22.7 cm
Hoar Cross Stage 4169 River Swarbourne 29.1 cm
Hobb Lane Stage E12030 Maod River Hamble 2060.7 cm
Hodder Place Stage 711610 River Hodder 69.5 cm
Hoddesdon, Rye Bridge Stage 5280th River Lee 5.92 m³/s
Holbeam Dam 1 46114 River Lemon 31 cm
Holbeam Dam Downstream Stage 46148 River Lemon 49.9 cm
Holmbridge Stage L1008 River Holme 49.9 cm
Holme House Farm Stage F3412 River Foulness 29.6 cm
Holt Mill Bridge Stage 690120 River Irwell 25 cm
Holyhead Road Stage 2129 River Sherbourne 13.9 cm
Holymoorside Stage L0237 River Hipper 7.3 cm
Hooke Stage 44219 River Hooke 24.5 cm
Hope Street, Coventry Stage 2213 River Sherbourne 61.2 cm
Hopwas Stage 4095 River Tame 91.7 cm
Horbury Stage L1305 River Calder 80.1 cm
Horley Stage 3230th River Mole 52.7 cm
Hornby Stage 724528 River Wenning 47.8 cm
Horncastle Banks Road Stage E1839 River Waring 19.5 cm
Horncastle Victoria Mill Stage E1901 River Bain 24.1 cm
Hornchurch-Bretons Farm Stage 5541th River Beam 14.4 cm
Horrabridge 1 47118 River Walkham 41.4 cm
Horseshoe Bridge Stage E1727 River Brant 32.4 cm
Hougham Stage E4225 River Witham 93.6 cm
Houghton Bridge Stage E9930 Maod River Arun 84.7 cm
Houghton Stage E21163 River Great Ouse 32.9 cm
Houghton Stage L0807 River Dearne 33.8 cm
Hoveton Broad Tidal Level E22129 Maod River Bure 64.1 cm
Howe Bridge Stage F2502 River Rye 319.3 cm
Huddersfield Longroyd Bridge Stage F1104 River Colne 41.6 cm
Hudds Mill Stage E2647 River Welland 12.5 cm
Hug Bridge Stage 681003 River Dane 36.2 cm
Huish Episcopi Pumping Station Stage 52120 River Yeo 196.9 cm
Hull Barrier Victoria Pier Downstream Stage L3203 Maod River Hull 210.5 cm
Hull Barrier Victoria Pier Stage L3203 Maod River Hull 209.7 cm
Hungerford Dun Stage 2239th River Dun 14.4 cm
Hungerford Shalbourne Downstream Stage 2241th River Shalbourne -5.8 cm
Hungerford Shalbourne Stage 2241th River Shalbourne 22 cm
Hunsingore Stage F2104 River Nidd 35.1 cm
Huntington Stage F2470 River Foss 96.7 cm
Hurley Lock Downstream Stage 2497th River Thames 195.3 cm
Hurley Lock Stage 2497th River Thames 3 cm
Hurn Court Stage 43214 Moors River 53.3 cm
Hynam Bridge Stage 763201 River Gelt 70.4 cm
Ici Colne Stage L1103 River Colne 26.3 cm
Ickenham, Swakeleys Road Stage 2887th River Pinn 66.6 cm
Idless Dam Downstream Stage 48115 River Allen 29.9 cm
Idmiston Stage 43158 River Bourne 75.9 cm
Iffley Lock Downstream Stage 1501th River Thames 242.4 cm
Iffley Lock Stage 1501th River Thames 4.1 cm
Iford Bridge Stage 43215 Maod River Stour 90.4 cm
Ilam Stage 4031 River Manifold 36.5 cm
Ilchester Stage 52112 River Yeo 39 cm
Ilkley Stage F1902 River Wharfe 67.7 cm
India Road Stage 2273 River Twyver 20 cm
Inglesham Downstream Stage 0790th River Cole 11.1 cm
Inglesham Stage 0790th River Cole 31 cm
Ingworth Stage E23186 River Bure 28 cm
Iping Mill Stage E10389 River Rother 45.8 cm
Irnham Stage E2896 East Glen River 0.1 m³/s
Irwell Vale Stage 690140 River Irwell 43.9 cm
Isfield Weir Stage E8293 River Uck 33.6 cm
Isleham Stage E22374 River Lark 206 cm
Islip Sluice Stage E2061 River Nene 80.6 cm
Islip Stage 1489th River Cherwell 683.3 cm 2.74 m³/s
Iver, Clisbys Bridge Stage 2882th River Colne 64.6 cm
Izaak Walton Stage 4046 River Dove 57.5 cm
Jacobstowe Stage 50120 River Okement 56.6 cm
Jeffy Knotts Stage 735123 River Brathay 183 cm
Jessop Avenue Bridport Stage 44110 River Asker 28.5 cm
John St Darlington Stage L3503 River Skerne 41.1 cm
Kates Bridge Stage E3003 River Glen 26.7 cm
Keadby Tidal Level 4098 Maod River Trent 352.3 cm
Kearsley Stage 690503 River Irwell 104 cm
Kedington Stage E22504 River Stour 17.4 cm
Kegworth Stage 4074 River Soar 10.51 m³/s
Keighley Dalton Lane Stage F1402 River Worth 0.8 cm
Keighley Stage F1403 River Worth 41.2 cm
Kempsey Yacht Club Stage 2616 River Severn 456.2 cm
Kennford Stage 45170 River Kenn Tributary 8.9 cm
Keswick Campsite Stage 750917 River Greta 142 cm
Kettlewell Stage L1907 River Wharfe 63.4 cm
Keynsham, Rivermead Stage 531160 River Avon 497.6 cm
Kielder Butteryhaugh Stage 023103 River North Tyne 42.8 cm
Kildwick Stage F1503 River Aire 71 cm
Kilgram Stage F2206 River Ure 118.1 cm
Kilham's Bridge Stage E21183 Maod River Wallington -339 cm
Killamarsh Stage L0307 River Rother 22.3 cm
Killington Stage 722421 River Lune 97.1 cm
Kilnhurst Lower Downstream Stage L0716 River Don -3.7 cm
Kilnhurst Lower Stage L0716 River Don 104.6 cm
Kingfisher, Cockermouth Stage 752020 River Derwent 130.3 cm
Kings Bromley Stage 4012 River Trent 144.6 cm 1299.71 m³/s
Kings Lock Downstream Stage 1301th River Thames 212.2 cm
Kings Lock Stage 1301th River Thames 23.7 cm
Kings Mill Downstream Stage 1491th River Cherwell 105.2 cm
Kings Mill Stage 1491th River Cherwell 162.7 cm
Kings Pond Stage 3012th River Wey 28.3 cm
Kingston Hogsmill Stage 3390th Hogsmill River 28.2 cm
Kingston Stage 3400th River Thames 467.1 cm 141.65 m³/s
Kinnersley Manor Stage 3240th River Mole 29.8 cm
Kirby Wiske Downstream Stage F2320 River Wiske 120.3 cm
Kirby Wiske Stage F2320 River Wiske 121.6 cm
Kirk Bramwith Stage L0904 Maod River Don 416.2 cm
Kirkby Mills Stage F2560 River Dove 41.2 cm
Kirkby On Bain Stage E1187 River Bain 18.3 cm
Kirkby Stage 694744 River Alt 38.2 cm
Kirkby Stephen Stage 760101 River Eden 60.6 cm
Kirkham Sluices Stage L2808 Maod River Derwent 1453.6 cm
Kirkland Bridge Stage 720300 River Wyre 76.8 cm
Kirkstall Abbey Stage L1708 River Aire 165 cm
Kirkstead Bridge Stage E1191 River Witham 73 cm
Kislingbury Stage E1946 River Nene 34.9 cm
Kites Hardwick Downstream Stage 2609 River Leam 39.3 cm
Kites Hardwick Stage 2609 River Leam 39.9 cm
Knapp Mill Stage 43118 River Avon 61.4 cm
Knaresborough Stage L2105 River Nidd 65.3 cm
Knettishall Stage E22163 River Little Ouse 30.6 cm
Knighton Side Downstream Stage 2232th River Kennet 16.9 cm
Knighton Side Stage 2232th River Kennet 22.7 cm
Knighton Stage 2107 River Teme 83.2 cm
Knightsford Bridge Stage 2029 River Teme 142 cm
Knottingley Bank Dole Lock Stage L1805 River Aire 117.6 cm
Knowle Green Stage 3115th River Ash 47.2 cm
Knypersley Stage 4179 River Trent 48 cm
Ladock Stage 48116 Tresillian River 24.8 cm
Lamarsh Stage E21227 River Stour 47.4 cm
Lamberhurst Stage E1890 River Teise 13 cm
Lambourn Stage 2251th River Lambourn 95.9 cm
Lancaster Quay Stage 724735 River Lune 217.8 cm
Langham Stage E22678 River Stour 48 cm
Langrick Bridge Stage E1203 River Witham 128.9 cm
Lapford Stage 50151 River Yeo 78.8 cm
Launceston Stage 47171 River Kensey 39.5 cm
Lea Bridge Stage 5390th River Lee 5.43 m³/s
Leabridge Stage E8005 River Bull 23.3 cm
Lealholm Stage L2905 River Esk 22.1 cm
Lea Marston Stage 4080 River Tame 54.3 cm
Leasingham Mill Stage E1750 River Slea 32.7 cm
Leasows Farm Stage 4180 River Tean 53.1 cm
Leatherhead Stage 3280th River Mole 2.78 m³/s
Lechlade Downstream Stage 0890th River Leach 33 cm
Lechlade Stage 0890th River Leach 37.2 cm
Ledgard Bridge Stage L1307 River Calder 39.5 cm
Leeds Crown Point Flood Alleviation Scheme Downstream Stage L1707a Maod River Aire 2276.3 cm
Leeds Crown Point Flood Alleviation Scheme Stage L1707a Maod River Aire 2386.9 cm
Leeds Crown Point Stage L1707 River Aire 75.2 cm
Leeds Knostrop Weir Flood Alleviation Scheme Downstream Stage L1705a Maod River Aire 2004.4 cm
Leeds Knostrop Weir Flood Alleviation Scheme Stage L1705a Maod River Aire 2274.3 cm
Leehamford Stage 50130 River Bray 40.9 cm
Leek Stage 4143 River Churnet 45 cm
Leigh Flood Storage Area Stage E15611 River Medway 80.6 cm
Leighton Buzzard Stage E21187 River Ouzel 26.9 cm
Leintwardine Stage 2132 River Teme 83.6 cm
Lenton Stage 4435 River Leen 19.3 cm 0.67 m³/s
Leominster Upper Marsh Stage 2532 River Lugg 83.2 cm
Lewes Corporation Yard Tidal Level E8970 Maod River Ouse 190.9 cm
Lexden Stage E22761 River Colne 37.5 cm
Lifton Park Stage 47116 River Lyd 91.3 cm
Lilbourne Downstream Stage 2088 River Avon 12.3 cm
Lilbourne Stage 2088 River Avon 22.7 cm
Lilford Stage E2125 River Nene 54.1 cm
Lindfield Bridge Stage E8340 River Ouse 130.9 cm
Linstock Stage 762540 River Eden 147.1 cm
Linton Stage E21724 River Granta 16.6 cm
Litte Bowden Flood Storage Reservoir Stage E1782 River Jordan 18.9 cm
Little Alne Stage 2095 River Alne 111.6 cm
Littleborough Stage 690206 River Roch 26 cm
Little Bowden Stage E1183 River Jordan 10.8 cm
Little Bytham Stage E2694 River Tham 9.2 cm
Little Hadham Stage 5039th River Ash 6.3 cm
Littlehampton Stage E9740 Maod River Arun -21.2 cm
Little Ouse Stage E21838 River Little Ouse 180.5 cm
Little Puddle Stage 44220 River Piddle 34.2 cm
Littlethorpe Stage 4082 River Soar 206.4 cm 1.42 m³/s
Little Walsingham Stage E24313 River Stiffkey 20.9 cm
Littlewood Bridge Stage 700509 River Lostock 71.6 cm
Llanyblodwel Stage 2038 River Tanat 77.6 cm
Locks Weir Stage 710151 River Ribble 40.8 cm
Lodden Bridge Stage 43208 River Lodden 53.4 cm
Loddiswell Stage 46119 River Avon 53 cm
Lodge Farm Downstream Stage 2442th River Whitewater 49 cm
Lodge Farm Stage 2442th River Whitewater 52 cm
Lodsbridge Stage E10380 River Rother 107.5 cm
Loe Pool Stage 48117 River Cober 413.4 cm
Loftsome Bridge Stage F2802 Maod River Derwent 391.5 cm
London Colney Stage 2814th River Colne 115.9 cm
London Road Stage 690713 River Medlock 17.4 cm
Longbridge Mill Stage 2409th River Loddon 34.8 cm
Longbridge Stage 4902 River Rea 15.2 cm
Longbridge Stage E13363 River Test 146.5 cm
Longford Stage 2209 River Sowe 56.6 cm
Longley Road Downstream Stage 4189th River Graveney -13.3 cm
Longley Road Stage 4189th River Graveney 0.04 m³/s
Louds Mill Stage 44205 River Frome 30.6 cm
Loughton Stage 5470th River Roding 10.6 cm
Louth Stage E1759 River Lud 21.5 cm
Loverley Farm 1 43218 River Allen 87.9 cm
Loverley Farm Stage 43218 River Allen 4.49 m³/s
Lovington Stage 52207 River Brue 31.6 cm
Low Bentham Stage 724323 River Wenning 99.4 cm
Lower Arncott Stage 1483th River Ray 70 cm
Lower Stratton Stage 0710th River Cole 194.1 cm
Lowlands Stage 024013 River Gaunless 20 cm
Low Marishes Stage F2702 River Derwent 347 cm 3.04 m³/s
Low Moor Stage 710301 River Ribble 130.9 cm
Low Moor Stage F3606 River Tees 93.2 cm
Low Nibthwaite Stage 737537 River Crake 80.2 cm
Low Street Stage E22006 River Yare 22.9 cm
Loxley Rowell Bridge Stage F0513 River Loxley 16.8 cm
Ludbrook Stage 47122 River Tavy 64.9 cm
Ludlow Corve Stage 2169 River Corve 148.3 cm
Ludlow Teme Stage 2625 River Teme 162.9 cm
Lunes Bridge Stage 722242 River Lune 117.6 cm
Luton East Hyde Stage 4641th River Lee 126.6 cm
Luton, Stockingstone Road Stage 4625th River Lee 24.5 cm
Luton, Toddington Road Downstream Stage 4615th River Lee 9.2 cm
Luton, Toddington Road Height 4615th River Lee 5.2 cm
Luton, Toddington Road Stage 4615th River Lee 14.4 cm
Luxborough Stage E6191 Washford River 20.7 cm
Luxulyan Stage 48140 Par River 52.6 cm
Lydbrook Stage 2320 River Wye 270.6 cm
Lydney Stage 2629 River Lyd 42.3 cm
Magdalen Bridge Tidal Level E23745 River Great Ouse 296.6 cm
Magpie Hall Lane Stage 4314th River Ravensbourne 95 cm
Maidenhead Stage 2604th River Thames 107.54 m³/s
Maiden Newton Stage 44204 River Frome 42.9 cm
Maidstone Stage E140 River Medway 30.8 cm
Malinbridge Stage L0511 River Loxley 42.6 cm
Malton, A64 Road Bridge Stage F2809 River Derwent 288.2 cm
Malton Stage L2809 River Derwent 260.4 cm
Mancetter Stage 4123 River Anker 85.9 cm
Manchester Racecourse Stage 690510 River Irwell 116.2 cm
Manor House Gardens Stage 4389th River Quaggy 4.9 cm
Mansfield Pleasley Stage 4689 River Meden 93.4 cm
Mansfield The Dykes Stage 4115 River Maun 31.3 cm
Manthorpe Stage E2710 East Glen River 54.2 cm
Mapledurham Lock Downstream Stage 2199th River Thames 280.7 cm
Mapledurham Lock Stage 2199th River Thames 17.3 cm
Mardock Stage 5080th River Ash 21.7 cm
Marham Stage E23705 River Nar 28.7 cm
Market Deeping Stage E2608 River Welland 12.2 cm
Market Harborough Stage E2097 River Welland 23.4 cm
Market Rasen Stage E1502 River Rase 14.2 cm
Markyate Downstream Stage 2813th River Ver 2.6 cm
Markyate Stage 2813th River Ver 2.1 cm
Marlborough Stage 2210th River Kennet 33.4 cm 3.47 m³/s
Marlow Lock Downstream Stage 2499th River Thames 276.8 cm
Marlow Lock Stage 2499th River Thames 28.1 cm
Marple Bridge Stage 692370 River Goyt 52.3 cm
Marsden Stage L1108 River Colne 31.5 cm
Marsh Farm Stage 3680th River Crane 17.5 cm
Marsh Lock Downstream Stage 2495th River Thames 266.5 cm
Marsh Lock Stage 2495th River Thames 20.8 cm
Marsh Road Sluice Stage E65501 River Welland 79.5 cm
Marston On Dove Stage 4018 River Dove 86.7 cm
Mary Tavy Stage 47135 River Tavy 34.6 cm
Masham Stage L2205 River Ure 92.4 cm
Matlock Stage 4011 River Derwent 120.5 cm
Mattersey Stage 4015 River Idle 126.4 cm
Maunby Stage L2304 River Swale 262.9 cm
Mayfield Stage 4122 River Dove 70.6 cm
Meadowgate Regulator Downstream Stage L0306 Maod River Rother 3490.5 cm
Meadowgate Regulator Stage L0306 Maod River Rother 3509.4 cm
Melbourne Park Carlisle Stage 764020 River Petteril 84.7 cm
Meldon Stage 50131 West Okement River 28.2 cm
Melford Stage E21195 River Thet 37.9 cm
Melton Park Stage 4192 River Wreake 81.3 cm
Methley Stage F1301 River Calder 155.8 cm
Mexborough Lock Stage L0705 River Don 94.2 cm
Middleton Bridge Stage 022015 River Wansbeck 45.7 cm
Middleton Stage F3505 River Tees 70.4 cm
Midelney Stage 52153 River Isle 153.6 cm
Milford Stage 4014 River Sow 156.2 cm
Miller Bridge House Stage 735022 River Rothay 110.4 cm
Milnshaw Stage 712370 River Hyndburn 26.9 cm
Milton Keynes Stage E22377 River Ouzel 56 cm
Minsterworth Stage 2102 River Severn 226.1 cm
Mint Bridge Stage 730404 River Mint 77.8 cm
Mislingford Stage E11690 River Meon 53.3 cm
Missenden Stage 2873th River Misbourne 32.5 cm
Mitford Stage 022007 River Wansbeck 110.2 cm
Mole Mills Stage 50153 River Mole 31.4 cm
Molesey Lock Downstream Stage 3102th River Thames 305.3 cm
Molesey Lock Stage 3102th River Thames 18.1 cm
Molingey Stage 48158 St Austell River 91.8 cm
Monkton Stage L2409 River Ouse 293.3 cm
Montford Stage 2005 River Severn 68.5 cm 110.65 m³/s
Moor Lane Stage 2862th River Colne 765.2 cm
Mor Brook Stage 2636 Moors River 44.4 cm
Moreton Stage 1208th River Evenlode 18.4 cm
Morpeth Stage 022017 Maod River Wansbeck 2450.7 cm
Morwick Stage 022001 River Coquet 77.1 cm
Mountnessing Stage E24899 River Wid 45.2 cm
Mowthorpe Weir Head Stage L2711 Maod River Derwent 4143.7 cm
Myerscough Stage 720247 Old River Brock 23.7 cm
Mytham Bridge Stage 4037 River Derwent 111.3 cm
Mythe Bridge Stage 2087 River Severn 297.5 cm
Mytholmroyd Stage F1204 River Calder 141.8 cm
Myton-On-Swale Stage L2300 River Swale 259.5 cm
Naburn Lock Downstream Stage L2402 Maod River Ouse 654.2 cm
Naburn Lock Stage L2402 River Ouse 179.8 cm
Nene Valley Stage E41647 River Nene 44 cm
Ness Stage F2505 River Rye 73.2 cm
Netham Weir Stage 53133 River Avon 51.8 cm
Netherbury Stage 44107 River Brit 44.6 cm
Netherside Hall Stage F1906 River Wharfe 99.3 cm
Newark Weir Stage 3086th Maod River Wey 2048.3 cm
Newbiggin Bridge Stage 764050 River Petteril 78.5 cm
Newbridge Gs Stage 1090-W1th River Windrush 391.9 cm
New Bridge Stage E9900 Maod River Arun 725.2 cm
Newbury Stage 2250th River Kennet 22.95 m³/s
Newby Bridge Stage 735430 River Leven 139.5 cm
New Jumbles Rock Stage 713056 River Ribble 80.2 cm
Newlyn Coombe Stage E82484 Newlyn Coombe River 39.6 cm
Newnham Bridge Stage 2039 River Rea 65.4 cm
Newnham Bridge Stage 50132 River Taw 70.2 cm
Newport Pagnell Cemetery Stage E21449 River Great Ouse 82.3 cm
Newport Pagnell Stage E21445 River Great Ouse 60.6 cm
Newton On Ouse Stage F2480 River Kyle 277.2 cm
Newtown Bridge Stage 50133 River Bray 79.4 cm
Newtown Linford Stage 46839 River Lin 91.4 cm
Noak Bridge Stage E22004 Maod River Crouch -72.3 cm
Norham Stage 021009 River Tweed 240.1 cm
Norley Bridge Stage 50134 River North Lew 29.7 cm
Normanby Stage F2540 River Seven 28 cm
North Bovey Stage 46111 River Bovey 32.9 cm
Northenden Stage 692710 River Mersey 51.8 cm
North Fareham Weir Stage E11301 River Wallington 35.8 cm
North Hykeham Stage E1780 River Witham 35.3 cm
North Molton Stage 50135 River Mole 50.2 cm
Northmoor Lock Downstream Stage 1099th River Thames 246.7 cm
Northmoor Lock Stage 1099th River Thames 7.9 cm
North Muskham Stage 4022 River Trent 2210.98 m³/s
North Pond Stage E11733 Maod River Hamble 3500.1 cm
North Witham Stage E1299 River Witham 28 cm
Norton Bavant Stage 43112 River Wylye 36.5 cm
Nun Appleton Fleet Pumping Station Stage L2011 Maod River Wharfe 549.6 cm
Nuneaton Stage 4149 River Anker 78.9 cm
Nunnington Stage F2581 River Riccal 33.1 cm
Nunnykirk Stage 022016 River Font 51.1 cm
Nunton Bridge Stage 43120 River Ebble 108.5 cm
Oakworth Mytholmes Lane Stage L1405 River Worth 15.3 cm
Offord Stage E24367 River Great Ouse 44.7 cm
Okehampton Mill Road Stage 50195 East Okement River 31.3 cm
Old Mill Lane Stage 693421 River Bollin 20.7 cm
Old Windsor Lock Downstream Stage 2703th River Thames 328.4 cm
Old Windsor Lock Stage 2703th River Thames 25.5 cm
Old Woking Stage 3085th River Wey 228.8 cm
Olney Stage E21325 River Great Ouse 22.4 cm
Onibury Stage 2054 River Onny 129.2 cm
Ordsall Stage 4164 River Idle 53.7 cm
Orton Sluice Stage E1997 River Nene 117.7 cm
Osney Lock Downstream Stage 1303th River Thames 272.8 cm
Osney Lock Stage 1303th River Thames 6.2 cm
Otford Stage E15240 River Darent 31.5 cm
Otley Stage L2009 River Wharfe 61.2 cm
Otterburn Mill Stage 023024 River Rede 86.9 cm
Otterburn Stage 023033 River Rede 88.4 cm
Oulton Broad Stage E24823 Maod River Waveney 40.6 cm
Oulton Lemonroyd Stage F1702 River Aire 68.1 cm
Ousden Stage E23956 River Kennett 62.2 cm
Ouse Bridge Stage 751110 River Derwent 165 cm
Ower Stage E13291 River Blackwater 42 cm
Oxford Botanical Gardens Stage 1490th River Cherwell 481.6 cm
Oxford Road Stage 712052 River Calder 37.2 cm
Oxlease Stage E13490 Maod River Test 1538.1 cm
Oxspring Bower Hill Stage L0508 River Don 17.2 cm
Padiham Town Centre Stage 712223 River Calder 44.9 cm
Palmers Dam Stage 46120 River Harbourne 79.4 cm
Pangbourne Downstream Stage 2190th River Pang 13.6 cm
Pangbourne Stage 2190th River Pang 33.9 cm
Panshanger Stage 4790th River Mimram 68.3 cm
Parbold Stage 700311 River Douglas 53.3 cm
Park Bridge Stage L2312 River Swale 62.3 cm
Parkend Stage 2124 River Lyd 27.7 cm
Park Farm Stage E921 River Darent 22.5 cm
Park Hill Stage 4105 River Tame 31 cm
Partney Stage E1788 River Lymn 12.1 cm
Passfield Mill Stage 3028th River Wey 108.9 cm
Pateley Bridge Stage L2107 River Nidd 39.9 cm
Penistone Stage L0509 River Don 48.4 cm
Penkridge Downstream Stage 4053 River Penk 54.6 cm
Penkridge Stage 4053 River Penk 58.1 cm
Pen Mill Stage 52117 River Yeo 40.3 cm
Penny Bridge Stage 710102 River Ribble 79.9 cm
Pentewan Downstream Stage 48145 St Austell River 131.4 cm
Penton Hook Downstream Stage 2901th River Thames 330.3 cm
Penton Hook Stage 2901th River Thames 16.1 cm
Penvose Stage 49117 River Allen 37.3 cm
Penwortham Stage 713354 River Ribble 187.5 cm
Penzance Alverton Stage 48188 Lariggan River 17.4 cm
Perlethorpe Stage 4118 River Meden 58.9 cm